About Dr. Vie

Dr. Sheri Vie founded Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity in North America in 2000, inspired by her nomadic background and global outlook. She has a rich and diverse background, with Indian roots, African birthplace, American education and work experience in the USA, Canada, Africa, Asia and Europe. She lives in North America now.

Dr. Vie embodies the idea of “going with the flow”, pursuing different interests from an early age and venturing on adventurous work journeys in multiple industries and sectors worldwide, after leaving South Africa on her own as a youth. Her enthusiasm for diversity has bestowed her with a wide and varied set of expertise. Dr. Vie has a remarkable ability to understand life and situations from different perspectives, having learned from different cultures, faced different challenges and embraced different opportunities in her personal and professional journeys. She has a deep empathy and respect for the diversity of human experiences and values, and is able to leverage her knowledge and skills in different contexts and situations.

Dr. Vie has been a public health scientist, entrepreneur and humanitarian who has dedicated her life to sustainable healthy foods and climate action, teaching self-development courses, mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs, and leading Super Conscious Humanity initiatives and trade partnerships that empower and train vulnerable, racially disadvantaged, and disabled communities in Africa and Asia. She is also a global public speaker, an inspiration, a keynote speaker, a workshop facilitator, a consultant, an international trade authority, and a partner for global change.

She has also been involved in climate action projects, equality, diversity and inclusion field work, and nutrition and food security. In 2002 pioneered plant based protein foods through the establishment of a raw food manufacturing plant with distribution across the North Americas. She led the market in biocompostable food packaging by creating compostable inks.

Dr. Vie also has expertise in providing localization services for international companies and organizations partnering with Africa. She helps them to understand the local culture, needs and challenges of the African communities and to tailor their products, services and strategies accordingly. She also helps them to establish trustful and mutually beneficial relationships with the local partners and stakeholders. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the African market and the opportunities it offers for global collaboration and development. Dr. Vie has extensive expertise in initiating, coordinating, implementing and monitoring projects on the ground in Africa, where she has been conducting skills training and capacity building workshops and seminars to thousands of locals in Africa since 2000. 

Dr. Vie’s vision is to better lives, better communities and better the world through natural, healthy and environmentally friendly products, programs and partnerships. She believes that world peace is a reflection of inner peace and that humans can move beyond the short term focus of commercial successes that sacrifice human wellness and planetary well being. She invites you to explore her website to learn more about her work, her products, her courses and her events. You can also contact her here to book a session with her or to collaborate with her on a project or a partnership.