Youth violence can be prevented

Prevent Youth Violence and Radicalization ?

Yet another senseless mass shooting in the USA and as President Obama said: “It seems to be the norm these days, and prayers for the family are not enough.” How do we prevent youth violence and the nasty spread of radicalization? We have to go to the root

World is one family

World is One Family: Pope Francis for Equality

World Meeting of Families with the Pope Francis in Philadelphia, America was held today where seventeen thousand families registered, across all cultures, and over a million gathered in the city of brotherly love. Most people wanted to grab an image of the Pope with their phones to share with the

Prayer for Peace

Prayer for PEACE

PEACE is what we really want to experience deep within ourselves and in everything around us: Inner peace and outer (world) peace.  As you know, since September 11 through 23 I have been hosting the PEACE Shows live from six countries, during eight broadcasts as 26 local guests shared their

Dr. Vie PEACE talks in 7 countries

Dr. Vie 6 Country 26 PEACE inspirations

When life throws you challenges, how do you respond? Do you hide in depression? Do you drown in alcohol or drugs or pain meds? Do you go on a shopping spree? Do you become violent? How about angry? Or do you feel weak, helpless and lost? Join me, Dr. Vie

Truth About Food: Trusting Your Choice To Shape Your Future

Truth About Foods

Each day the wise eat to live and the unwise live to eat. Which one are you? Either way, you probably do not know the truth about foods. Did you know that food has a very special purpose and is medicinal, but only if it is used it a

Stress and youth, how to build self esteem by Dr. Vie

Stress and Youth Lesson from Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Life

Over 60% of youth today are experiencing some form of stress in the mind. The tragic deaths of both mother and daughter, millionaires Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown bring to the forefront the extreme stress that many people in the western nations are subjected to each day, and the


Animals Killed To Prove Manhood

Cecil the Lion, King of the African jungle is brutally killed by a male human. His brother Jericho is left to take care of the baby cubs, only to be brutally ambushed and killed a few days later by another man! When a supposed health-care professional, Walter Palmer, hunts down

Empowerment Book by Dr. Vie

Empowerment Can Transform You and Communities

In today’s rushed society, we often make decisions that sacrifice our personal well-being, in the hope that we are fulfilling our roles at home, at work or with friends or even with groups. Feeling tired, frustrated, helpless, rejected, depressed? These are symptoms of dis-empowerment. You need to recharge your own source of

The Art Of Pretending

The Art Of Pretending To Be Happy

We have mastered the art of pretending. Degrees in the art of pretending are up for grabs! Why and how have we become Impostors? The secret is out, but you can regain control of your mind if you act quickly. No pun intended.

Parenting techniques-for building self-esteem in childhood, seminars by Dr. Vie

The Secret To Building Self-Esteem In Children

Why is self-esteem low in more and more children and eventually adults? What are the symptoms of low self-esteem? Youth who commit suicide, display aggression, engage in killing sprees or join dangerous peer groups are all displaying signs of low self-esteem. Adults who experience feelings of hatred, anger, bouts of