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Dr. Vie SuperFoods® Message From Dr. Vie (V)


“While a Scientist in Denmark, I lost my dearest father Vie (V) to a sudden heart attack.  So I began working in Switzerland, and expanded my expertise from medical device scientist to natural health and wellness. Then my dearest mommy fell ill to breast cancer in South Africa. I nursed her back to health using some of my researched foods, and began to focus on natural foods to sustain wellness.

I wanted the foods to be wholesome and part of nature right down to the packaging. Yes I was way before my time then, and none of my North American consumers even knew that their foods were packaged in the first ever 100% bio-compostable biodegradable materials from sustainable plantations and special inks! The foods became a national hit and were carried by most major health food stores in the country. To date, sadly, even in health stores, so called healthy foods are not packaged in 100% bio-friendly packaging that is free of food particles! 

Since 2004, we have been hand making and hand-packing our superfoods, creating employment and decreasing carbon footprints.

By the way, I eat my foods every day because I know of its value and I love it.

Today over 10 years later, the market is filling up with so called “healthy products” just for the sake of making money, even though it hurts the consumer and our nature. Anybody can quickly jump into the foods business by copying bits and pieces from pioneers, just for the reason of making money and with no regard for the health and well being of their consumers.

We live in a world driven by economy and greed and for this reason diseases are becoming the norm. Today, many trendy gluten-free products are more dangerous than the naturally glutinous foods!

Today many foods that are touted as organic are more hazardous to humans!

Very few companies truly view their consumers as part of their own family. So let us be wary of fancy foods that are addictive because of taste, claims or price. Let us be careful of copy cats that jump on the band wagon because of greed and end up harming your well being. Let us be aware of the “quick dietitian, food technologist or nutritionist” who approaches the food business armed with a few months or years reading from books…only to unleash their lack of insights onto you the unsuspecting consumer. The smallest change in a formula can wreak havoc on the human digestive system…so please be aware of look alike’s and copy cats.

I encourage you to try our foods (which is number 3 on the 7 levels to a super conscious life) and join my live sessions to learn more about how to be the amazing human that you are. If you are interested in licencing our products in your country, do contact me as we now expand around the world to provide natural nutrition, to support local people and to embrace our Planet with love.

With lots of love, always, Dr. Vie”


Dr. Vie SuperFoods® Leading The Way Since 2004


  • First bio-compostable biodegradable paper packaging from sustainable plantations, that compost at home in 12 weeks.
  • First  low-allergenic, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, soy-free, sesame-free, corn-free fresh superfoods.
  • Featured world wide in packaging industry “breaking news” .


Dr. Vie Superfoods biodegradable compostable packaging

Dr. Vie Superfoods® biodegradable compostable packaging since 2004

  • Pioneer SuperFoods®:

    • Morning Snack Mocha Alert, Goji Relax, G-Shok Fun, Acai- Power, LuCoco Om, Pour Moi Slim
    • Afternoon Snack SuperBerry, Mocha Cherry
    • Dessert LuCocolicious, Berrilicious
    • Love Snack For him, For her, For sharing
    • Fitness Go Balls, Nutri Balls, ReCharge
    • Children Snacks Maxi Vanilla, ChocoShok, Dr. Vie Bake, Dr. Vie Smoothie
    • Brain Support Vedic formulas to support brain function in kids to elders


  • Dr. Vie SuperFoods® Nutrition Training Courses And Seminars, Workshops, Private Sessions


  • Who Eats  Dr. Vie SuperFoods®

    • Children
    • Health care professionals from doctors to surgeons
    • Patients, cancer, diabetics, heart disease, stroke, those with food allergies, injured, weight issues
    • Athletes, Olympians, fitness and sports enthusiasts
    • Parents, grandparents, students, home makers, teachers
    • Bus drivers, civil workers, executives, managers, admin staff, celebrities…
    • Wellness centers….
    • Weight loss patients
    • And the list goes on


What are People Who Eat Dr. Vie SuperFoods saying?

2006 where thousands at the Grand Prix Canada consumed Dr. Vie SuperFoods® discoveries over three days and nights.

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