Can you guess my title Taming The Impostor Saga by Dr. Vie Free fantasy book

Can You Be Inspired With Hope, Ignited With Confidence this holiday?

Is there hope? As yet another year draws to a close, we may ponder yet again, as we always do, about the future and what all we accomplished over the last 330+ odd days!  For some, it’s been a phenomenal year. Perhaps you found your true love, perhaps you hit the jackpot, perhaps your business […]

Understanding our humanity may save Planet Earth

Understanding Our Humanity (Part 2 of 4)

As good will may have it, the absolute need for mind control was realized  over 10,000 years ago by our fellow humans inhabiting the Indus region of Asia, now known as India. These humans received the name Indoos/Hindoos by the British invaders (because of proximity to the Himalayas and Indus River) and the inhabitants later became known as Indians. Secrets […]