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Waiting for the Messiah When Already Here!

Millions in developing nations like the USA wait for the Messiah to save them, not realizing they ARE the Messiahs when they have a child and become a parent, and because of this ignorance problems unfold, like the school shootings in Texas when a 17 year old filled with revenge kills locals. What does this […]

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Modern Women Not Ready To Lead Our World To A Better Future?

Ch 2 Tame the Impostor mind: why women not ready to lead the world?

Why the modern women are not ready to lead us to a better future? What must be changed asap if we want a better future? 15 Steps discussed in the Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity. Taming The Female Impostor. Reply:When did the problem start?A health professional from California dives deep into the Book of […]

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