​Can healthy living tips, healthy foods, and a healthy lifestyle protect you from preventable illnesses so you can enjoy more energy, be pain free, and have the time and ability to enjoy your life? If you are already ill, can you benefit from healthy foods and healthy lifestyle? Can you help your loved ones with healthy lifestyle tips?

I'm Dr. Vie, a natural health scientist with decades of experience in natural living, and I am here to help you and the ones you love, in your journey to a happy and fulfilling life. 

Healthy Living Tips to help you everyday

Do You Need The Healthy Living Tips and Guidance?

You are probably wondering if you really need Healthy Living Tips? Great question. Why not take the qualifier quiz below and find out if you can benefit from Healthy Living Tips. Then you will know for sure.

If you took the quiz, you know.... and if you'd like to see how you can benefit from Healthy Living Tips, continue reading!

How Can You Benefit From Healthy Tips?

I've designed a special online membership program to help share healthy living tips with you...to help you. Did you know that most people do not realize what they need to feel better?

Did you know that what you want in life could be different from what you need right away to reset your life?

Did you know that what you think you want in life, could be the cause of your problems?​

So what do you need to better your life?​


1. If you are struggling with health issues....physically, mentally or emotionally....

The only way to feel better is to understand what is causing you to feel pain, hurt, and worsening of your life. When you become conscious of your needs, you can be successful in your life.

When you start the Healthy Living Tips club that I've specially designed for you, you firstly  find out what is triggering your unhappiness. It's best to know...with knowledge you realize what you really need to feel better, and you will feel more confident about your situation. With your new found confidence you will be able to take better decisions as you journey toward a better life. 

2. Find out more about what you need to better your life

In the online club,  you take your Personal Life Assessments and Happiness Profile and you get to know what makes you happy and what doesn't. You customize your life plan. As you feel better you are able to support those around you better...be a better parent, better friend, better partner, better sibling, better offspring, better colleague, and feel empowered.

3. Practice the healthy living tips to a healthier and happier you

With the checklist of tips for a healthy body and mind, you begin to practice them in your daily life. Experience for yourself what you feel each day as you begin to better your eating habits, your thinking habits and how you go about your day. 

4. You are not alone but in good company

By interacting and sending in your questions to me, and sharing with fellow members during our monthly live question and answer sessions, you receive further guidance on how to fine tune your progress...open communication will keep you feeling as part of family of helpers, as you begin to explore your inner strengths and feel stronger.

5. Schedule one on one time with me

After a month in the membership you will be ready for your first chat with me, just you and I. Open up your mind further and get personalized guidance to help you through.



Better Your Self In The Seven Areas Of Your Life

1. Getting To Know Your Own Self

2. Mastering Your Relationships

3. Mastering Foods

4. Mastering Social Life

5. Mastering Work and Daily Activity

6. Mastering Your Mind

7. Realizing Your Inner Being

What Are Others Saying About My Personal Guidance ANd HEalthy living tips?


"I found Dr. Vie Super Conscious course truly liberating. She had very specific and easy to implement teachings on exercise, eating practices, breathing and how to deal with many areas of life to find balance and peace. She shed light on areas of living that I had not previously addressed. I now know how to bring myself to a place of ease and peace. Becoming aware of your body is the preliminary step to utilizing the ancient traditions. I found myself strengthened and rejuvenated in multiple areas of my life including my physical health, my relationships, my sleep patterns and my mind. I find it easier to find an inner quiet in activity and a vibrancy in stillness. I am grateful and appreciative of Dr. Vie and her attentive and personalized mentoring which has enriched my life significantly.”

“I attended Dr. Vie Super Conscious Training Workshop over 3 days, live. I am no longer fearful, I am free….” Bali, Student of Dr. Vie Live Super Conscious Workshop.


I practiced the 8 minute breathing meditation sequence from Dr. Vie Academy Super Conscious online course and I had the best sleep since I was a child.”
Chris, 40 y.o. Listen to Dr. Vie Radio 

I was in a crash and suffered a concussion before the Olympics. The Dr. Vie Brain tips from Dr. Vie Academy Super Conscious Online course helped me to heal & make it to the Olympics, where we won the Bronze medal. Thanks Dr. Vie.”
Laura Brown, 24 y.o.,Olympian 2012 Listen to Dr. Vie Radio with Laura now.


I am here for you, your Personal Guide. Do take advantage of the special launch price for the Healthy Living Membership.


  • 6 months membership instead of 3 months! Extend it after that.
  • +30 Videos on healthy body and healthy mind and healthy foods
  • Learn at your own pace, slow or fast! All you need is connection to the internet.
  • Monthly recipes for healthy breakfast, healthy lunch, healthy dinner, healthy snacks
  • Replays of my live events updated each month (autism, brain support, healthy foods, ayurveda, emotional well being...)
  • One 20 minutes special personal call with me
  • Chance to volunteer for your makeover during our monthly live question and answer group sessions
  • Special pricing on personal coaching with me, tickets to my live events and retreats, and healthy products


Take 7 days to go through the Membership, and if for any reason you feel that you will not benefit, then send me an email before the end of 7 days, and I'll refund your money 100% no questions asked! So you have no risks off the already amazing offer. If you are determined to better your life and help the ones you love, then do not hesitate.

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