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Better You, Better Life?

A message from Dr. vie

“From interactions during my workshops, programs and seminars with thousands of people, in so many cities, I know this for sure: Most humans are unhappy with some aspect of their lives.”

Dr. Vie

Better Life Than You are Living Now?

Whether you are single or in a relationship do you feel good about your life? Do you experience positive feelings when you answer the questions below?

  • Do you know many happy couples who have been together for more than 10 years? 
  • Are many families enjoying happy family relations?
  • Are you happy in your daily work?
  • Are you feeling stressed out in your social life?
  • Do you wish for better health?
  • Do you enjoy good and enough sleep each night?
  • Do you wake up rejuvenated and eager for the day?
  • Ever wish for peace of mind?
  • Are you wondering if your life is as good as it gets?

Are The Rich/Famous Happy?

Would it surprise you to learn that it’s most often not the case….hence validating the phrase:

 “Money cannot buy happiness!”

A Journey Toward A Better Life?

Now that we’ve debunked the myth that money can buy anything, what hope is there?

We’ve heard of celebrities, singers and the rich off to India, or engaging in exotic religious or pagan rituals, or joining spiritual organizations, in a quest to discover more meaning to their lives. 

Many realize that after all that searching, chanting, dancing in robes, and donating thousands if not millions of dollars and sometimes their life belonging into the non-profit organizations, they still feel a deep hollow within themselves once they leave the ashram and return to their lives.

They feel that something is still missing from their lives. 

But then what is our life about?

Life is a Personal Journey

Until we as humans realize:

  • That life is really a personal journey…that we are learning and developing on.
  • That the future is what you make of it…
  • That your thoughts, words and actions are carving that future…
  • That the most powerful instrument you have, 24/7, 100% free is your mind.
  • That your mind can make you into anything, or trap or break you…

Until these realizations dawn on us, we might be frantically barking up the wrong tree!

Your Powerful Mind?

We’ve heard of cases where a person is given a few months to live, but the power of the mind was so strong that the person continues for years and years…

But this same mind can seem as if it is shaped by others., controlled by others, or can control others.

Many have reported instances where “devotees” of spiritual/religious organisations engage in atrocious acts of inhumanity, control and even acts of terror  against their own families.  

But what is really behind these bodies and actions?

“Be the change you want to see in the world,” as Mahatma Gandhi said, is a vital key to understanding humans.

We often hear of the need to be our selves. What does that mean?

It means to understand what you really are, and to note the effect of your mind on what you think you are.

So what mind do we have? Do we know? Do we know our mind?

The key to a better life is through a journey of self discovery.

A Journey of Self Discovery Toward A Better Life?

What if you could look closer at your life, and understand how to better your life, even in that one little way, so you experience less stress, smile more and feel enthused about each day, no matter what your age, gender, title, or situation in life? Even if you are on your own?

Would you embark on that journey of self-discovery? And if not, then is It Not your mind That  Is stopping you?

You know how someone can describe to you in detail the taste of a fresh juicy apple, but until you yourself take the action of biting into that apple, you’ll only be living through someone else, in the third person…and life will be like watching a movie from the comfort of your living room.

The Early Movers

Some people are fortunate to have embarked on their journey of self-discovery earlier in their lives…because of a trauma, near death experience, a sudden change of career or relationship status, or  leaving everyone familiar and everything comfortable and moving to a foreign country to live on their own.

When you speak with these persons you may sense a different perspective on life. And if you stop your mind from disliking that person, you’ll be privy to an amazing realization.

You’ll realize that you’re encountering a different type of mindset – A mindset that comes from a personal life journey toward a clearer mind.

What’s Life?

People also reach a stage in their lives when they begin questioning the meaning of life. Whether they have an illness, a challenge in their lives, or fed up with the routine of their lives, once they begin to question life, then they begin to actively shape their lives…and perhaps find themselves here, reading this article.

“I can tell you this from my personal journey, solo in so many countries, after leaving my home country as a youth over three decades ago:

 there is a whole different perspective to life from that which we are molded to believe because of the country we’re born in, the languages we speak, the education we have, the family we find ourselves in, the relationships we have, the religion we in, and most of all the money to our name.”

As humans, we deserve to realize the meaning of life beyond what we’ve been conditioned to experience as a mass phenomenon.

If you’re at this stage, you’ve done well….please do stimulate an open mind and take advantage of my free online self-discovery introductory course to a better life, to start you questioning yourself and finding the answers within your own grasp.

For no matter what Gurus say, or what you read in the scriptures or best-sellers, or the exams you take to demonstrate to others your understanding of life….you’ll never know what your are missing until you truly bite into that apple.

If you are ready for your beginner’s course send Dr. Vie a message. The course is a self-exploratory journey to gain a better understanding of your current situation and current life so you can apply the knowledge to better your life right away.

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