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Who am I - what is my purpose. Understand your human potential and place in the universe

Who Am I? What Is My Purpose in Life?

Have you ever wondered Who am I? Have you ever questioned your identity and what your purpose in life is? Have you ever considered the possibility that you are more than your name, your body, your personality, or your role in society? Knowing who you are is your key to a meaningful life. Ready?

The Need for Knowing: Who Am I?

Who am I - what is my purpose. Understand your human potential and place in the universe

As humans we have learned to emphasize about our physical appearance, our five senses, and our actions, and neglected the power of our instincts, our essential nature or being, and our creativity.

We have trapped ourselves in narrow beliefs about beauty, pleasure, authority, religion, competition, and status, that have made us act like machines, instead of humans with the power to create situations to our liking.

We have lost sight of the infinite possibilities that lie within us, as we have chased after things outside of ourselves that ultimately fail to satisfy us.

We have become accustom to resisting the natural flow of life, and in so doing become fearful of change and growth.

Our memories of who we really are have been repressed. But if we really want to live meaningful fulfilling lives, we can remember.

As humans we have the power to rediscover our true nature.

We can reactivate our conscious self to create and enjoy every moment of life with joy and wonder.

By re-establishing our essential self we can embrace the limitless potential that we have as humans, and live life from the perspective of the adventurer that we really are.

No matter our age we can explore the amazing inner-verse and universes that we are an integral part of.


All That You Are

Our journey begins with the most important questions that humans can ask themselves, “Who am I?”

This question goes beyond our physical identity, our name, our age, our gender, or our occupation.

It probes deeper into our essence, our purpose, our nature, and our potential.

By re-discovering who we are, we consciously connect to the consciousness that pervades all existence, and that is the source of all creativity and intelligence.

The same consciousness that we ourselves are part of. The consciousness that we are is not separate from the consciousness that we sense in others, in nature, and in the universe. It is one and the same.

By aligning with consciousness, we understand the higher dimensions of reality that are beyond our physical perception and grasp. As humans we have the ability to explore the mysteries and wonders of creation, and experience joy and peace that surpasses all information.


Key To Unlocking Human Potential

Knowing who you really are is the key to unlocking your full potential as a human being.

When you align to your true nature, you realize that you are not limited by your physical body with its five major senses, or your thinking mind. You realize that you are a conscious being, who can create and experience reality in multiple dimensions. You have the ability to access the source of creativity and intelligence that is within you and around you.

Your life attains meaning, and your daily actions are filled with purpose and passion. You enjoy every moment of life with appreciation and wonder, and share your joy and love with others. You become positive with those around you.


Who am I - what is my purpose - understand your human potential and place in the universe

By knowing who you really are, you enjoy life as an satisfied for ever expanding human, who lives in harmony with yourself, with others, and with the universes.

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