Healthy Foods Online Seminar by Dr. Vie


Option One: Online Healthy Foods Training
21 Video Lessons 10 -12 minutes each.

All you need is an internet connection, sound and video ability on your device and the eagerness to be way ahead of the food marketing and sales games:
 Become a wise shopper for the right food,  
Prepare your foods just right,  and
Enjoy eating the foods that support your life.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods Workshop
Dr. Vie SuperFoods Workshop

Option Two: Join Live Healthy Foods Workshops In Your City
3 hour session or weekend session with delicious SuperFoods. 

SuperFoods Workshop with Dr. Vie
Dr. Vie SuperFoods Workshop 

Join this workshop to learn:

  • A Powerful De stressing Technique To Stabilize Vital Signs
  • To Identify Your Unique Body-Mind type
  • The Proper Lifestyle to Manage Food Related Illnesses
  • How To Train Your Taste Buds
  • How to Be a Wise Grocery Shopper
  • How To Prepare Super Food Meals
  • How To Practice Conscious Eating
  • How To Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Dr. Vie SuperFoods demo 2016
    Dr. Vie SuperFoods demo 2016

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Option Three: Personal Healthy Foods 1:1 Guidance by Dr. Vie
3 hour session or customized session to boost your life.
Contact Dr. Vie to set up private healthy foods sessions.


Now if you are rushed, and if you know without any doubt that you want to transform your life and also help loved ones to be healthy then  Click here to get more information right away without a moment to lose.  There are special gifts that I have prepared together with the seminar.




De Stress And Boost Health Naturally With 3 Free Vid
De Stress And Boost Health Naturally With 3 Free Videos

Click on the image  and benefit from Dr. Vie 3 free videos to help you right away, a GIFT to inspire you.



Any of the 3 healthy foods options are Ideal if you are ….

  • Wondering what diet plan to start, this is the information you must know before selecting your diet plan, be it for losing weight, restoring ideal weight, or addressing diabetes, cancer, heart disease, memory issues and other health issues.
  • Already in great shape and want to maintain your healthy body over time, and thinking about how to include powerful healthy foods into your lifestyle, this is the information you must know before you even think about selecting the right foods and making the best choices.
  • Wanting to prevent food related problems, this is the information you must know as soon as possible.
  • Serious about supporting your loved ones with the right foods, this information is vital.
  • Continuing with Dr. Vie’s live stream cooking classes and will access daily recipes.



Any of the 3 options are Essential for anyone who wants to live a naturally vibrant  life.

Benefit from Dr. Vie’s extensive experience with organic farmers, organic farms, good regulatory bodies, international import/export systems for food, food suppliers, food manufacturing, packaging requirements, food marketing and sales, grocery store requirements and much more.




About Your Guide Dr. Vie

Dr. Vie is a Natural Health scientist and  the pioneer of Dr. Vie SuperFoods®(vegan gluten free foods) in 2004 that has fed people of all ages and all situations including:

  • people who want to maintain healthy bodies and improve performance like Olympians and athletes
  • people who depend on good health for their activities like doctors, students, children, parents, workers, and elders
  • people who are ill and need to strengthen their bodies like people with cancer, diabetes, celiac diseases, hypertension and more
  • people who are overweight or underweight and need to return their bodies to ideal weight.

Now Dr. Vie conducts workshops and seminars to these groups around the world to guide them to healthy food selection, powerful food preparation techniques and necessary eating guidelines. She has conducted seminars through the Diabetes Association, Heart & Stroke Foundation, Alzheimer’s, Schools, Retirement Centers, Hospitals and more.  



Watch the video below to learn more about Dr. Vie and people who eat Dr. Vie SuperFoods®.  







What People Are Saying?

“Dr. Vie’s healthy foods seminar was amazing, and the videos were great, I learned so much and recommend this seminar to anyone who wants to more information about choosing food, also I loved being in the membership, so I did not want to stop and continue now because it is fantastic idea, thanks Dr. Vie,” Liane



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