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 Dr. Vie of East Indian lineage born in Africa began her career in public health as a medical device scientist in the USA and EU. In 2004 her fascination with entrepreneurship and natural health inspired the launch of vegan superfoods manufacturing plant and the first bio-compostable food packaging in North Americas.  Dr. Vie Academy since offers self- development courses through live events and e-learning.  As a serial entrepreneur she educates, inspires and advises budding entrepreneurs around the globe.  Her Super Conscious Humanity initiatives empower  and skills train vulnerable, racially disadvantaged, and disabled communities in Africa and South Asia to rediscover wholesome job opportunities and regenerate sustainable communities.  Her wealth of lived and work experiences  on several continents coupled with sustainable development goals, human rights and climate action activism are the backbone of her humanitarian work. Dr. Vie avails herself to individuals, families, communities, NGO's, organizations, governments, and businesses globally.  Contact her here for public speaking engagements, inspiration, keynotes, workshops, consultations, projects and partnerships.

"Dr. Vie has amazing SuperFoods. The way she uses her insights to formulate  these products is amazing. I loved her Ayurvedic brain food. In her Book of Secrets to Rescuing Humanity, 2014, she unravels the root cause of the female global crises and with new insight provides powerful practical tools for health, happiness and vitality,"  Dr. John Gray, Author, Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, San Francisco, 2014.

Dr. Vie Programs, Products, Services For Personal and Planetary Wellbeing:

1. Dr. Vie SuperFoods

Switzerland 2000:  Health scientist Dr. Vie,  formulated Dr. Vie SuperFoods

Dr. Vie established the first 100% vegan low-allergenic gluten-free raw food factory in North America.  Producing healthy, vegan, plant protein foods in 100% compostable packaging led the way in USA and Canada. Favorite of Olympians, families, doctors, celebrities, patients and private label clinics.  Contact Dr. Vie formulae-licensing and innovative climate action product development and sourcing of ingredients. 

2. Programs for Children and Youth

Inspiring the best in youngsters, individually and in communities

Loved by children and youth Dr. Vie inspires, counsels and mentors youngsters to unlock their diverse creative powers, expand their mind-potential, prepare for a meaningful multidimensional life,  and collectively  contribute to a better world.  Learn more of programs in Sub Saharan Africa and South Asia. Join, collaborate or partner on  programs globally or request for  programs here. Donations and sponsorships are welcome.

3. Public Inspirational Speaker

Keynotes, Engaging Inspirational, Motivational Talks 

 Dr. Vie shares her lifework and insights for a co-creative world, through keynotes at events, and motivates and inspires audiences of all ages,  students/staff at universities, schools, health and wellness associations, corporations, hospitals, religious places, sports venues, government gatherings, and non-profit organizations to mention a few.  Invite her for transformational talks and inspirational speaking engagements.

4. Dr. Vie Consultations

Transformational coaching and consultations

  One on one or group consultations on site or remotely for expanding potentialities, personal development, personal transformation and meaningful living. Join Dr. Vie's group mastermind and super consciousness sessions

5. Corporate Wellness Programs

Boosting Work performance Through employee and Family  wellbeing

Dr. Vie's customized programs and workshops stimulate health and wellness among employees, executives and families to improve productivity and work culture within diverse, equitable, inclusive, creative and dynamic work environments that sustain a sense of comradeship and belonging and promote long term trust of clients, customers and patients.

6. Dr. Vie Academy

Educational Programs, Retreats, Publications on Super Consciousness

 Dr. Vie's super consciousness programs, multidimensional expansive living, wellbeing courses, inner thought meditations, healing asanas, seminars, livestreams, podcasts  and publications at Dr. Vie Academy events, and online on demand  pace, are available for members and guests, and corporate needs.

7. Dr. Vie Research and Development for Global Sustainable Development

Research Development Dr Vie Scientist

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Vegan Protein Foods R&D

Dr. Vie innovative scientific  research and development in low-allergenic vegan protein-based  gluten-free superfoods in Switzerland in 2000 led to the first such food manufacturing facility in Canada. Leading the way in optimal real food for children, youth, and diseased populations. Ground breaking R&D of planet friendly food packaging led to the design of the first  food packaging to compost within 12 weeks. She offers product development and  consults for food companies, businesses, and organizations.

time to stop gender based domestic violence against women and children


Equality, Diversity, Inclusion Field Work

Of Indian and African diasporas, and as an activist for human rights, Dr. Vie has decades of lived and in-the-field experience of human rights, racism and equality, equity, diversity, inclusion, and belonging issues within rehabilitation, institutional, health-care, policy, legal, regulatory, judicial, economic, social, and community systems in Sub Saharan Africa, Europe, Americas and Asia.  Contact her for dissemination of materials or consultancy.

Redefining Business Jobs Work in 2020 decade

Climate Action

Climate Action Projects 

Dr. Vie's research and development on impacts of human action on public health and planetary wellness through climate action projects in Sub Saharan Africa has led to initiation of sustainable agriculture and renewable energy models  for  sustainable development projects. She is available for dissemination of insights, research and development, partnerships and collaborations.

8. Articles

Boris Verkhovsky Cirque du Soleil, Performance Creator

Boris Verkhovsky 

Testimonial from Canada

"I have worked all of my professional life with high performance women, whether it was a National Team, a  varsity team or our leading entertainment company.
Dr. Vie is certainly an elite, high performance person regardless of the field she chooses to endeavor in to! When my wife Lana  and I were introduced to Dr. Vie Superfoods in 2007, Dr. Vie's products stood out in its own category! I love the effect and impact, I love the format and taste! She is a fascinating person and now brings here in Taming The Female Impostor, a most interesting perspective and insightful wisdom for both men and women! A must read for all, including men!" Boris Verkhovsky, Cirque Du Soleil, Montreal, Canada.