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Dr. Vie launches Dr. Vie Academy where she shares the latest health news, information on health issues and practical natural strategies around our planet for reversing common ailments and prevention of numerous illnesses.  The information is relevant to anyone, at any stage of  life anywhere on our planet.


During the launch of Dr. Vie Academy Dr. Vie has made available a Complimentary series of 3 Introductory Seminar Workshops that focus on the Brain, Body & Spirit.


Day 1: Better Performance? Brain Size Matters!  5 Part series

Part 1: Introduction & Overview

Part 2: One Fact You Must Know Today

Part 3:  Are You At Risk For Brain Cell Loss? Take the Test & Analyze Your Results

Part 4: How to Repair Damage to Brain Cells & Regenerate Health of the Brain

Part 5:  3 Steps to Prevent Illness of the Brain


Day 2:  Unique Body for cure of Ailments

Day 3: The Ultimate Spirit in Us




Qualifications to teach on health topics:

During the last 2 decades Dr. Vie has accumulated diverse knowledge on cutting edge discoveries that make the difference between mediocre and best performance, between illness and wellness. Her scientific research and work in Europe, Asia, Africa, USA and Canada and travels to every continent has uncovered many ancient secrets to optimal health. She has worked as a medical school assistant professor, scientist, clinician, speaker and most recently entrepreneur & creator of a natural health food manufacturing facility in Canada.

Her upbringing as a young Indian woman in South Africa instilled in her the age old traditions of meditation and spirituality handed down by the generations.  In her adult life, her work experience and explorations around the planet also lend a special insight into humanity:  from the spiritual centers of India to the indigenous cultures of New Zealand, from lavish meals with renowned figure heads in exotic locations to simple meals seated cross legged on cow-dung floors eating with fingers off banana leaves (rice, curd, pickle & cup of water) among the impoverished, Dr. Vie has experienced numerous cultures and the secrets to lasting peace from revered sages.

During her first career, her doctorate and post-doctorate work, brain mapping, regeneration, stem-cells and more research was ahead of the time. Her teachings, clinical work, presentations, publications and patents were focused on early diagnosis, intervention and restoring sensory and neuronal functionality.

Canadian Natural Health Food Products:

Over the last 6 years Dr. Vie’s second career and passion has been the creation of her Dr. Vie Superfoods+ formulas (low allergenic gluten free) way ahead of the times in 2005.  Today every food company is tries to incorporate superfoods  and gluten free foods into any format possible in some cases creating health risks instead. Dr. Vie’s foods  are now consumed by cancer patients, diabetics, in weight loss programs, wellness centers, celiac clinics,by athletes, students and people who depend on nutritious low-allergenic foods.

Dr. Vie’s one-of-its-kind paper packaging became known as the most boring package to hit the North American market –  way ahead of its time in 2006 albeit the only 100% bio-compostable packaging to be found in any store. Yet she persisted against the opposition from store owners and the market. Today companies frantically jump on the band-wagon for planet friendly packaging in an effort to be viewed as green environmentally safe. Since 2009 Dr. Vie develops health formulas for doctors, sports centers and private clinics.

As she built and managed a food manufacturing facility in Canada Dr. Vie yet again acquired insightful knowledge this time about the food industry and some stark realities that can affect human health long-term. Information that needs to be shared with peoples of the world. Through the six years in food development and during her numerous presentations and events across Canada Dr. Vie answered thousands of questions about the secrets to good health.  Food is only one component of the art of healthy living. Even though Dr. Vie longed to spend more time sharing her cutting edge knowledge, her 18 hour 7 day work shifts at her factory made it impossible to share  her insights with the public.

Knowledge is power: Be an informed citizen

This year, 2012,  Dr. Vie launches Dr. Vie Academy to share her passion to educate the general public about health issues and to stimulate a desire in individuals to take care of their health, prevent preventable illnesses and to enjoy a healthy life.  Her courses share ancient wisdom and cutting edge discoveries and information that she has access to around the planet as she now continues her passion for research and explorations at natural centers of the world.

“Knowledge is the key to informed decisions. I want to offer the facts and truth about what is naturally possible. All I can do is to share what I know in the hope that it stimulates change. We are students all through life even when we teach. I loved teaching at the universities during my first career and my undergraduate, graduate and  doctoral students stimulated my mind constantly. I now look forward to sharing what I know and actually practice  myself on a daily basis and am that I am passionate about. Inner peace is attained when we as humans share our knowledge so that it may benefit our fellow beings.

I dedicate the Academy to the memory of my Father Vie whom I could not save – every life I save now is worth a million to me,” says Dr. Vie.


Her curriculum includes:

Weight loss

Super body

Environmental toxins

Natural survival strategies


Sleep disorders

Cure Depression

Brain power

Attention Deficit


Heart that beats


Ayurvedic Wisdom

Chi Wisdom

Optimum Energy

Recipes for daily meals

Sensual Love

Our Living Planet


Like her on Facebook  & Twitter to receive special invitations to her tour of Canada where she shares her knowledge with Canadians.  Her courses and recordings of her events will air online for easy access to students across the planet. Her followers receive VIP invitations to her webinars, training launches and complimentary tickets to her events.


The 3 day complimentary workshop now available. Learn at your own pace. Start Immediately.


Day 1: Better Performance? Brain Size Matters!  5 Part series

Part 1: Introduction & Overview

Part 2: One Fact You Must Know Today

Part 3:  Are You At Risk For Ill-Health? Take the Test

Part 4: How to Repair Damage & Regenerate Health

Part 5:  3 Steps to Prevent Illness


Day 2:  SuperBody at any age

Day 3: The Ultimate Spirit in Us



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