Basic Overview

7 Ways to a Better Life

9 Lessons Easy

About this course

What if you could have a better life? The question is: What do you really wish for? What do you really want?

  • Better health
  • More money
  • More spare time
  • Happy marriage
  • Loving family,
  • Good job, or….

Each of our wishes and dreams and hopes are related to our quest for happiness . Even if the ones around you are happy, until you too are happy the quest for your better life will continue. Especially in times of personal, family, community, country and even global crisis.

During a crisis we often discover more to ourselves....our fears, our challenges, our talents, our ability to step up to the plate and make a difference.

Sometimes we realize that we can improve ourselves....and better our perspectives, our insights and stimulate a higher state of consciousness.

In this introductory course to A Better Life, which includes better health, you explore the fundamentals to happiness, which are the same for every human. 

You’ll discover the essential keys to improving your life in seven areas as you age.

Whether you are male/female/other gender, a family person/ single parent/ single, or of any family status, this basic course is easy enough to understand and put into action in your daily life.

The material shared with you in this introductory level course is based on Dr. Vie’s Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, and from her global seminars, workshops and programs on how to better yourself and better your life. She has shared the secrets with thousands of professionals, celebrities, students, villagers, elders and all ages.

Now in this course you’ll receive a basic understanding of the essentials to a better life .

On completion of this introduction to A Better Life you may opt to

  • Continue with the next level online,
  • Get the non-fictional Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity to further dive into the 15 techniques to a better life in each of the seven areas of life,
  • Get the fictional book, the pure ones and engage in the adventure to a better life,
  • Set up a 1:1 session with Dr. Vie,
  • Attend seminars, workshops or programs with Dr. Vie, or of course
  • Implement on your own what you’ve learned in this course and monitor your progress on your own.

Today as you start this introductory course, you’ll be able to benefit as soon as you use the basic techniques in the seven areas of your life that Dr. Vie shares with you.

Let’s get started.

Course Structure


Introduction To Your Free Course

In this introductory free course you’ll receive a fundamental understanding of your current state of life in each  the  seven areas, and how you can better your  life. We look at some of the recurring questions people have, how to improve your life and what options you have after you complete your free course. Let's get started.


First Step to a Better Life?

In this first lesson, you'll explore a simple and yet powerful technique for immediately chasing away any woes!

Then you'll explore vital aspects of personal relationships, whether you are single or in a relationship, and begin your journey of self-discovery to better your life.


Step Two to a Better Life?

In this lesson your uncover the second aspect of life.  Children, parents, in laws, or even grandparents in your life can stress you out, whether you are single, live with each other, live far away, or they are physically not in your life! Family history plays an important role in our psyche without you want it or not! You'll explore your status in the family and how you can better your life.


Step Three to a Better Life?

Food is vital to live but also influences your health and your life physically, mentally and emotionally. In this lesson three, you'll explore your relationship with food and how to improve this influential relationship.


Step Four to a Better Life?

Socializing can boost or harm your health and life. In this lesson you'll explore your relationship with friends and buddies and social media  and begin to self-discover how to better your life and your future.


Step Five to a Better Life?

Daily work and routine chores/activities can boost your future or create stress and ill health in your body, mind and emotions. In this lesson you'll explore your current work status and how to improve your life.


Step Six to a Better Life?

The mind is a powerful instrument and can make or break you. In this sixth lesson you'll explore your mind and begin to self-discover why it's essential for you to learn how to use your mind to better your life.


Final Step to a Better Life?

There comes a stage in one's human life when three most profound questions are asked. Some reach this phase early in life, others much later and some not at all.  Yet asking these questions evolve humans to advanced ways of living. In this lesson you'll explore this special side of you that can support a better life.


What’s Next After 7 Ways To Better Health

Now that you've completed this free introductory online course to discover how you can start to better your life, what's next? You are not alone in your quest for a better life. Let's find out what you are thinking about and explore some of the options.