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"our SCH vocational Centers: skills training, wholesome jobs &  healthy PRODUCTS FOR improving our economies & protecting our environment. Join us." Dr. Vie

YOUR LIFE? Are you breathing healthy air, drinking clean water, eating non-toxic foods,living in safety, enjoying comfortable accommodations, benefiting from quality healthcare,  and are you physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally fit? If yes, do  you lead a meaningful life?  Are you happy?

CHALLENGES: The stark reality today is our home Planet Earth is less able to sustain valuable air, water and foods essential for our well being because humans are pressured by demands that negatively affect lifestyles in pursuit of "happiness," and resulting in climate change issues. In underdeveloped and developing nations wide-scale poverty prevails. In developed nations preventable illnesses like diabetes and mental disorders are on the rise primarily because of unhealthy foods and stressful lifestyles. Globally from the over 7 billion humans, less than a few million are enjoying good health, quality healthcare, clean air, healthy water and non-toxic foods, and over 80% are unhappy.  Is this what our lives are all about?

SOLUTION SEEKERS: Thankfully, around the globe special needs locals and millions of youth are seriously questioning conventional strategies and their futures. The most challenged are our hope for the future. They are seeking solutions for a healthier, safer and more meaningful adult life on a sustainable and flourishing Planet Earth where better health and happiness are enjoyed by all. 

OUR ROLE: At Dr. Vie SCH we've been taking action and Implementing solutions by providing Vocational skills training to the most vulnerable, and offering wholesome job Opportunities producing healthy foods and life Products for your well being, while decreasing unemployment, boosting economies and most importantly saving our Planet by generating sustainable, Clean, Green infrastructures for a better future for all.

WHO IS DR. VIE? +30 years living solo in 6 countries founder Dr. Vie (V) a natural health scientist,  Dr. Vie SuperFoods® pioneer, serial entrepreneur, author, educator, mentor, inspirational, motivational speaker, and a solution-seeker humanitarian empowers special needs populations with valuable life skills and trade skills that culminate in valued jobs that promote your natural health and improve local lives, while engaging in climate action for restoring and protecting Planet Earth by stimulating a better, wiser and prosperous future.

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity (SCH) Initiatives and Vocational Training & Job Centers in Africa have been self-funded by Dr. Vie and Mother Vie. The women, their learners and families invite you to join the movement ....and make a difference...

For A Better You, Better Life And Better World

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Think Beyond Your Own Self And Your Own Family And Friends, And Access  The Limitless.

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