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Understanding our humanity may save Planet Earth

Understanding Our Humanity (Part 2 of 4)

As good will may have it, the absolute need for mind control was realized  over 10,000 years ago by our fellow humans inhabiting the Indus region of Asia, now known as India. These humans received the name Indoos/Hindoos by the British invaders (because of proximity to the Himalayas and Indus River) and the inhabitants later became known as Indians. Secrets […]

Yogic Science to the rescue of humanity and Planet Earth

How Ancient Yogic Science Contributes To The Future Of Humanity? Part 1 of 4

Yogic science is the most ancient of sciences known to humanity. But does this refer to Yoga ? To be clear, the Yoga that I refer to herein the article, is not as we know of it today as the commercialized activity focused on the physical material body but, is the union with the very essence of […]