Elder abuse

Prevent elder abuse and protect yourself as you age?

Faces lined with experience, gaits slowed by nature, thoughts rich with memories and hearts filled with love. They are our aged, our seniors our elders. Around our planet, in our countries, in our cities, in our communities. They carry the history of our time deep in their souls. In India and many in Asian and […]

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Mind Body Makeover questions

Thank you for taking the time to think about your life, and sending in your thoughts and questions to me. Do check your inbox for the email confirmation. If this is your first time at my site then you may need to confirm your email. Do check your email inbox for that special link. If […]

Can Mindfulness save humanity and Planet Earth?

Go Beyond Mindfulness & Set Your Self Free part 4

Believe it or not, there is a group of people focused on mindfulness! Today in the modern world, with its explosion of technology, artificial intelligence, man made diseases, limitless medications and therapies to restore damage, and endless wars and acts of violence and terror, we are realizing the limitations of organized science, education, economies, and even […]

Is Spirituality saving our Planet?

Spirituality Helping Or Destroying Humanity ? P 3 of 4

So we return to an important question: Is spirituality helping or destroying humanity? If you have not read the preceding article 2 please click here.  As you may know, since the 2014 publication of Taming The Female Impostor: Book Of Secrets To Rescuing Humanity, I have been addressing tens of thousands of humans from ages 5 […]

Understanding our humanity may save Planet Earth

Understanding Our Humanity (Part 2 of 4)

As good will may have it, the absolute need for mind control was realized  over 10,000 years ago by our fellow humans inhabiting the Indus region of Asia, now known as India. These humans received the name Indoos/Hindoos by the British invaders (because of proximity to the Himalayas and Indus River) and the inhabitants later became known as Indians. Secrets […]

Child radicalisation can be prevented

How To Prevent Radicalization, Terror Attacks, Hate Crimes ?

Radicalisation (radicalization) is the manner in which someone takes on an extreme ideology that when put into practice, is a threat to the accepted ideas of the surrounding society, and poses a danger to the lives of the general public and innocent people. The culmination (loosely said) of radicalisation leads to the label of “radicalised” […]

Super Conscious Empowerment Satyagraha training

Satyagraha, Stand Up For Truth Even If You Stand Alone

Satyagraha (/ˌsætɪəˈɡrɑːhɑː/; Sanskrit: सत्याग्रह satyāgraha) is the Sanskrit word for polite insistence (agraha) on truth (satya) purity (sat). This profound word took on the greatest of global meaning when Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, in the heart of South Africa during 1906-1914, used it to characterize the fundamental principal of standing up for what is right without […]

Substance abuse, Prevent and Reverse drug abuse

Substance Abuse Prevention and Reversal: How To

International substance abuse day, 26 June brought into focus the rapidly rising abuse of substances like drugs, alcohol, and smoking around the Planet. Everywhere you look, be it in rich families or poor families at least 1 out of 5 are addicted to some form of substance abuse! Shocking! In USA the use of tobacco, alcohol […]

World Yoga Day for Super Consciousness with Dr. Vie

World Yoga Day is not Celebrating YOGA

World Yoga Day is not celebrating YOGA but is celebrating the power of sensuality, attention and economic gain, and World Yoga Day is only in its second year! Millions of people, in most places around the globe, dressed in their newest, sexiest yoga outfits, stretching out on trendy yoga mats, with hundreds to thousand others, […]

Youth Day one child asks a powerful question

One child, one powerful question World Youth Day

One child asked a powerful question at my youth empowerment and family transformation session today, during World Youth Day. WOW! Alas, I found out later that this amazing child was labelled incorrectly in his community and education system! WOW! My advice to anyone reading my article is to look deep within your SELF, keep your […]