Adventure Action Fantasy Book Series


What if present day deranged leaders destine an apocalyptic planet Earth within a decade?

What if a visionary soul sends an SOS?

What if Utopian beings from the future arrive to save the last humans?

And what if unimaginable series of events unfold, challenging your view of reality and fantasy?



Dance of Fireflies Book 1, Aikona Book 2 and Wunamangaz Book 3 tell the story in this action-adventure  fantasy series of Taming the Impostor Saga.

The story is a magic-carpet ride of twists and turns, travel to ancient cultures, life challenges and tests of courage, and the enchanted world of fantasy and superheroes. Adventure awaits…


“I read Books 1 and 2 and can’t wait for Book 3 to find out what happens to these fascinating characters, both good and bad. The plot, characters and setting are original and a learning experience. I learned so much about new languages and places (I don’t want to give away the story…). “

British Male Editor


“Finished Book 1 – there were so many scenes that touched me. I cried and was inspired. “

Canadian Female Editor


“Read the whole of Book 1, and part with my seven year old grandson.  This series is ideal for any bright youngster ages 10 upward. Prince Jali and the other characters brought out many themes we are facing today in our unstable world. Well done Dr. Vie.”

Grandma, Lena McCalla Njee, Author, Teacher Of Autistic Children, USA


“I read chapters 1-7 in Book 1 and found it very interesting…looking forward to learning more about the superpowers.”

ARC  Reader, Young Adult, Melissa


“Hope for the future…” Reader, Georganne, USA

Win fantasy fiction books. Action adventure mystery apocalyptic visionary fiction book series of superhero survival stories if you like walking dead.

Adventure Fantasy Book Series

Feel as if our world is on the brink of an Apocalypse?

Wish we could be helped by blissful beings from a Utopian future?

Join the readers in this fast pace adventure, fantasy, book series of nine books and discover for yourself.



prequel to dance of fireflies

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