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Current & Future Global Crises

As we embark on 2022 we realize the new coronavirus global pandemic with its variants exposed major problems within our family and public health systems, and our social, educational, political and economic infrastructures. We realize that if these issues are not addressed and resolved at the earliest it might ensure the destruction of everything we hold dear and believe in, during this continuing crisis and for sure when the next one strikes, harming the future for generations to come.

Even now, two years later, we ask how we ended up in this situation, with close to 300 million infected,  and over 5.5 million dying before their time, survivors having long-term health issues, and every person worried about the future driven by the new normal? Where is life as we knew it?  Simultaneously domestic violence, trafficking, inequality & inequity rose! Perhaps this is the time for the three principles we've carved and structured our lives around to be reassessed. (select 3 Principles  Tab to continue reading...)

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Heart of Africa...& Beyond

Dr. Vie left South Africa and her family on her own, as a youth after suffering many traumas while branded as a non-white during the atrocious apartheid regime.

 After leaving the African continent, she became a health scientist and trained and worked in USA, Canada and EU for decades. Turning her scientific findings to bettering lives,  empowering youth and women, she pioneered healthy vegan foods, and created workshops and online educational training programs to improve lives. A survivor of gender based violence and racism, she empowers youth, women and girls in disadvantaged communities.

Jenene from Dr. Vie youth camp

"I learned to empty the bag and free the mind!"

Dr. Vie SuperFoods with mother and daughter

Dr. Vie Easter Healthy Food Event

"We loved the healthy superfoods!"

Dr. Vie with Minister Jane

"Yes we need women leaders."

"Empowering the mind for emotional and mental health pre and post crises, Canada."

Dr. Vie Scientist & Consultant on Better Sustainable Life Mission

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Dr. Vie is available to you, individuals, communities, NGO's, governments, and businesses for consultations and advice on sustainable development analysis, strategy planning and implementation for public health crises, better life approaches, equality, equity and regenerating Planet Earth.  Contact her here.