“Our Planet Earth needs every human to regenerate and protect her.”

Dr. Vie

“What if humans could move beyond the short term focus of commercial successes focused on competition and survival of the fittest, that only serve to sacrifice human wellness and planetary well being?”

Following years of scientific research by European public health scientist fondly known as Dr. Vie, her mother and her pioneered Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in 2000 to better lives, better communities and better the world through natural, healthy and environmentally friendly: foods, products, educational programs and skills training and wholesome climate action and wellness jobs for locals.

World peace Is A Reflection of inner peace.

The core of Dr. Vie R&D led to Dr. Vie SuperFoods® in Switzerland. By 2004 a range of natural, vegan, gluten-free, low glycemic-index, real food on the go was launched in the North Americas. 

The women's revolutionary 100% compostable food-free packaging, became a signature of the company's products, leading the way in environmentally friendly packaging -the first bio-compostable food packaging in health stores across Canada and for health-conscious consumers in USA. 

The entrepreneurs self-funded their ventures, and brand name distributors supplied health stores across the country. As a start up, the financial weight of self-financing was hard enough to bear.  But when the economic crash of 2008 devastated the North American market, it provided an impetus for strategic flexible crisis management. And a revamped product line for the sports and fitness, and healthy desserts bore fruition.

From breakfast food on the go to weight watchers and children's low-allergenic delights the protein foods were a hit with Olympians, MMA fighters, doctors, students, celebrities and everyday school bus drivers. Nutritious, fresh, artisan made, hand packed- Dr. Vie SuperFoods® became a favourite over the years.

The scientist's early traumatic childhood as a non-white girl during the throes of apartheid under the racist White South African regiment steeped in inequality and inequity continued to drive her motives in the employment of minorities, vulnerable women, and differently abled female youth.

Her passion for inspiring other youngsters in Africa to better the quality of their lives soon became a driving force, reshaping the commercialization of her intellectual property to serve special needs communities. Through free humanitarian workshops and seminars to thousands of locals in Africa the time was right to embark on yet more adventures.

Fiction and non-fiction publications -provoked discussions on the human psyche, the plight of girls, children and women and the cause of the global inequality and inequity crises. 

The Impostor® limited mind versus the Protector creative mind provided educational insights into the profound impact of limiting beliefs structured through patriarchy, societal coercion, power struggles, racism, competition, and fatalism.

In parallel, Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity initiatives came into fruition in Sub Saharan Africa through creative education, skills training and wholesome job opportunities for over 40 special needs youth in Southern Africa and for hundreds of impoverished locals in Central Equatorial Africa.  

The needs of the locals are many: protection and empowerment of children, girls and women, healthy water, sanitation, housing, energy, and basic education to healthcare.

You can help in many ways, right away.

You are invited to personally benefit from the line of healthy Dr. Vie SuperFoods®, educational publications, uplifting programs, corporate social responsibility programs and private consultations. 

As the centres expand, the need for public participation grows. You are humbly invited to donate whatever you can financially.

If you seek to join the adventures in Africa as a volunteer or to share your expertise, please contact Dr. Vie.

Everyday is a new one, an adventure into the future, knowing that each of person is vital in carving out what the next day, next year, next decade and generations and centuries will look like, not only for the individual, but for our communities, nations and the Planet.

 Consciously aware humans are poised to realize that life is really an adventure without predestined paths or conventions. Each day you have multitudes of choices to mold the world into a healthy, safe and sustainable one, or not. 

You are carving out individual and mass reality each and everyday ….therein is the revelation to a better you, better life and better world. 

“We may travel on our own, but we are never alone in this adventure of life, there is certainly no time for boredom or indeed loneliness!”


Better You, Better Life, Better World

Featured in

Vision For A Better World

No country can profess to lead the world if it's women, girls, children or elders are suffering, emotionally stagnant or without the very basics of life and when the health of it's waters, air and lands is being systematically destroyed.

When the women, girls, children and the elders of a nation are healthy and happy,  and it's environment free from man-made harm, the country can be proud of its success.

If each human can be consciously aware of the multiplicity, connectivity and wonder of life, then we will engage in thoughts, words and actions that support Mother Earth. We will realize the greatest truth of all - we are all in ONE collaborative reality. We will never harm another, for by harming another we harm only limit ourselves. We will not engage in acts that harm our waters, air, atmosphere and lands for they compose our physical reality.  We will be Super Conscious. Every human will have the basics of clean air, safe water, healthy foods, proper sanitation, sufficient housing, needed healthcare, empowering literacy, safety, and wholesome jobs that support Planet Earth.  Let those who in abundance, who already have the necessities, be inspired to reach out and pay it forward, and eradicate inequalities in inequities created by man-made actions, and in so doing restore humanity and Planet Earth onto its natural course.”

Heidi TV 5 Host with Dr.Vie Healthy Foods in Singapore

Dr. Vie SuperFoods vegan raw gluten-free compostable bags 2000

Dr. Vie SuperFoods vegan, raw, gluten-free in compostable bags 2000

Dr. Vie SuperKids Olympics 2012

2012 London Olympics with Dr. Vie

Dr Vie Superfoods empower special needs youth with wholesome jobs 2019

Dr Vie Superfoods empower special needs youth with wholesome jobs 2019

A childs message for saving Planet Earth with healthy crops

Dr. Vie SuperFoods Crops Sustaining Planet Earth Providing Skills For Impoverished Youth in Africa 2018

Dr Vie SCH vocational skills training  and sustainable jobs in Africa. Regenerating planet

Dr Vie SCH vocational skills training and sustainable jobs for deaf youth in Africa. Regenerating Planet Earth.  2021

Dr. Vie Skills training and wholesome jobs for autistic youth in Africa. 2020

Dr. Vie Skills training and wholesome jobs for autistic youth in Africa. 2020

Lover of Mountains

Besides her numerous passions, Dr. Vie is in awe of nature and mountains and has trekked mountain ranges in the Himalayas, Africa, North Americas & Switzerland.

More About Dr. Vie

She obtained her post-doctorate specializing in medical devices in USA, has co-authored university text books and is a Swiss patent holder. While a medical device scientist in Switzerland, she furthered her doctoral education in natural living based on ancient Asian insights, and began self realizing the necessity for Super Conscious Humanity.

Super Consciousness For Humanity

V is focused on empowering women and children through empowerment, skills training and wholesome jobs to be their natural Super Conscious selves in tune with the environment...first and foremost...and thereby engaged in actions and jobs to benefit Planet Earth. 

“We do not need to be formally educated, or obtain expensive degrees or fancy titles to be live in a state of Super-Consciousness aware of the collaborative reality we live in. Anyone and everyone has the power within them to positively impact the world. Super Consciousness is your right. You may have lost access to it because of the path that humans  have etched since civilizations. However, at any stage we can reclaim our birth right, our Gift of Super Consciousness and SEE beyond ourselves .”

From Dr. Vie's Guide Book To Rescuing Humanity.



Dr. Vie has authored numerous articles in Academic Health Journals since her days as a doctoral student in the USA.


Some of her work include texts for Medical Devices and a Book Chapter for Medical Device Students.


Knowing Your Self - Sets You Free

Personal Relationships Without Pain

Benefits of Healthy SuperFoods for Natural Health

Friendships Without Envy

Career Without Competition

Mindfulness Without Negative Thoughts

Mind Power Personal Development and Transformation Book

Through years of exploration into the human mind in developed and developing countries Dr. Vie shares thought-provoking insights to challenge conventional wisdom, introspect on the meaning of life, and stimulate life-changing questions in the reader en route to transforming the future by one essential tool: taming the erratic mind.

The human mind is the most complex and powerful manifestation of Consciousness albeit misunderstood. The conscious mind has limitless potential to shape your everyday emotions, daily actions and mental functioning. 


To inspire hope for Utopia, where everyone lives in peace and happiness, alongside animals, in pure environments. Set in Umlazi and Chatsworth, South Africa on the southern tip of the African continent and on the Equator...where the last humans strive to save Planet Earth.

Taming The Impostor Saga The Pure Ones

Dance Of Fireflies Book i

Aikona  Book ii

Wunamangaz Book iii

Radio Show Host and Guest

Self development podcasts for personal transformation, inspiration and happiness

Self development podcasts for personal transformation, inspiration and happiness

Radio Show Guest

V has appeared on numerous radios shows, local and national discussing topics from self development, economy, entrepreneurship, environment issues, saving Planet Earth, youth mentoring, trafficking, addictions, radicalization and more.

SABC, Voice Of America, Red FM, Virgin Radio, Ed Tyll Show, Hamilton Radio, and more.

Radio Show Guest

V's podcasts and radio shows provides free information to create awareness about a variety of personal and global issues that impact the present and future.

Her guests include Dr. John Gray, Dr. Daniel Amen...

Inspirational Motivational Speaker For All Ages

Her public speaking sessions, from key note to 3-day workshops, to one hour seminars, are interactive inspiring unleashing human potential. Her audiences are enthralled and engaged from the start to the end of her interactive and motivating events.

Humanitarian Mission Super Conscious Humanity

She has provided free talks around the globe as part of her mission to inspire men, women and children to access their natural life potential and support the planet.

Today her Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives are focused in Africa, on the Equator and Southern Africa to ensure clean water, sanitation, healthy crops, basic healthcare, through skills training that are leading to wholesome jobs that support Mother Earth.

Embracing All Religions, Atheists, Agnostics

Dr. Vie empowers men, women and children and respects all religions and all energies. Her talks have been conducted in various houses of worship Churches, Temples, Sai, Divine Life, Dharma centers and non-religious gatherings of  atheists/agnostics, to people of many health statuses, financial standings, cultures and more. 

Educational Centers

Dr. V has addressed tens of thousands of school ages children from preschoolers to grade 12, university students and lecturers.

Non Profit Organizations

Dr. V has given off her Self free of charge to non-profit gatherings of children and youth. She has provided 3 day workshops to Life Line staff, medical staff and Board of Directors of Non Profits.

Hospital, Hospices, Retirement Centers

Her talks have inspired the aged, the sick,  the terminally ill, and those passing on, and their caregivers and staff and more in hospitals, and places of care. 

Diabetes, Heart & Stroke, Alzheimer's, Addictions National Events

Dr. V's insights motivate patients and caregivers of various ailments through her talks at the National Associations.

Dr. Vie Academy

Dr. Vie Academy includes a series of self paced training programs  through online video courses.

Her online webinars, tele-seminars, and monthly question and answer sessions support self development step by step.

Mentoring and Self Development Guide

She conducts live seminars, workshops, and retreats and special Master-Mind coaching groups.

Her 1:1 personal guidance is fully accessible to anyone anywhere in the world, and is 100% with Dr. Vie. She shares insights with you as you engage in self discovery and journey through your personal transformation.

“When we realize the bigger picture, away from the man-made limitations and beliefs, social pressures and economic burdens, we realize the true essence of life.

“We can  live fully connected with all of life. We are after all LIFE. C'est la vie! That's life.”