Dr. Vie for Healthy Living, Sustainable Development, Green Environment

Sustainable Development For Personal Well Being & Planetary Regeneration

Cause and Solution to Current & Future Global Crises 

The new coronavirus global pandemic we are suffering from world wide has uncovered major problems with our public health system, social, educational and economic infrastructures, which if not addressed and resolved at the earliest will ensure the destruction of everything we hold dear and believe in, during this crisis and for sure when the next one strikes. 

You and most people ask how we ended up in this situation, with tens of millions infected,  over a million dying before their time, survivors having long-term health issues, and every person worried about the future? 

Lives of Individuals, Families, Communities, Nations & Planet

The Problems We Created

When our life goals are founded on the three principles of: instant gratification, segmentation of people, and an unawareness of our connectivity within our ecosystem,  we unleash the perfect storm if any part of the triad is threatened.

Sustainable Development To The Rescue

If we focus on the long-term  health, well being  and quality of life of each person and our planet, we prevent man-made disasters like this systemic virus, and when a natural disaster like a tsunami occurs, we are able to unite, overcome and rise like a phoenix.  Sustainable development is about the phoenix rising: a lifestyle and life mission based on consciously caring for and supporting all of life in its diverse form such that life sustains itself without much effort.

Essentials of Healthy Stress-Free Living

Every person wishes for a safe, healthy and stress-free comfortable life for themselves and loved ones. For generations, we've been  taught that a good job would be our vehicle to make our dreams a reality, but instead we have remained oppressed and  enslaved by the system.  

Today we realize that we need to rethink life as we know it: our childhood dreams, teen years, education, training,  adulthood, work, life goals, and aspirations so that we can actively mold a world where we can truly be safe, healthy and stress free as we enjoy high quality of life long-term within a regenerating planet.

Dr. Vie Scientist & Consultant on Better Life Mission

Dr. Vie left South Africa as a youth after suffering many traumas while branded as a non-white during the apartheid regime. After leaving the African continent, she became a health scientist and trained and worked in the Americas and EU for decades. Turning her scientific findings to bettering lives, she pioneered healthy vegan foods, and created workshops and online educational training programs.

She has also been transferring her scientific insights and intellectual property with special needs locals in Africa, empowering them with skills training and creating wholesome jobs to better personal, consumer, community and planetary health.

Today she consults and advises developing communities on sustainable development in health & safety, food security, agriculture and healthy lifestyle. She founded Super Conscious Humanity vocational training and job centers in Sub Saharan Africa to erase poverty, stimulate equality and restore equity. 

On this home page, you'll learn more about how you can personally benefit from need-to-know insights, healthy lifestyle essential products, and life-saving guidelines and training material.

Dr. Vie is available to you, individuals, communities, NGO's, governments, and businesses for consultations and advice on sustainable development analysis, strategy planning and implementation for public health crises, better life approaches and regenerating Planet Earth.  Contact her here.

Jenene from Dr. Vie youth camp

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Dr. Vie Easter Healthy Food Event

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