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"Be The Change You Want To See In The World" Mahatma Gandhi

Here is a short 18 minute  video extract from the 80 minute live stream session.

Live A Joyful Life and Contribute to a Blissful World

Join our Super Conscious Members focused on your personal transformation and transformation of our world. Access monthly courses, monthly group or private support calls, replays of monthly events, monthly personal assessments, community chats and monthly healthy recipes. Subscribe monthly or annually at one of three levels: Gold (basic), Inner Circle (most popular) or VIP (personalized transformation).

YOUR HOSTS on the 6 August live session

Dr. Vie.

Nomad, Inspirational Speaker, Mentor, Natural Foods Pioneer, Yogic Scientist focused on a compassionate and peaceful world.

suzanne vince livestream with Dr. Vie


Creative Director, Collaborator, Artist, Single Parent

Are You Committed To Be The Change You Want To See in the World?

Watch your thinking

It's time to re program your brain and flush out your thoughts.

Shed away your conditioning

It's time to flush away the decades of beliefs and control.

Act in the now

It's time to take action.


Time for action my dear. Remember, you are not alone, just like you fellow humans are questioning their plight. You have taken the first and most amazing step to transform your life...you attended the live webinar. Yes, you've learned a few things, which is the beginning. Unless you act now...nothing will change. Feel free to send me an email to gather together and change our world...together we can do it. Contact me.

If you'd like to learn more about me..here's bits and pieces of video from various events I've hosted.

But what I know from helping thousands of men and women around our wonderful planet, is that unless you take action now, you will find a reason to delay your transformation which will become harder to do tomorrow.

Please do not delay, start making the changes you need in your life...not tomorrow, or in a few days, or when you have time...you must start right now. ​

Many times you could start to follow suggestions for a few days, but then you could quickly get distracted and lose your Self to the bantering of your nasty thoughts.

Please do not do that...instead be the amazing YOU that you have been gifted to Be.  I am available for you....


Group sessions

Online Group Sessions

For this reason, to help you along, I created the ASK ME ANYTHING live sessions, that I hold each month. These are interactive small group online sessions to inspire you to "be the change you want to see around you." 

I would love for you to join if you do not wish to waste yet month, struggling on your own.​ 

Join My Live Ask Me Anything  Group Support Sessions And Be Active in Your Life

The weekly small group support sessions of 45 minute duration,  is for anyone serious about personal transformation.  During the small group session, you ask me anything and receive guidance to change your life.  Select from 1 session, 3 sessions or 12 sessions.  Get as many as you want. from 1-12. To learn more click the button above.


Personal coaching for self development

If you are more comfortable in one on one sessions, where you receive fully personalized and private guidance and support, then you will love these sessions.

Select your currency, e.g. CAD, USD, British Pound Sterling, Euro or Australian Dollar, before adding to cart.​ 

Thank you my dear for joining us on the live webinar....I am sending you a hug. Did you get it? 

Remember it is not by thinking about the process of change, but by being the change your Self, that you can truly live as a realized human Being.

Lots of love, 

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