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What are the chances that you live in a place where you breathe healthy air, drink clean water, eat non-toxic foods, are safe, have comfortable accommodations,  are physically fit and mentally alert, and feel happy with your life? The fact is today your home, Planet Earth is less able to sustain valuable air, water and foods essential for your well being. Your societies and nations are pressured by man-made demands that negatively affect your lifestyle and happiness. Globally our youth are seriously questioning their future and seeking solutions for a healthier, safer and more rewarding adult life on Planet Earth.

OUR ROLE: 30 years living solo in 6 countries - Dr. Vie (V) a natural health scientist, vegan superfoods pioneer, entrepreneur, author, educator, mentor, and humanitarian empowers special needs populations in Africa and the Americas with wholesome jobs that promote natural health, improve lives, and restore Planet Earth.

For A Better You, Better Life And Better World