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Benefit from knowing your inner self. Reduce worry, anxiety, depression, fear, and improve relationships, work and life.

Inner Self versus Outer Self and Why You Need to Understand the Difference

Society's obsession with the ego oftentimes precludes understanding of its minor role in ones identity. Western thought, scientific focus and cultural beliefs glorify the ego, personalizing it with status, name, roles, successes, and titles. Yet the ego comprises of a minute part of your true identity and existence.  Knowing your inner self holds the key to mind-body wellbeing, and optimization of your life potential during this lifetime as you know it.

In this series of articles on your Inner Self / Inner Identity we explore your multidimensional nature and the ways to improve physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness as you open up doors to living life fully, meaningfully and joyfully. Do participate with your comments and questions and be sure to follow our podcasts on this important aspect of life.


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