Mother Vie & I support young athletes in soccer, cycling, track cycling, long-board/skate boarding, martial arts & more. We believe that sport is a way to strengthen your mind and your body.

Jasmine Glaesser, Olympian Cyclist
Justin Readings, Long Boarder
Kimberly Joines, Olympian Para Alpine Skier
Addy Chan, Actress, Dance Choreographer
Team Bonitas, Professional Cycling Team
Melissa C Water, Writer, Author

You will get a chance to meet your mentors at a variety of sports and meet and greet events in different parts of our planet. Ask them those questions you have always wanted to ask.

Spend time with them, get to know the secrets of their success, get tips and advice from them.

We look forward to chatting with you online and seeing you at our events.


Dr. Vie & Mother Vie

Planet Earth