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A better world starts with your personal life, your thoughts and feelings. For over 20 years Super Conscious Humanity (SCH) has been supporting our fellow Beings on every continent with wellness services and products to improve individual, community, and collective wellbeing. Beyond individuals, we also advise  companies on social responsibility, and staff wellbeing.  And most of all, we inspire individuals, families and communities to live optimal lives. Find some of the ways we can be of immediate support to you wherever you are. We invite you to contact us for your free exploratory consultation.


We are dedicated to the premise that world peace is a reflection of your personal state of inner peace. Through the gift of freedom you have the power to shape your realities, enjoy the journey of life, and relish milestones along the way.  

We invite you to explore our website to learn more about how our work, products, services, courses and events can inspire you to live your best life. You can also contact us  here to book an exploratory call. To watch videos about Dr. Vie click here.

Why Choose Us?

We Understand Your Needs

+25 years of multicultural experience on five continents, in myriad of beliefs, ethnicities & statuses.

Holistic Approach

Expertise in mind, body, spirit and emotions across each of the seven aspects of life including relationships, work, nutrition, and inner self.

+25 Years Expertise

Hundreds of workshops, seminars, and training to thousands of children to teens, youth to young adults, adults to elderly.

Accessible 24/7 World Wide

Join live events on-site, or remotely from wherever you are. Benefit from live consultation calls globally.

How To Benefit?

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Personal Consultations

1:1 personal transformation and guidance wherever you are. Learn More...

Questions to ask Dr. Vie

Online Programs

On-demand, at your pace, 24/7. Mind-body-spirit-emotional fitness programs customized to your uniqueness. Learn More...

Transformational Workshops & Talks

Live on-site mind-body-spirit-emotion programs and outreach for groups, communities and corporations. Podcasts, seminars & talks for communities and organizations. Learn More...

Dr. Vie life changing fiction non fiction books


Fiction and non-fiction transformation publications for children, youth and adults across generations. Learn More...

Our Founder

Super Conscious Humanity began in 2000 and officially founded in the North Americas in 2004.

Nomad Dr Vie lived and worked on 5 continents

Global Nomad

Dr. Vie is of Indian lineage from South Asia, born in Africa, qualified in USA, worked in USA, Canada, Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, and resides world-wide.

Dr. Vie public health medical device scientist EU Canada USA Africa


She began her scientist career in medical-devices and public health in USA and Europe, and expanded into mind-body-spirit-emotional fitness globally.

Dr. Vie pioneered raw vegan gluten free low allergenic superfoods in 2004

Healthy Foods Pioneer

Dr. Vie pioneered raw, low-allergenic, plant-based vegan food manufacturing plant in the Americas in 2004, making the functional foods a national brand.

Community outreach youth and economic development specialist inspiring individuals and teams with Dr. Vie


Community outreach specialist, author, lecturer, podcaster, serial entrepreneur, special-needs and holistic living advocate Dr. Vie inspires and all ages, world-wide.

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