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What every parent grandparent should know unleash your baby's imagination

Unleash Your Baby's Creativity and Imagination

Babies have innate power and the wish to positively impact their own worlds, but they face many obstacles from other people who don’t understand their power and want them to be the same as everyone else. Follow the discussion on what parents  and grandparents should know to support their baby unleash its creativity and imagination. This article will change the way you see your baby and yourself!

Babies can positively shape the world, but are conditioned from birth. 

However, parents and grandparents can learn how to unleash the baby’s imagination and power.

Everyone comes from the non-physical where there is no body and no things, and therefore is born with strong wishes for more. There is not one baby who doesn’t want to BE and DO.

What every parent grandparent should know unleash your baby's imagination

Sometimes you as a baby wish for something special and you are clearer in your desires. That is what a Mom feels when the baby is inside her belly and she can sense how much the baby wants to do something. She feels the baby’s excitement and readiness.

When a baby is born into a place where there are many people with conditional thinking, it is hard for the baby to unleash it’s imagination, creativity and wisdom. Because the people around the baby don’t know how to use their own power and energies well, they inevitably stop their own power from flowing. So when someone new arrives, like a baby which has more power flowing than what people around it has, it causes a disconnect and stimulates a subconscious need for the caregiver to control the new one.

Because of the lack of understanding of the nature of Being, parents and loved ones unknowingly try to condition the baby, to contain it’s energy, to quieten it, to do what they say. Because the existing family is reluctant to change, they strive to keep everything the same. Just as they have been accustomed to throughout their lives.

This restrictive stance is adopted, only because the parents and people in the surrounding environment don’t know that all babies come with a lot of power to make their own worlds.

Some babies have stronger desires than others.

Parents who are smart and perceptive, allow the child to do more things than other families do. This is good, because it helps the child to know, use, and grow its power at at early age and is able to maintain its power within the supportive environment. It is notable that when the child is enrolled into school, for the first time it will encounter blockages and conformist rules that it is forced to follow. The child naturally rebels overtly or internally because intuitively knows who it is and what its preferences are.

Wise parents who without fear, allow their child to be and go with the flow, will encourage creativity, higher intelligence and the ability to manifest dreams.

Parents through the ages have wanted to teach their children rules about the world, like how to cross the street, what to believe in, what to be careful of. But most often go too far in making their children do the same things as everyone else.

Even though parents were once babies, due to their own conditioning from birth, they quickly forgot their innate powers and desires. The same powers latent within their baby.

When a baby is born different, with some special trait, like how they look, feel, or think, it is because of their overwhelming desire to really be different. Their “differentness” prevents people around them from making them do what everyone else does.

Sometimes a baby comes with that big wish, but looks so normal that most people try to make the baby do the same things as everyone else anyway. This “normal-looking-different” child does not bow down to others, and follows its own inner guidance.

The child is bolding claiming, “I want to be in charge of me, because I am.”

Adults don’t like to hear or sense that claim from children. Which is ironical, because it is exactly what they want from the child later in life.

They really want their future adult to be able to take care of themselves, flourish and prosper independently.

But the parents actually condition the child in direct opposition to their future wishes. Parents make all the choices for their children, like what clothes they wear, what food they eat, and teach them to listen and depend on others. Then suddenly when they reach a certain age, they are asked the well-known question, “What do you want to do for the rest of your life?” And pressurize the child to be self sufficient, independent and confident. But the conditioned child is not ready for that, because the parent had been choosing everything for them and making decisions on their behalf for so long.

Some kids go through life and do things their own way, learning how to get along in life, standing up for themselves and utilizing the world to manifest their dreams, creating their own world on purpose. With deliberation.

They find what makes them happy at an early stage, and know how to keep being happy, unleashing the power that creates the entire expanding cosmos. Even if they stand apart from the rest.

As they grow older and become more part of the world, they could face problems and limits. It could surface again when parents enroll them in activities that has rules, and they have to play in a game where they have to follow and give up their choices. The situations make it harder for them.

But the creative kid is able to, with greater intent, desire more things and have bigger dreams. These kids use the infinite energy more strongly. And as they are more clear about what they want, they ignite the flow of energy to move faster.


When Your Baby Is Different and Special

Sometimes, parents wonder why they child is so different from others, and the kid is labelled with medical stigmas of mental issues, seeing things that are not there, thinking things that are not true, being slow, having trouble talking or feeling, etc..

Instead it is usually because the kid really wants to recalibrate to a higher place in their mind and energies, but they are not ready for it yet, meaning that their dreams are far ahead of what they are manifesting due to the conditional environment they find themselves in, be it at home, at play or in education systems.

But all it is, is just a change of energy flow, an inner transformation, which if they let it happen, allows them seamlessly to transcend to an evolved state of Being.

The questions for all parents are these:

  1. Are you aware of the infinite intelligence latent within your baby in the womb, and when it is born?
  2. Are you aware of it’s need to utilize its creativity and mold its adventurous future?
  3. Are you able to love your child unconditionally, no matter it’s age, without imposing conditions that you have imposed on your life?
  4. Are you perceptive enough to let your child Be the change in the world that everyone desires?
  5. If you love your child, are you wise enough to set it free, and love it from the very depths of your Being no matter what?

If you answered unequivocally YES! you are indeed to be commended, and you will be a beacon of light for all parents, relatives, friends, spiritual establishments and gurus, communities, governments and nations.

And you yourself will set the ball in motion for your personal expansion, and truly enjoy your own life to its fullest.


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For each person arrives in this world fully blessed, to seek its own adventures, experience its own joys, and carve out its own life.

It is just as much their right as it is yours.

What every parent grandparent should know unleash your baby's imagination

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