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Matt the  “Riotmaker”  Baker is the definition of a born fighter. After surviving a childhood rough enough to make Dr. Phil quit his job, he’s turned his life around and is setting world records in MMA fighting.  At a young age Matt escaped a badly abusive home, he was in and out of foster homes, the court system and at one point even living on the streets. It’s a miracle he is with us here today. “I went through a lot of rough @@ as a kid,  I hate to say it but I hear stories about when other people were kids and I think… that’s it?!”  Reported in What’s Hot Magazine.

Dr Vie Matt Baker eats Dr Vie Go Balls

Matt now works with UFC vet Bill Mahood, Jiu-jitsu phenom and DREAM11 Featherweight Champ of the World Bibiano Fernandez, Canadian Olympic Wrestler Colin Davies, Muai Thai K1 fighter Paul Lalonde, MMA legend Jose-pele Landi jhons and three time UFC fighter Jason Day. “I love where I am right now, these guys are molding me not just to be a great fighter but a better person. I’ve changed my whole attitude and look on life since coming here. Guys like Bibby and Kajan Jhonson are such positive influences, it’s hard to not become a better person. Reported in What’s Hot Magazine.

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Everyone Matt trains with says he can make it big, after Matt makes his impact on the MMA world, he would like to be a foster parent, and coach kids sports and MMA. “I would really like to help kids that might be going through some of the hardships I did. Martial arts taught me discipline, commitment and how to work hard with a competitive spirit.”Reported in What’s Hot Magazine.

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Dr. Vie, a former martial arts karateka herself, is a keen supporter of Matt Baker.  “Matt is an amazing young man, with a story that proves that following your passion is what it is all about. Matt had to overcome an incredible challenge early in 2010 and spent the rest of the year recurperating.  His first comeback MMA fight in Edmonton was a good victory for him. Now in January 2011 Matt has established his own Gym where he also trains children from 8 years old in the age old art of Mixed Martial Arts. Matt also donates a considerable portion of his income to foster children. A role model of a young man for people all around our planet. A big hug to you Matt the Riot Maker Baker!” says Dr. Vie, Scientist at Dr. Vie, Inc.

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