My SuperKids South Africa

I was blessed today to address hundreds of spiritually awakened men, women and children in Chatsworth as they prepare for one of the most spiritually powerful events of the year.


Just after I finished my talk, an eleven year old boy (seen in the picture below, to my left (more…)

Inspirational South Africans

As I continue my free talks around South Africa this month, I am meeting hundreds of people from all works of life, whose passion for improving the world is beyond words.  Bravo to my fellow South African sisters and brothers and big family.


Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa (more…)

Inner Peace to World Peace

Accomplished it all, yet feel like something is missing? Why do wealthy people, those with important titles and those who seem to be spiritually aware, still do not feel at peace?


I recently spent time at various spiritual centers in Africa chatting to the members about their state of (more…)

The role of parents in 2015

We’ve brought in 2015 with great celebrations in many areas of the world, but at the same time billions of humans also experienced inhumane conditions and states of despair. What will this new year bring? Will we decrease the crime, hatred, violence, abuse and wars against our own species? I (more…)

Essential Resolutions for 2015

As 2014 rolls to a close, we inevitably take a count of our accomplishments. Have we improved our own lives? Have we helped others? Have we supported our home, Planet Earth? Is the man-made world a better place for humans to live in? What will 2015 bring? Of course it (more…)

Prevent Youngsters From Being Radicalized?

Children’s health quickly develops  into the health issues of adults, the leaders of our nations. Can we guide kids right from birth to blossom into loving, kind, visionaries who respect and honour each other instead of hating, harming, abusing or killing others and destroying the rest of nature? Why are young (more…)

Ebola Outbreak – what it means for you?

Ebola outbreak, why was there a delay? Why did most doctors refuse to help? Why are those who truly need help abandoned? How does this affect you, your loved ones, and your future?


Here is summary of my recent Dr.Vie Radio Show on this very subject, where I dive (more…)

Should women ask for a raise? The real problem unmasked

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s remark about women asking for a raise is PERFECT IF…read on my dear and you will discover why we need to look not for a band-aid solution for inequalities but for the root cause of the problem so we can have equal pay, love our (more…)

Search For Happiness

Achieved it all, yet need to search for happiness? Got the good life, husband, wife, lover, kids, car, house, great job, international holidays, yet still feel like an actor on a stage? What is it that stops you from being who you really are? Let’s find out why Hector is (more…)

Bringing out the best in women

Today, in a fast-paced world, savvy women work hard to juggle a job, relationship and family life amid the vast changes going on around them, in their inner circles, and in the world at large. Just as thirty-five year old Jackie is doing as she exits the subway and rushes to (more…)