Dr. Vie’s athlete 13 year old Maggie: A role model for youngsters

Life in bike racing isn’t always easy for a young girl. Most categories are too fast (still good challenges), and some are too slow. This year I have finally foung my place as a 13 year old girl in the women’s category 4. This year started out with a couple of spring series races that were a […]

Mother Vie Expo Montreal

To Mothers of our Planet. A Story of Love.

During this special month I celebrate my darling Mother, Mother Vie and my late  Grand Mother Ava the key reasons for me being here with you today. Mother’s story is so very inspirational. I am honoured to be her only daughter. I love Mother with all my heart from the very depths of my soul. Mother was […]

Can Compassion & Love be the Keys to Good Health?

Love your way to great health? Myth or fact? Research around our globe has proven  that the effects of drugs, reliance on a myriad of interventions and the dependence on suppressants of pain are at best short term. What can we learn from K.I.S.S.? What are the experts saying about this?

Countdown to Olympics 4 of Dr. Vie’s women in Track Cycling Pool

(Ottawa, ON – May 3, 2012) The Canadian Cycling Association is proud to unveil the list of athletes who have qualified for the 2012 Olympic Selection Pool for track cycling, a short-list group of riders from which the 2012 Olympic Team nominations will be drawn upon. For the 2012 Olympic Games, Canada has qualified in […]