Welcome to Dr. Vie Academy, where you can select from a number of ways in which to better your personal well Being, better your life, better your family, better your community, better your nation and better your Planet 100% naturally. Health, happiness and vitality are key to your life, now you can improve your personal wellness right from the comfort of your home or via any mobile device through the many ways offered through Dr. Vie Academy.

Dr. Vie Academy Life Boosting Elements

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Super Conscious Membership Includes

  • A  12% savings on personal product orders that total $100.00 or more.
    A 15% savings on office or phone appointments.
    Video and Audio on Demand of Replays of Dr. Vie Seminar events and Radio Shows
    Monthly Live Stream on Super Conscious Topics exclusive to Members only
    eNewsletter with the latest information on body-brain-mind wellness
    Express Life Profile Monthly Assessments
    *Monthly Guidance Question & Answer Support via Live Stream
    Should you have questions? Call +1 650-268-8304

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Preview Of Live Streams

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Gold Member:

Monthly fee: $20.00 automatically billed quarterly in 3-month increments.
There are no cancellations during the three month purchase of $60.00.
Includes above except items marked with *

VIP Member:

Monthly fee: $45.00 automatically billed quarterly in 3-month increments.
There are no cancellations during the three month purchase of $135.00.
Includes all of the Super Conscious Membership of the Gold above PLUS *Monthly Guidance Question & Answer Support via Live Stream and 295 page GuideBook (excl. S&H)

2. Join Dr. Vie 3 Month Online Super Conscious Training

Ideal for leadership, empowerment, and self esteem building for all genders and all ages, as you master the 7 Dimensions of Your Life.

Leadership training with Dr. Vie


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3. Join Dr. Vie Super Conscious Workshops, Retreats, Seminars Locally

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Preview Of Workshops

  • Inspirational 90 minute session Locally announced
  • Half Day Workshop Locally announced
  • 3 Day Workshop Locally announced
  • 3 Day Retreat USA, Canada, South Africa, India
  • 10 Day Retreat USA, Canada, South Africa, India

4. Get 1:1 Guidance from Dr. Vie


5. Join Group Guidance Sessions with Dr. Vie


6. Invite Dr. Vie to Inspire Your Group

  • Corporate executives, staff
  • Seniors
  • Youth
  • Women
  • Patients (Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Heart/Stroke, Obese, Depressed, Substance Abusers)
  • Medical Professionals, staff, caregivers


6. Get The GuideBook Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity

Taming The Female Impostor. Your Protector is ready to empower you.

Your Protector is ready to empower you.

Get Dr. Vie’s life changing Guide Book and master the 7 dimensions of your life and SEE from a Super Conscious State. Ideal for the whole family from youth to elders.

“This Book of Secrets will last for all our generations, ” Book Reviewer Sally.





“I found Dr. Vie  Super Conscious  course truly liberating. She had very specific and easy to implement teachings on exercise,  eating practices, breathing and how to deal with many areas of life to find balance and peace. She shed light on areas of living that I had not previously addressed. I now know how to bring myself to a place of ease and peace.

Becoming aware of your body is the preliminary step to utilizing the ancient traditions. I found myself strengthened and rejuvenated in multiple areas of my life including my physical health, my relationships, my sleep patterns and my mind. I find it easier to find an inner quiet in activity and a vibrancy in stillness. I am grateful and appreciative of Dr. Vie and her attentive and personalized mentoring which has enriched my life significantly.”  Jeni, USA
About The Guide Dr. Vie


“I attended Dr. Vie Super Conscious Training Workshop over 3 days, live. I am no longer fearful, I am free….” Bali, Student of Dr. Vie Live Super Conscious Workshop.


The first word that comes to mind is inspiring. One inspiration is Dr. Vie herself who finds her own power in her extraordinary story. Another is the wisdom passed down through the ages that tells of the power of women. We don’t always see the power in ourselves, but here in the words of this book, Taming The Female Impostor, it can be found, and self-confidence can flourish. Melissa, Toronto



The Dr. Vie Academy Membership mixes in your brain & mental health with your physical & spiritual health which I found very helpful.”
Mary, 52 y.o.

I practiced the 8 minute breathing meditation sequence from Dr. Vie Academy Super Conscious online course and I had the best sleep since I was a child.”
Chris, 40 y.o. Listen to Dr. Vie Radio with Chris now.

I was in a crash and suffered a concussion before the Olympics. The Dr. Vie Brain tips from Dr. Vie Academy  Super Conscious Online course helped me to heal & make it to the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie.”
Laura Brown, 24 y.o.,Olympian 2012  Listen to Dr. Vie Radio with Laura now.
Watch the interview with Laura here


Dr. Vie Academy:

Contact Dr. Vie for personal, group, staff programs or to invite Dr. Vie to speak at your events.

Call us in the USA at: +1 650-268-8304

In USA Text: CONTACTUSA to 33444

In Canada Text: CONTACT to 587-800-4323

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In Australia Text: CONTACT to 428-479-700

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