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My dear reader, I am so happy you are here today.

Super Conscious Humanity for world peace

Mom took this pic of me in Africa!

Just like you, my life experiences molded me to this very moment with you here on this page, in virtual reality. Yes my journey has shaped my thoughts, and guided me to all I do today.

Where did my story start?

In this life time, born into an Indian family in the throes of apartheid in South Africa, as with most youngsters, I too craved to fulfill my potential, only to find it restricted.

I was the wrong gender, of the wrong race, at the wrong time, in the wrong place. Too many wrongs SHOULD lead to a right turn!

Inevitable as the laws of Mother Nature.

And so my story went; when I left South Africa to explore the large world on my own for the first time, at a time when it was a rarity for a young Asian female to leave her country, solo. 

I did look back, to wave to my amazing parents, my loyal relatives and friends. Each moment thereafter was one of fascinating challenges, breaking glass ceilings, filled with roller coaster rides, unpredictable successes and devastating blows. But, I plodded on.

Many countries, so  many cities, so many towns, so many people...

We may travel on our own, but we are never alone.

The constant flurry of life around us, is our dedicated true family of friends.

The whisper of the leaves, the chatter of squirrels, the chirp of the birds, the rush of the stream, the buzz of the mountain summit, talk to us, if we open our minds and listen just a tad bit more, we'll realize our family.

I'm sure you can imagine the learning experiences: languages, foods, customs, nuances, cultures, landscapes...

Everyday an adventure, never knowing who you will meet, and what the day holds.​

Life is indeed like the sea, sprung from a sprinkle of water high up in the mountains, streams its way winding through many paths, until it finds itself one with the other zillions of droplets in an ocean of endless beauty and love.

I learned this:

To SEE we MUST free our minds from its limitations.

We MUST SEE with our inner Being.

Let us open our eyes and truly SEE all that is around us and never give up hope to discover our inner true Self, for with this essential we can forge ahead, feel one with the universe, and contribute wherever we are.

Blessings to you my dear. May you too discover your real Self. May you shatter every man-made ceiling, border and boundary possible, because our Mother Nature never created them, she would be too foolish to restrict herself with boundaries!

Please do get in touch with me, for I am here to share all my insights with you, so you can better your life. In so doing we better our the future is a better one, as we live free.

​I am here for you.

​With lots of love, hugs and blessings,

​Always, Dr. Vie (V)

Better You, Better Life, Better World

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Dr. Vie's Contribution To A Better World​

No country can profess to lead the world if its women, children or elders are suffering, emotionally stagnant or without the very basics of life.

When the women, children and the elders of a nation are healthy and happy, the country can be proud of its success.

"If each human can be consciously aware of the multiplicity, connectivity and wonder of life, then we will engage in thoughts, words and actions that support Mother Earth. We will realize the greatest truth of all - we are all ONE. We will never harm another, but will always help each other.  We will be Super Conscious. Then every human will have the basics of clean air, safe water, healthy foods, proper sanitation, sufficient housing, needed healthcare, empowering literacy and wholesome jobs that support Planet Earth.  Let those who in abundance, already have these necessities, reach out and correct the ravages and inequalities over thousands of years of man-made actions, and restore humanity onto its natural course, " Dr. Vie.

Each of Dr. Vie's publications, programs, workshops, seminars, memberships, vegan Dr. Vie Superfoods, and consultations fund her Super Conscious Humanity humanitarian initiatives in Africa on the Equator and in South Africa -providing clean safe drinking water, healthy foods, accessible sanitation, robust housing, needed education and literacy, basic healthcare and adequate hygiene and wholesome jobs, all the while supporting and rejuvenating Mother Earth.

Pioneer of Natural Low-Allergenic Naturally Healthy Foods

Heidi TV 5 Host with Dr.Vie Healthy Foods in Singapore

Sparked by the untimely passing on of her Father Vie in the 1990's, she embarked on research to better lives naturally. One part of her pioneering research  led to a line of vegan, low-allergenic, naturally gluten-free, organic raw healthy foods in 2004.

First in Bio-compostable Packaging

Dr. Vie's eco-friendly food-free packaging and inks received global press attention for being the first of its kind in any health store. Her healthy foods were a national hit, consumed by celebrities, Olympians, doctors, cancer patients, diabetics, celiacs, children and more.

Self Funded Female Entrepreneur

Her pioneering research was shunned by various venture capital companies, grant bodies and more because it was too new of an idea. Imagine that! SuperFoods a novel idea! 

But she peristed...solo....

She flew solo. Her endeavours were 100% funded by her and the support of Mother View, as she lived  in the North Americas.

Challenge of Entrepreneurship​

The superfoods were an overnight hit, spreading across the country like wild fire. Today over 15 years later, her vegan foods are loved by all ages...

Of course over time, out of the woodwork, crawled many copy cats, spawning the age of gluten-free unhealthy foods, developed by businesses without an inkling of authenticity or consideration for human wellness. Today the world is inundated by pop up "healthy food" or "vegan food" products, cafes and even businesses focused on the business opportunities, yet on closer analysis are unhealthy foods.


Founder of Dr. Vie  Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives and Program

In 2004, Dr. Vie started her SuperKids program funding it personally with revenue from her foods and most often from her life savings.

The program evolved into Super Conscious Humanity initiatives to mentor children around the globe, to be drug-free, addiction-free, violence-free, hate-free and free from the need to be radicalized.

It quickly evolved to sustain wholesome jobs by uplifting communities and supporting Mother Earth.

Bronze For Dr. Vie Superkids

Today special needs youth and communities are benefiting from Dr. Vie's scientific discoveries that she is transferring to them to provide them with skills training to uplift their communities, and support Mother Earth through wholesome jobs.

Lover of Mountains

​Besides her numerous passions, Dr. Vie is in full awe of nature and mountains and has trekked mountain ranges in the Himalayas, Africa, North Americas & Switzerland.

She obtained her post-doctorate specializing in medical devices in USA, has co-authored university text books and is a Swiss patent holder. While a medical device scientist in Switzerland, she furthered her doctoral education in natural living based on ancient Asian insights,  and found herself deep into Self-Realization of super consciousness, through her personal journey, devoid of religious connotations or man-made regulations.

Super Consciousness For Humanity​

V is focused on empowering men, women and children to be their natural super-conscious selves. 

"We do not need to be formally educated, or obtain expensive degrees or fancy titles to be super-conscious. Anyone and everyone has the energy within them, free of charge because it is our natural human code. Super consciousness is our Gift, that we have lost access because of the path that humanity sadly has taken since civilization. However, at any stage we can reclaim our birth right, our Gift of Super Consciousness and SEE ," From Dr. Vie's GuideBook To Rescuing Humanity.



V has authored numerous articles in Academic Health Journals since her days as a doctoral student in the USA.


Some of her work include texts for Medical Devices and a Book Chapter for Medical Device Students.


Knowing Your Self - Sets You Free

Personal Relationships Without Pain

Health Foods Without Dieting

Friendships Without Envy

Career Without Competition

Mindfulness Without Negative Thoughts

Personal Development and Transformation Book

Focused on women, revealed decades of insights to restore self confidence and self esteem.

Taming The Female Impostor: The Book of Secrets to Rescue Humanity - a beginner's guide to empower humans to be their natural super-conscious selves, guides females to restore balance in the world.


To inspire hope for Utopia, where everyone lives in peace and happiness, alongside animals, in pure environments. Set in Africa on the southern tip and on the Equator...where the last humans strive to save Planet Earth.

Taming The Impostor Saga The Pure Ones

Dance Of Fireflies Book i

Aikona  Book ii

Wunamangaz Book iii

Radio Show Host and Guest

Self development podcasts for personal transformation, inspiration and happiness

Self development podcasts for personal transformation, inspiration and happiness

Radio Show Guest

​V has appeared on numerous radios shows, local and national discussing topics from self development, economy, environmental, youth, trafficking, addictions, radicalization and more.

​SABC, Voice Of America, Red FM, Virgin Radio...

Radio Show Guest

​V's podcasts and radio shows provides free information to create awareness about a variety of personal and global issues that impact the present and future.

Her guests include Dr. John Gray, Dr. Daniel Amen...​

Inspirational Motivational Speaker For All Ages

​ Her sessions, from key note to 3-day workshops, to one hour seminars, are filled with a deep sense of oneness with human potential, coming direct from her heart based on her personal experiences around the world. Her audience is always enthralled and engaged from the start to the end of her highly interactive and energetic events.

Humanitarian Mission Super Conscious Humanity

She has provided free talks around the globe as part of her mission to inspire men, women and children to access their natural life potential.

 Her Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives are focused in Africa on the Equator and Southern Africa to ensure clean water, sanitation, healthy crops, basic healthcare, skills training all leading to wholesome jobs that support Mother Earth.

Embracing All Religions, Atheists, Agnostics

Dr. Vie empowers men, women and children and respects all religions and all energies. Her talks have been conducted in various houses of worship Churches, Temples, Sai, Divine Life, Dharma centers and non religious gatherings of  atheists/agnostics, all health statuses, financial standings, cultures and more.

Educational Centers

Dr. V has addressed tens of thousands of school ages children from preschoolers to grade 12, university students and lecturers.

Non Profit Organizations

Dr. V has given off her Self free of charge to non-profit gatherings of children and youth. She has provided 3 day workshops to Life Line staff, medical staff and Board of Directors of Non Profits.

Hospital, Hospices, Retirement Centers

Her talks have inspired the aged, the sick the dying and their caregiver and staff and more in hospitals, and places of care. 

Diabetes, Heart & Stroke, Alzheimer's, Addictions National Events

Dr. V's insights motivate patients and caregivers of various ailments through her talks at the National Associations.

Dr. Vie Academy

​Dr. Vie Academy includes a series of self paced training programs  through video courses.

Her online webinars, tele-seminars, and monthly question and answer sessions support self development step by step.

Personal Coaching and Self Development Guide

She conducts live seminars, workshops, and retreats and special Master-Mind coaching groups.

Her 1:1 personal guidance is fully accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, and is 100% with Dr. Vie. She shares all her insights with you as you journey through your personal transformation.

"We cannot guide someone, through someone else. Many programs use assistants and contractors to engage in the coaching. Sadly many of the coaches today, become certified as coaches after a short 6 week or 6 month or a year online or college training!

These young coaches are focused on the business of coaching, called life coach, without much wholesome experience in the real world.


When we realize the bigger picture, away from the man-made restrictions and categories, social pressures and economic burdens, we realize the true essence of life.

We think differently, we dress differently, we eat differently, we conduct our selves differently....and live fully connected with all of life.

We are after all LIFE. 

C'est la vie! That's life!

Contact Dr. Vie and Be Inspired

No matter  who you are, where you are, or what you are feeling right now, you can better your feelings, better your and slowly better the world.

If you want to.

Sometimes all it takes is just one word to transform someone's life. 

  • Lalitha says:

    Doctor Vie

    After reading all your blogs, anybody will be inspired to lead a life of peace and happiness. When one is searching for proper means and ways to design such a life, they search for the right thinking individual who will guide them this path for an evolution and setting such a positive environment.

    Dr. Vie, we are working for many such women who are living in deep stressful conditions, not able to save themselves from the clutter of turbulence.

    Please let us know how to go about it, getting your dates, time and availability.


    • Doctor says:

      Lali, thank your dedication to helping our world be a better place…I am here to serve you. Yes I am eager to help stimulate transformation and healing to every human. Let us touch base through the contact section and start to put forth a plan. Blessings for your work, Always, V

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