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DrVie-Fukushima 50

How to prevent damage from radiation like that from Japan’s nuclear leak?

Exposure to radiation increases from the nuclear plants in Japan, Fukushima 50 workers in the plant on a suicide mission, Californians and west coasters stocking up on K1 Iodide. Which direction will the wind blow? To Tokyo or to California? What happens to the Fukushima 50? As the planet waits we ponder some important questions: […]


Earthquake & tsunami -How to help the survivors

Japan 8.9 earthquake and tsunami 8.9 eathquake hits Japan at 14:49 local time Friday with 30 feet high tsumani waves and more than 30 after shocks. For several hours today the coast of BC, Canada was on alert. The quake was the 5th largest on record. Japan is heavily reliant on nuclear power and the concern of radioactive […]