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3 Exciting Fantasy Adventures


What reviewers are saying?


“I read Books 1-2 and can’t wait to see what happens to each of the characters. I loved the originality- never read anything like this before. When you least expect it, something changes! The twists and turns are fantastic. And the travel to Africa and learning the languages have been an educational experience for me.” ARC Male Adult


“For a first-time fiction writer, Dr. Vie has done a great job of pulling the reader into the world of the characters. From the colorful beautiful Utopian world to our world on Earth. I don’t want to give the story away. In Book 1 I cried, and having no children of my own, I realize how often we forget the pain that young ones experience when left alone. There is one scene in Book 1 which struck me. It was so inspirational- and here’s a hint; it is reflected in the title. This series is a magical carpet ride with so many lovable characters, and emotional events. It reflects a profound understanding of the human spirit, and the world of the youth.” ARC Female Adult


“Two of my favourite characters are indeed Jali who eventually learned that time is of the essence. And the calm Kriaka who exudes concern for others, advice and comfort. She was able to take on the unruly hot tempered Saks. As the reader navigates through the land of Zookian cultures, he/she learns about the ancient indigenous African cultures as well. Hayibo!

This book appeals to the universality of exploration and curiosity of the young and older minds! A Best Seller!” Author, Special Ed. Teacher, Lena McCalla Njee