Prevent elder abuse and protect yourself as you age?

Faces lined with experience, gaits slowed by nature, thoughts rich with memories and hearts filled with love. They are our aged, our seniors our elders. Around our planet, in our countries, in our cities, in our communities. They carry the history of our time deep in their souls. In India and many in Asian and […]

Utopian Dystopian fiction or prophecy of the future with Dr.Vie

Utopian Dystopian Fiction or Prophecy

Utopian or Dystopian fiction, or are imaginative science fiction and fantasy minds painting a prophecy? What if the choices taken today determine Utopia or Dystopia?   Utopian or Dystopic Future? Imagine thirty years from today, you find yourself in a poverty-stricken society, devoid of technology and dominated by the rich and powerful? Would you seek a blissful state […]

Utopian Dystopian Adventure Fiction by Sheri Vie

Could We Destine An Apocalypse?

Could  powerful leaders on Earth destine an apocalypse within 30 years? What if you send an SOS and Utopian visionary beings a thousand years from the future arrive to save the last humans? What can happen if You send the SOS? What if Princess Reena from a faraway Utopian galaxy, receives your SOS, and is dispatched […]