Today's Youth in Dr. Vie Free Global Youth Program

Inside the minds of today’s youth

South Africa, February 2016: Thousands of youth through ages 26 sharing with me their hopes, challenges and feelings as they live their lives in a world filled with uncertainty, brimming with man made diseases and overflowing with unnatural phenomena … they continue to reveal the future of Planet Earth if the

Dr. V Radio Show Solving Youth Issues

Solving Youth Issues

Two intensive radio talk shows revealed the major challenges of youngsters and how you can go about solving youth issues. One of the interviewers, an adult male was well versed with both adult and youth problems. The other was a youth herself, grappling with her own challenges of stress. Both hosts learned

Positive Power of Youth spreading

Positive Power of Youth Spreading in South Africa

The positive power of youth is now spreading in South Africa as I continue to inspire thousands ages five to 26 for free in schools, in community centers and youth organizations. These youth are being stimulated to look within themselves, to realize their amazing self esteem, self confidence and self

Dr Vie Free Youth Seminar 14 Januar 2016 South Africa

How Long Will South Africa Last?

The profound question was asked by a youth during Dr. Vie’s free Global Inspirational Youth Talk at a secondary school in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa in January 2016. The audience comprised of close to 800 high school kids ages 12 to 19, the teachers, principal and guest from the

Dr.Vie Youth Workshops 2016 Africa

Dr. Vie Free Youth Workshops January 2016, Africa

Fifty youngsters ages 17 to 26 gathered in the wilderness of Cumberland, South Africa for my Dr. Vie free youth workshops on Saturday 9 January 2016. We danced, sang, cried, discussed youth issues and came up with amazing ways to be a better human, how to help our families, support

Youth inspiration for 2016

Youth Inspiration for 2016

Hundreds of youth gathered during my Dr. Vie free youth workshops in South Africa as 2015 drew to an end in December. Wow, these youth gave a youth inspiration for 2016. Such powerful words, such amazing insights and such hope for the future. Our youth are certainly the path for

Dr. Vie Super Conscious Humanity Youth Camp South Africa Dec 2015

Youth Camps Africa

During 3 Super Conscious Youth Camps in Africa, youth shared their plans to transform themselves, their communities, the country of South Africa and Planet Earth to a natural state of Being, living in an environment without corruption, crime, hatred or violence but with compassion, and love and respect for Mother

No Violence Against Women And Children

No Violence Against Women And Children

“When the women, children and elders of a nation are content, the country prospers,” has been my mantra for a long time. From November through 10 December, South Africa has been focused on no violence against women and children, but that is not enough. Sounds unbelievable that we need to

Antibiotic resistance a big threat to life on earth

Antibiotic Resistance Spread World Wide in 3 Years

Industries have been fighting nature since the start of civilization. We are a mass of bacteria, yet the mindset of the world middle class to elite have been waging a war against our very own nature. The drug business makes over trillion dollars each year, creates millions of job opportunities, the

Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity with Dr. Vie

Forget Revenge, Erase Hatred, Rescue Humanity

Forget revenge, erase hatred and rescue humanity if you truly want to save our Planet from the pain and suffering of crime, violence, depression, ill health, mental illness and environmental destruction. An eye for an eye is something that kids quickly resort to on impulse if they do not understand