Truth About Food: Trusting Your Choice To Shape Your Future

Truth About Foods

Each day the wise eat to live and the unwise live to eat. Which one are you? Either way, you probably do not know the truth about foods. Did you know that food has a very special purpose and is medicinal, but only if it is used it a

Stress and youth, how to build self esteem by Dr. Vie

Stress and Youth Lesson from Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Life

Over 60% of youth today are experiencing some form of stress in the mind. The tragic deaths of both mother and daughter, millionaires Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown bring to the forefront the extreme stress that many people in the western nations are subjected to each day, and the


Animals Killed To Prove Manhood

Cecil the Lion, King of the African jungle is brutally killed by a male human. His brother Jericho is left to take care of the baby cubs, only to be brutally ambushed and killed a few days later by another man! When a supposed health-care professional, Walter Palmer, hunts down

Empowerment Book by Dr. Vie

Empowerment Can Transform You and Communities

In today’s rushed society, we often make decisions that sacrifice our personal well-being, in the hope that we are fulfilling our roles at home, at work or with friends or even with groups. Feeling tired, frustrated, helpless, rejected, depressed? These are symptoms of dis-empowerment. You need to recharge your own source of

The Art Of Pretending

The Art Of Pretending To Be Happy

We have mastered the art of pretending. Degrees in the art of pretending are up for grabs! Why and how have we become Impostors? The secret is out, but you can regain control of your mind if you act quickly. No pun intended.

Parenting techniques-for building self-esteem in childhood, seminars by Dr. Vie

The Secret To Building Self-Esteem In Children

Why is self-esteem low in more and more children and eventually adults? What are the symptoms of low self-esteem? Youth who commit suicide, display aggression, engage in killing sprees or join dangerous peer groups are all displaying signs of low self-esteem. Adults who experience feelings of hatred, anger, bouts of

Parenting techniques-for building self-esteem in childhood, seminars by Dr. Vie

Parenting Techniques For Building Self-Esteem in Childhood

Today’s youth experience low self-esteem, low self-respect and immense insecurity. Where does it come from? The attitude emerges in childhood, within the family and support system. These days, youth are disenchanted with their environments at home, school and even at play, so much so that they seek escape through suicide,

Yoga scientific secrets for stress management by-Dr-Vie

Yoga Scientific Secrets For Stress Management

The day of my talk Yoga Scientific Secrets for Stress Management I once again recognized the telling symptoms of high stress, among females in business. What is about the life that we lead today that is consuming the very essence of the people who are innately flowing with Super Consciousness?

Yoga Self Realization from Taming The Female Impostor Ch 12 page 266

Yoga Self Realization Part 3

World Yoga Day coincides with Father’s Day. There is an intricate link between Yoga Self Realization and males. Over the past decade I’ve been engaged in systematic research into how we can overcome the negative energies of hatred, violence, terrorism, and abuse to others, and the personal feelings of insecurity,

Overcome the Negative. Overcome Hate

Charleston Massacre: Can we ever be Super Conscious part 2

When a youngster, consumed by hatred, harboring feelings of apartheid, blows a fuse and massacres nine innocent people in a house of worship in Charleston, what does this say about the inner state of our minds? I’ve lived in both South Carolina, and of course grew up in South Africa