Dr. Vie Continues To Inspire Kids To Be SuperKids

Thousands of children in South Africa echoed the same hope: “If only the crime would stop, stop the murders, stop the corruption, stop the hate, stop the poverty, stop the diseases.” Now they are empowered to be part of the solution as they take on the Dr. Vie SuperKids formula (more…)

Dr. Vie Inspires Thousands, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes, Heart and Stroke, Cancer patients, Sai, Church, and Kids

Dr. Vie continued her whirl wind free inspirational talks across South Africa the past week motivating thousands of children, diabetes 1 patients, heart and stroke patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers and also Church goers.



Dr-Vie-Inspirational-Super Conscious-Free-Talk-to-Sai-devotees-Africa











“Dr. Vie gave us (more…)

Dr. Vie SuperKids in South African Schools

Amazing participation from 350 kids ages six to fourteen as I gave a quick inspirational talk during their school assembly in the midst of Westville. Thanks to the School Principal and staff and students.


Dr. Vie SuperKids-South Africa-Inspirational-Talk

Dr. Vie SuperKids-South Africa-Inspirational-Talk










I was (more…)

Super Conscious Training In Africa by Dr. Vie

My week has been filled with loving energies from hundreds of people in South Africa during my free inspirational Super Conscious talks and training programs. I am truly excited to discover their determination to be better people and to make a difference in the lives of others. You see (more…)

Inspirational Talk To Reverse Depression and Unhappiness and Emotional Problems

I was blessed to inspire hundred plus people, deserted by their families at the door of ABH in the middle of the night!  From all the inspirational talks that I have been providing free of charge throughout South Africa since December 2015, my talk yesterday was the most special to (more…)

Tapping into your highest life potential

Thousands of South Africans gathered at various spiritual sites in league with millions of Indians around the globe, to participate in one of the most powerful spiritually charged events of the year. It is with deep gratitude that I can now share with you my series of events over the (more…)

My SuperKids South Africa

I was blessed today to address hundreds of spiritually awakened men, women and children in Chatsworth as they prepare for one of the most spiritually powerful events of the year.


Just after I finished my talk, an eleven year old boy (seen in the picture below, to my left (more…)

Inspirational South Africans

As I continue my free talks around South Africa this month, I am meeting hundreds of people from all works of life, whose passion for improving the world is beyond words.  Bravo to my fellow South African sisters and brothers and big family.


Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa Dr. Vie Radio Show South Africa (more…)

Inner Peace to World Peace

Accomplished it all, yet feel like something is missing? Why do wealthy people, those with important titles and those who seem to be spiritually aware, still do not feel at peace?


I recently spent time at various spiritual centers in Africa chatting to the members about their state of (more…)

The role of parents in 2015

We’ve brought in 2015 with great celebrations in many areas of the world, but at the same time billions of humans also experienced inhumane conditions and states of despair. What will this new year bring? Will we decrease the crime, hatred, violence, abuse and wars against our own species? I (more…)