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Dr. Vie SuperFoods for SuperKids in Schools

Dr. Vie healthy foods nourish children in schools

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Feeding +100,000. Funds support Dr. Vie's free Super Conscious Humanity Youth Program.

"While a  Hearing Scientist in Denmark, I lost my dearest father Vie (V) to a sudden heart attack, back home in South Africa.

Thereafter, I began working in Switzerland, and expanded my expertise from medical device scientist to natural health and wellness.

When my dearest mommy fell ill to breast cancer in South Africa, she went into depression. I returned to nurse her back to health using some of my already researched foods.  

That's when my life focus changed, as I began to focus on natural healthy foods to sustain wellness.

Dr. Vie SuperFoods with mother and daughter

Yum Yum Healthy Dessert

​I wanted the foods to be wholesome and part of nature right down to the packaging. Yes I was way before my time then, and none of my North American consumers even knew that their foods were packaged in the first ever 100% bio-compostable biodegradable materials from sustainable plantations and special inks!

The foods became a national hit and were carried by most major health food stores in the country. To date, sadly, even in health stores, so called healthy foods are not packaged in 100% bio-friendly packaging that is free of food particles.

Since 2004, at my vegan food factory, we hand make and hand-pack our healthy foods, creating employment and decreasing carbon footprints. It was a long process, but truly authentic and natural.

​By the way, even today I eat my foods every day because I know of its value and I love it.

Ideal for diabetics, weight watchers, or anyone conscious about healthy foods and a healthy body and mind.

A natural boost the way Mother Nature intended.


Dr. Vie SuperFoods® have been fueling Olympians, doctors, patients, weight loss centers, students and celebrities since 2005. Now once again, try the new range from Dr. Vie. For now, only available for shipping in North America. Contact us for ordering product in Africa.

​Today over 13 years later, the market is filling up with so called "healthy products" just for the sake of making money, even though the trendy superfoods hurt the consumer and our nature.

Anybody can quickly jump into the foods business by copying bits and pieces from pioneers, just for the reason of making money, and with no regard for the health and well being of their consumers.

But as you know, money is the new god, greed reigns supreme, and human health and wellness does not feature anywhere on the agenda.​

​We live in a world driven by economy and greed, and for this reason diseases are becoming the norm. Today, many trendy gluten-free products are more dangerous than the naturally glutinous foods!

​Today many foods that are touted as organic are more hazardous to humans!

Very few companies truly view YOU their consumers as part of their own family. The people who own the companies and those who make the foods,  would not feed their loved ones with the foods they package, market and sell to you.

  • Let us be careful of copy cats that jump on the band wagon because of greed and end up harming your well being
  • Let us be wary of fancy foods that are addictive because of taste, claims or price.
  • Let us be aware of the "quick dietitian, food technologist or nutritionist" who approaches the food business armed with a few months or years of reading from books...only to unleash their lack of insights onto you, the unsuspecting consumer.

The smallest change in a natural foods 3 step formula can wreak havoc on the human digestive please be aware of look alike's and copy cats on the money wagon.

I've been in the natural health industry for far too long, to be fooled by fancy marketing advertisements and flashy packaging from big name "food" companies, that should be called "disease" companies.

Recently, a gentlemen, supposedly interested in licensing my recipes, described the success of a local "healthy food bar" company. Sadly, the ingredients used in the product are highly toxic to humans, yet because of the trendy marketing and money behind the team, you the unsuspecting consumer is the victim.

Healthy Foods Workshop with Dr. Vie

How can you wisen up as a foods shopper?

This is where I am now focused, on training you to be a wise consumer, a wise shopper and a wise eater. Know the truth, set yourself free of the lies and deceptions and protect yourself and loved ones.

Try my Healthy FoodS 

​I encourage you to try my healthy foods at my events and join my live healthy foods sessions to learn more about how to truly know what you need to know about foods, before you start any "diet" plan, or before you shop for foods. You can learn how to stop dieting forever.

Boost your body and mind with the famous sugar-free, and naturally gluten-free,  vegan Dr. Vie SuperFoods® snacks and eat healthy foods while you stay in shape and start off your day with a smile. Introducing the new power boost...are you ready?


Ideal for a nutritious breakfast on the go, or a "working-through- lunch" boost or an afternoon pick-me-up snack. Top it up or consume solo. Check out Mother Vie's ideas for enjoying Dr. Vie SuperFoods.

Dr. Vie Healthy Foods with Sports Store CEO

Licence My Food Recipes and Create Job Opportunities in Your Town anywhere on our Planet

If you are interested in licencing my food recipes and formulas in your town in whichever country, do contact me.  We can provide natural nutrition, and support local people with authentic employment opportunities, rear healthy children  and to embrace our Mother Earth with love.

Lots of love and hugs, 

Always,  V.

Who Eats Dr. Vie Healthy Foods?

  • Children
  • Health care professionals from doctors to surgeons
  • Patients, cancer, diabetics, heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer's
  • ​Men and women with food allergies
  • ​Athletes, Olympians, fitness and sports enthusiasts
  • ​Parents, grandparents, students, home makers, teachers
  • Bus drivers, civil workers, executives, managers, admin staff, celebrities
  • Men and women on weight loss diets
  • Wellness centers
  • And many more who love delicious, natural, real honest food that supports fellow humans, all Beings and our precious Planet Earth
Dr Vie Superfoods Karate dojo mother child eat natural foods

Karatekas enjoying Dr. Vie fitness foods

Check out whose been eating Dr. Vie healthy foods

Grand Prix CA in the beginning feeding thousands over 3 days and nights of racing fever in 2006 Montreal! Dr. Vie Superfoods, Dr. Vie CellBoost were featured.

Jasmine Olympian 2012, fueled by Dr. Vie even before she was selected to race in the Olympics.

Lynn Crawford Top Chef Canada and Aaron and Julia who have food allergies. The children have been enjoying Dr. Vie SuperFoods since 2007.

Foods You will Love To Eat, Because They're Delicious and Work For You
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Dr. Vie LuCocolicious Chocolate Dessert


Guilt-free dessert, at anytime of the day or evening.

Dr Vie Natural Health Discoveries


Grab and go food on the run for busy people.

Dr. Vie SuperFoods Pure Cacao, delicious, low-glycemic, vegan, gluten-free


Ideal for weight regulation and diabetics



Want to stay fit, workout with power and feel energized?

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