Dr. Vie for Healthy Living, Sustainable Development, Green Environment
Eradicate Poverty, relish Optimized Lives with compassion and  A Sense of planetary well being.


Sustainable Development For Better Well Being & Planetary Regeneration

Jenene from Dr. Vie youth camp

"I learned to empty the bag and free the mind!"

Dr. Vie SuperFoods with mother and daughter

Dr. Vie Easter Healthy Food Event

"We loved the healthy superfoods!"

Dr. Vie with Minister Jane

"Yes we need women leaders."

"Empowering the mind for emotional and mental wellbeing, pre and post crises, Canada."

Humanitarian & Consultant for Better Sustainable Life 

Fondly known as Dr. Vie. Available to individuals, communities, NGO's, organizations, governments, and businesses for consultations on sustainable development, implementation of equality, equity, inclusivity and diversity policies,  and regeneration of  Planet Earth.  Contact her here.