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Feel you way to a better life. Simple tips to use now. With Dr. Vie

Today one of my colleagues and a director at the Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives in Africa will be picking my mind on how to live your best life  and feel better. I’ll be sharing powerful, yet simple tips to use right now, that you can implement wherever you are, alone or in a crowd, right now.

So let’s get started. 

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Feel you way to a better life. Simple tips to use now. With Dr. Vie

How to Feel Your Way To A Better Life?


As you know, for the audience as well, we’ve been focused on this theme of living your best life and feeling better.


Well, the first question that I have to ask you is what is your definition of your best life?


Right. That’s a very good question. And I would start off with saying, there are three aspects here when we address this question of living our best life and how to feel better.

1. To understand what life is

2. To understand what living really means.

3. What does it mean to live one’s best life?

What is life?

And when we look at what life is, we need to understand that all of life emanates from the same source.

What Does Living Mean?

And once we are born, then we have a timeframe between birth and the time that we depart this life. And that is what we are calling living. So we are living this personal journey during life.

And the second thing that’s very important is that all beings, and especially humans, are entrenched in a state of freedom.

And this is crucial because we are essentially free beings. And if at any stage that freedom is curtailed, then we experience issues.

What Does Living Your Best Life Mean?

And the third aspect is that all of us have desires, dreams, and in this life we begin to learn what about, what we like, what we don’t like, and we need to follow these dreams.

So these are the three aspects that are crucial in any discussion about living one’s best life. Because as humans, life is meant for us to feel good during. Life is something that we are meant to experience happiness during. And we’re also meant to follow our dreams during our lives.

So then these are the three aspects of the basic aspects before one even delves into how to live one’s best life.

And around this, there’s one main premise that I think is really crucial to everything else, but I’ll pause here, just for us to catch our breath and see where this discussion goes.


So there’s a few things that you mentioned in your opening answer.

Common Source?

The first one was about having a common source. And I think that might be the root of a number of problems with today’s society in that every person may have a different view on what that source is, and humanity has divided it into religions, which because of that varying viewpoint has caused and is the basis of so many wars and so much of injustice.

Pursuing Dreams

The second part that is of interest is the definition of what is best for each individual and the pursuit of that by each individual.

And I believe that the problem is that individuals are not content with anything. And that discontent causes a desire to want to achieve more, to want to attain what is perceived as being better than the next person or having more than the next person. And then humans, unlike other species that exist on earth, pursue that to the detriment of fellow humans.

The problem, we have of pursuing happiness, at the expense of others.

Important Premise For Living Your Best Life


Yes. So, this is where the actual issues and challenges come into play.

Irrespective of whether it’s a religious belief or even if you question whether life emanates from the same source or not, there is another main premise that pulls all of this together, if we’re really focused on the human condition.

And that’s what I’d ended off my previous answer with saying that I’ll hold off to see where our conversation goes.

Without understanding of the main premise that I’ll now share, we can’t even proceed in any discussions on how to live your best life, and more importantly of inner peace to world peace.

And the premise is that, yes, of course I personally in my journey of life want to feel and experience freedom because that’s my Beingness.

And I have desires. I have certain needs, certain wants, certain likes. I have dreams I want to follow. And I should be allowed to. I feel it’s my right to feel better.

Just as I am thinking and feeling this way, you and every other person has their right to feel better too.

But in the pursuit of fulfilling dreams, people tend only to focus on themselves. They feel that it is their human right to have desires, to follow their dreams, et cetera.

But they want to accept and acknowledge and embrace in fact, that every other person also innately develops desires and should also be pursuing their dreams.

And this is where the problems originate from. If we can as humans understand that, yes, each of us has dreams: I have a dream and I should have the right to explore it, but my neighbor also has dreams. The community member in the community also has dreams. The person in the prison also has dreams.

Everybody, all 8 billion humans also have individual needs, and a desire for following their dreams and feel better.

And once we understand it and accept it, then we open up an entire new dimension where we’re okay with others pursuing their dreams, even if it’s different from ours.

And once we’ve been doing this for a long time, then it becomes normalized and we will actually be moving closer to that state of inner inner peace to world peace because the fundamentals of humanity would be addressed.

The fundamentals of basics of water, food, clothing, accommodations, health and security, and more would be addressed. And then we would have successfully addressed the root cause of suffering as well.

So it goes back to saying, okay, I just love to be free. I want people around me, my family, communities, structures, government etc., to allow me to pursue my dreams,

Concurrently with that understanding I also have the foresight that  I understand my brother, sister, child, parent, person of another religion or belief also have their dreams and I should also accept that they want to follow their dreams because they want to feel better, just as I do, even if their dreams are different from mine. That’s okay.

Wanting More and How It Affects  Others


Absolutely. And, and that’s exactly what’s needed. But it appears that as we as a species, are actually in this respect devolving. I believe that it’s an inherent trait of our souls or of our species to want to help others. But the more intellectual we become, then the more we start to overthink things, and then devise means of trying to achieve our dreams at the very expense of others.

And a very good example that I can think of right now in to illustrate that how our devolution, has come so far is that I have a Husky, Chrystal, a service dog. She’s very happy and she’s happy. She doesn’t look next door and feel that the neighbor’s dog has a better life than she has. I want what the neighbor’s dog has. She’s just happy and content with everything that she has.

And we as a species need to learn from this. If all of us can be satisfied with what we have and try to do better than we did for ourselves the previous day, but without harming people, then that will be the solution to peace.

Basic Needs Are Important


Therein, is exactly the issue, the challenge.

Let’s look at what’s going on right now in the world. People are experiencing intense trauma when they consume the news on TV, print, or the social media regarding the issues in the Middle East. And people pick sides as well.

But it really goes down to the other issue, which is: when we look around at people, especially people in our environment, I mean people we are associating with, whether working with, or having relationships with on a daily basis, are those people around us happy in some way?

Or are they deprived?

Are they deprived of some of the basic needs of humanity? Are they deprived of a home, accommodations, water, food, education, safety? Only when they are not deprived, they are going to feel content in the moment, while always wanting to progress, because human nature is to always want more, and to progress.

What is essential to us all to understand, is that if those basic needs are fulfilled, then those people in our surroundings are basically happy. And when they’re happy, then we also feel happy. Right?

However, when they’re agitated, whether it’s within a family, whether it’s between friends, communities, states, or nations, when the other person or group is agitated in some way because they’re oppressed and blocked from fulfilling their dreams and they’re deprived in some way, it’s inevitably going to also affect our wellbeing because we’re interacting with them, directly or indirectly. Be in in the same immediate environment or globally.

So I still go back to that same thought, that if throughout the world, we could have people’s needs met, at the very least their basic needs, then we would solve at least half of the world’s problems.

We don’t have to go to far to realize this situation, be it in the family, within the neighborhoods, or within the cashier we cross paths with at the grocery store. If they are happy, then the atmosphere is light, and we tune into the splendour of the interactions. They talk nicely and joyfully with us. And our shopping experience is positive. And we return home in a state of feeling better and feeling good.

You mentioned this in the beginning as well. Why is it that people want to achieve whatever they wish at the expense of others?

And you have pinpointed a vital issue:

Why don’t we just live and let live? If only we could do that,

How Collectiveness Helps Individual WellBeing


We can do that. But in order to do that, the perspective of each individual needs to change. And we need to view ourselves as part of a collective, not necessarily entirely an individual.

And let me explain how that would work. Because if you view yourself as a collective, then you see yourself in every other person that you meet. And if you can understand that in offering assistance in whatever way possible, whether it is financially or whether it’s a hug, or a word of encouragement to another individual, you’re actually helping yourself while actually helping everybody.

You are contributing towards the collective, then that would be the first steps to universal peace, because you come to realize that one person is not superior to the next. Then it will start becoming a way of life in which you’re helping others and you’re helping the collective. We have to develop this collective consciousness.

Emotions A Vital Aspect Of You Feeling Better


Yes. And that goes back to that very first point I opened up our conversation with today. The number one aspect that I brought up, that all life emanates from the same source.

That means that we all actually are one.

And for many people, it’s quite difficult to even try to comprehend that. So in those cases what do we actually do?

And you mentioned an interesting aspect a few moments ago, when you said something about us being intellectual. It’s quite of import to our discussion here.

It’s this aspect of us becoming so intellectual that we’ve forgotten our very nature. We’re only focused on our physicality, on everything that’s physical, on making sure that our material needs are met and most often aggregate in surplus, etcetera.

But somehow we have forgotten that we are really vibrational energy, first and foremost. We materialize into our physical form from vibrational energy. It’s the spirit, and I’m using that term very loosely. Perhaps I should say non-physicalness. Our non-physicalness is very important to living our best lives. But how?

I’ll share one aspect of that which we easily have access to every day. Even if you don’t understand what spirit is or confuse it with alcohol, or you don’t understand what non-physical is.

There is something that you have access to every day that’s an indicator to you of your essential Being.

That is your emotions. How are you feeling right now?

If you are feeling hopeless, and you are feeling as if your the world is coming down on you, that is an indicator that something is amiss. And you need to feel better.

What you are tapping into is not something physical. That also means not a physical thing that another person around you can sense through his/her five senses. They cannot experience that feeling that you are encountering. You and only you know what you’re feeling.

So if we allow ourselves to  look deeper within ourselves and try to say, okay, today even in a small way, I’m going to try and feel better than what I felt yesterday. 

As you asked earlier as well, why can’t we just be helping others more freely because it’s in helping another, that you actually feel good about yourself.

It’s because in sharing you feel good about yourself. It’s in the  warmth of collectiveness that you don’t feel lonely and you don’t feel left out. And it’s in this collective consciousness that the answers really lie

Is There Evidence That Emotions Help You Feel Better?


Very interesting. It’s a lot to ponder and try to figure out.  How we can people understand the whole concept of being part of a collective.

So I was thinking referring back to the previous part of our discussion about the search for happiness, coming from a medical standpoint, is there any quantifiable data that we can measure, for instance in the actual human brain that shows a positive change when somebody’s feeling truly happy and joyful as opposed to being angry or dissatisfied or frustrated?

Brain Scans Show Power of Emotions and Feelings


Oh, yes. Actually, 10 years ago when I had started the podcasts focused on inner peace to world peace I had Dr. Daniel Amen on. For those in the USA they would know of his work in the sector of wellness and health. He’s been an authority over the years, decades, I would say, a medical doctor and authority on the brain.

And what he specialized in above all  has been brain scans to validate through the brain what was going on emotionally with the person. And his work has been fascinating.

We are always in discussions saying, you should try to feel more positive. You should try to feel better. He’s actually demonstrated the effect through thousands of brain scans that when someone is experiencing feelings and emotions of joy and happiness and love, the latter being a form of collectiveness, as you embracing others, and when you are in a good relationship, then the brain actually looks really fantastic, really fantastic.

But when people are experiencing anger, hatred, even, animosity in their relationships- and he’s done a lot of brain scans of couples as well, with angry couples and couples who argue and fight most often- their brains really look so awful. The brain actually looks as if it itself is angry. It looks as if physically has decreased its ability to function. And he explains it even in more depth in saying the brain actually literally decreases in size.

As you and I and the public knows that humans have only been using at times only just 10% of the ability of their human brains. That’s all we’ve, we’ve been using, and yet we have capacity for so much more. And here is Dr. Amen’s research, actual brain scans. So it’s not just something he’s speculating on, but actual brain scans showing that under circumstances where you are in negative situations, your brain actually is physically affected.

Then and moreover now, his has so much of ramifications. I mean, it’s huge. And just recently, Dr. Amen has been many interviews, and questioned as well on political situations going on worldwide.

What Would Brain Scan Of Our Leaders Reveal?

And so some interesting and hilarious, questions have come up. if we’re looking at the brain, then shouldn’t we actually be mandating brain scans for leaders? Right? He addresses this too, that he’s sure that if he had to brain scan many of the leaders today, he is certain he’s going to find problems in their brains.


True. Plus, there’ll be very little to scan.


This conversation pools into place so many things about living your best life. That physically we have the ability to quantitatively measure what we are doing, as humans, to this brain, which is the mechanism, the vehicle that we’re using in many instances, right?

Because everything’s processed through the brain to allow you to live physically well, and maybe in some way also mentally well. So the impact has huge. And has repercussions, right?

Wouldn’t it be good, I say, for any leader or potential leader who feels that he could actually lead the people to have a brain scan?

How Emotions Can Cause Diabetes, HyperTension, Eczema, Brain Disorders


Yeah, definitely. It should be a prerequisite. I think, uh, the followers would be pretty shocked to see the results and certainly will reconsider their choices.

So from what you’re saying then it would be logical then to conclude that if an imbalance in emotional wellbeing is causing a physiological change in the brain, and hence an imbalance in the wellbeing of the brain, then surely these imbalances are now manifesting in society as physiological illnesses to the body. Like eczema, hypertension, diabetes, and certainly it would appear that these illnesses are increasing in our society today, more so than they existed in the past. And yet, medicine is supposed to be more advanced today than it was ten or fifty years ago.

Then I think it’s safe to attribute that to emotional and mental imbalance that’s causing these, changes in our physiological wellbeing.

Regeneration Of The Brain- You Can Reverse Damage


Mm-Hmm. Now that’s a very important aspect right? Because, and another thing that his research has revealed is that degradation is not a permanent thing. So it’s not like a terminal diagnosis or, or terminal prognosis if you have this brain that is so contorted.

For decades I’ve realized the same through other means, insights for another podcast. And for many years I’ve applied the insights in our Superconscious Humanity programs in our Academy and initiatives in Africa. I reveal to all ages, but especially to the youth who have indulged in for instance violence, drug abuse, anger issues and depression the way to regenerate the brain.

The foundation is that you can regenerate your brain. And the human brain regenerates right up to the moment of you passing on that is how amazing the human brain is.

And we’re, we’re taught so many other things. Instead, we’re taught that as you age, the brain ages and it’s inevitable for all these things to happen, whether it’s Alzheimer’s, dementia, et cetera. Yet all that doesn’t hold water because the brain is regenerating and has  the amazing ability to heal. 

As you know many of our programs Africa, and for our audience, we’ve been focused on helping our youth to move from emotional imbalance, emotional depression, and hopelessness to feelings of hope, feelings of excitement, feelings of creativity and states of happiness.

Because that actually is the secret to regenerating your brain. And of course, as you mentioned, and then the rest of your body.

It goes back to how you feeling. And you and I have been chatting in this, this short session as well about the moment, and living in the moment.

If you could in some way, no matter what’s going on in your life, and at times it’s really, really traumatic, I mean really, extremely traumatic. And you can only imagine right now what thecvictims in the Middle East are suffering right now. 

What we are realizing that, if even in the moment, even if you could for whether it’s 5 seconds or 10 seconds tap into something within yourself that is divorced from the immediate environment. 

Reprogram Your Brain By Feeling Better

Even if you don’t, it is something we all have access to anyway. We experience this every night when we go to bed, when we sleep. The brain takes on a different function. The mind, that intrusive mind, goes to sleep. And then you are connected with that inner source, that common source, that number one that I mentioned right in the beginning. You are completely connected with that inner being. 

We all connect with our inner beings at least once every 24 hour cycle.

But then we can also do it willfully during the day. And some of the ways, of course, is to not really quieten the mind, but to focus on something else. So that jumping mind, that impostor mind – that I talk about in depth in my Book of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity- that mind is not in focus.

And during that quiet moment, whether you are focused on your breath or some music, something that takes your attention away from the immediate environment and what’s actually going on, you allow your emotions to return to that inner source.

Even if it is just five seconds, it’s going to have enormous benefit to you. And that’s what’s so important, that it’s actually emotions and feelings first versus all these other physical things that we tend to focus on. And if we can in some way engage in some activity, whatever it is, whether it’s just a walk with Chrystal the Husky, whether it’s just that walk, which is free, you can just put on your walking shoes or any shoes that you want and walk.

That itself will help stimulate the emotional regenerative powers within you. Whether you listen to some music, whether you watch a comedy show, whether you engage in an activity that you really, really love, whether you are around people that you totally adore. All of those actually trigger the emotional wellbeing, which then enhances the happiness in you, which then begins to pervade everything in your life.

Are There Mind Exercises? 


So, so what you’re saying is just like, in order for me to heal an injured muscle, I have to exercise it. There are specific things that we can do, specific mind exercises that we can do to develop and correct the imbalances in the brain.

And you mentioned music and you mentioned, sleep. But are there any other specific mind exercises that you would recommend?

Beyond Limitations Of The Mind – And Live Better Life


Mm, now I’m sure we are going to need many more podcasts to even talk about the mind. I’ve written the 292 page workbook and other shorter books that detail the way forward. And I know many of the questions from the listeners that were coming in also wanted to know what the mind really is.

A short answer for now. What we are talking about actually goes beyond the mind because what we’re trying to do is to quieten the mind. The mind is a tool that we as humans have to navigate through life. The mind is not life. It is a tool. When we need it, we switch it on. When we don’t, we switch it off.

In fact, it’s the switching on of the mind to extreme levels that has really caused all the stress and trauma in our lives. I’m talking about something beyond the mind. Simply said, take on any activity that you love.

Sometimes it could be as simple as just eating a meal that you just totally love. Rather than ask, “Am I quieting the mind or not?” Let’s even forget about that. All we need to ask is, “Am I feeling good?”

“Am I feeling good?”

The secret to living your best life, is really your emotions and your feelings, not the mind or mindfulness or mind control. It’s as simple as feeling good. And sometimes you can jump into the swimming pool and feel good. You could eat a delicious meal, you could eat an ice cream, whatever it is that just makes you feel good, do that.

By you feeling good, you start a momentum within you. Now we haven’t even talked about about vibrations and energy which will help you understand what is really happening when you feel good.

Law Of Attraction Does It All For You

For now all you need to know is that when you feel good even if for a few seconds, like a magnet you begin to set the ball in motion, like a boomerang, by sending out good feelings, good feelings come back right to you. The law of attraction does it all for you.

Because we live in a vibrational universe, one of pure energy. Existence, not just life, is all about energy, and it’s all about you getting into the flow of the energy with the momentum and surfing your way through it. You reprogram yourself through your emotions, through feeling good. Just as the song goes, “I feel good!”

Do What You Love?


Interesting, and fascinating. So you are simply saying, live our lives every day by doing what we love. Whether, whether it’s enjoying a particular type of food or particular type of music, or just walking the Husky, or for those few of us who may actually enjoy going to work. If that’s what you love doing, then do what you love and everything else will fall into place.

Experiment Right Now Or When You Can


Exactly.  You know, if we could in some way experiment with this. I invite our listeners to experiment with this today or tomorrow. It depends when you listen to this, just decide to do one thing that you truly love, even if it is for a short bit of time, whether you are looking up at the moon at night, whether you are watching the sunrise or the sunset, or you’re just enjoying that glass of wine, or you are you making love with the person you truly love, whatever it is.

That is the secret because it goes back to the three essentials I mentioned right in the beginning.

  1. First, that we all are one, that we all come from the same source.
  2. And the second, that our Beingness is entrenched in freedom.
  3. And that freedom is really focused on the dream, desire and wanting to be happy and experience joy in our lives.

It’s as simple as that. It’s not complicated and to pursue your dreams, because each of us, no matter what we’re doing, we’re always wanting something more. And to, to figure out, okay, am I feeling good on this journey of more? And that’s a guide as well. Because if you’re feeling good, then you are on the right path. So that’s a very important guide for us. Our emotions and our feelings. And so much more can happen in this life if we do that.

And you know, the topic has been how to live your best life. And I always say life is a journey, right?

This Moment Right Now Counts

But we are always living moments. So what we need to be a bit more conscious of, is that it’s all about this very moment. Because it’s only this moment that can affect the next moment. The means if in this moment you are stuck in a bad past or you are worrying about the future, it’s not going to help you. Because what you’re doing is encouraging that negative energy within you.

The worry is opposite to you feeling good. So you actually are carving out a worse future.

Instead, if in this moment you find something in this moment that you truly feel joyful about, even if it is one little thing that is going to, to help your future become a better one.


So every moment becomes your best moment along those lines, meaning emotionally, right?

Fool Your Brain


Hmm. That’s what I mean, living your best life in this very moment, finding that best part of you where you could just sink into and and feel joy, even if you imagine it, that’s okay, because the brain can’t, can’t fathom out whether you are imagining or it’s real. And that’s the beauty part of it. You can trick the brain into thinking you are actually experiencing it by imagining it. That’s the power of imagination.

So if we can even imagine a situation, even in the darkest moment, you just imagine yourself in this amazing, amazing place where you just feel love and the warmth of the sun and in awe, create everything beautiful around you. That itself propels your emotions into this positive state. It starts to align the brain, it starts to regenerate positive energy, and you are already on your way to a better life.


So I don’t have to hike to the top of the Himalayas and isolate myself from the rest of the world. I can imagine all of this in my bedroom or in a large crowd, but whatever is bringing me the joy at that point is what’s going to be most helpful to me.


Exactly. Exactly. And that’s the power that we have as humans that uses the mind to our benefit.


Wow. That’s powerful and inexpensive.

Take Lead From A Leader Who Cares About His Flock


It’s free. Yes. And you can do it anywhere, anytime. So if more of our leaders, and I say this because a leader is supposed to lead the flock, it’s like, when we go hiking, we have a leader and he or she’s always looking back and saying, okay, we can only go as fast as the slowest person.

That’s the leader’s job to make sure everyone on the hiking trail is, is healthy, is going according to their speed, and also looking back to say, okay, there’s a slow one, so the fast one shouldn’t be going that fast to make sure that the slow one can also move. And we move as a collective.That’s what a leader is supposed to be.

And if we can have leaders who always look to that “slowest person”and say, Hey, how can we help that person? Then the rest of the flock and everyone is going to feel much better long-term with much less cost and time wasted.

LifeStyle of Leadership


Awesome. That’s, that’s an amazing thing to think about because in today’s society, people get appointed as leaders. And leadership isn’t a position that you can be appointed to. Leadership is a life that you live, and you can only achieve it by helping those around you.

And that’s how you get to have people  to trust you and follow what your ideas might be.

But unfortunately in today’s world we appoint leaders by voting or by looking at a resume and saying, oh, great. This person is going to be our leader. So there’s a lot here in what we discussed today.  Our discussions can branch off into so many different levels and so many different podcasts, but overall I’ve learned a lot from our hour here talking.

Feeling Better Is Easy, Simple and Free


So there’s so many questions, so many areas that we can talk about. And the main thing to take away today is how to feel better and live your best life or just try to find something in the moment that makes you happy. It’s as simple as that.

Whether you, you find it in your environment, whether you look within or whether you imagine it doesn’t matter. All you need to do is find something, whether it’s in your memory, wherever it is, and just bask in it and revel in it for as long as you can, and then the next moment also becomes better. And you feel better.

So on that note, I want to really thank my colleague, Ash, for this journey that we’ve been on today in this episode on how to live your best life.

If you would like to donate to our Super Conscious Humanity Initiatives or to this podcast, please do so here.  You can also opt to explore the many books I’ve written on these topics, and register for the many courses, personal transformation programs and more here also.

With blessings, Dr. Vie

Please post your questions, input, comments below and voice your thoughts. It’s only through discussions that we can pave the way for a world at peace.

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