Dr Vie Alison Testroete Canadian Champ Vera Bradley

“I’ve broken an ankle before, broken a collarbone, but it’s a whole other thing when you break your face!”  2009 Canadian road cycling champion Alison Testroete heading back to  Europe after surviving a severe road crash in Italy.  Alison Testroete was one of the first athletes to consume Dr. Vie Sports foods when Sports were launched in 2009.  She hails out of  Vancouver BC and rides on Team Canada as an Elite Women athlete, representing Canada around the globe.


In 2010 Alison was 3rd in Canadian Road Cycling championships. Later in 2010, she was based in Luca, Italy training for the Common Wealth Games in New Delhi India (click here for Dr. Vie Radio interview with Alison in Italy). A fews days following her interview, Alison was involved in a severe road crash with a vehicle. She sustained extensive injury to her face and jaw broke her face in several places. After intensive surgery in Italy her recovery was amazing.

She returned to British Columbia at the end of 2010 for some respite with her family. Her comeback is highly commendable. This strong woman secured a contract with Skil Koga in Holland with a team of 8 Dutch and German girls. They train together and Alison is full swing ahead preparing for the Olympics in London in 2012.

Dr. Vie Superfoods Carla Swart, Robin Farina and Alison Testroete USA 2010

Carla Swart, Robin Farina, Alison Testroete with Dr. Vie Chocolat, 2010

Dr. Vie and Alison shared a loss in January 2011 when  Dr. Vie athlete on Vera Bradley USA team and Alison’s riding mate Carla Swart was killed in a road accident South Africa during her training there.

Dr. Vie caught up with Alison during her training with the Canadian Elite Team of cyclists in Los Angeles in February 2011.  Listen to this exclusive interview (click here). This amazing woman has taken a bold step to expand her horizons beyond everything familiar in Canada, beyond the North Americas and to find a team in Europe where the number one challenge is the foreign language and at times languages.

Alison also has many gluten sensitivities and has to adhere to a low-gluten diet. This is quite a challenge to many athletes whose bodies are already under enormous stress.  Tune in to our ealier interviews with Alison during which she discusses her special dietary needs.

Alison is a remarkable young woman who has beaten many odds. We wish Alison Testroete all the best for 2011 and send her hugs wherever she goes.