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Why Dietitians don’t know much? Get out of their trap!

Dr Vie Diabetes talk Dietitians fooling you

“Dietitians, dietologists and doctors say it’s good to satisfy our cravings by eating unhealthy foods in moderation,” persisted an attendee at my recent health talk to an audience in Africa this week.Reply: I informed the lady making the comment and the audience of the need to go beyond such cravings…which remain in the mind long after […]

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When Your Thoughts Contradict Your Actions?

When Your Thoughts go against your actions you harm your Self and weaken your mind

Ever thought one thing but acted in another way? It happens when you are thinking of getting information from someone under the pretext of being interested in their project. Your thoughts go against your actions. But did you know that the person it really harms is you!” QUESTION: But how can this be, Dr. Vie? […]

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