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Redefine Business, Jobs, Work in 2020

Redefining Business Jobs Work in 2020 decade

Redefining Businesses, Jobs & Work in 2020 DecadeToward the end of the 2010 decade, trends in global businesses were toward corporate social responsibility CSR to offset the wide gap between the haves and the have not’s. CSR jobs  included environmental protection coupled with sustainable healthy communities.  Concurrently however, we’ve continued to witness unemployment and inequality rise […]

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7 Ways To A Better Life and Future

Better Your life shape your future free online course

Better You, Better Life? Click the image to start your free course… Wishing for a Better Life? “From interactions during my workshops, programs and seminars with thousands of people, in so many cities, I know this for sure: Most humans are unhappy with some aspect of their lives.” Dr. Vie Better Life Than You are […]

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