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Dr. Vie books to enrich your life and stimulate your mind

Fiction Series: Adventure into the future with the last humans 

Dive into a fantasy world with rebellious, shy, gifted, troubled, superhero and malicious characters...

Dr. Vie Academy for a Better and Meaningful Life

Help Raise Funds for Dr. Vie's Humanitarian Projects in Africa

Guiding +1000 villagers in Central Africa and +40 special needs youth in South Africa to contribute to a better Planet Earth, clean air, strong atmosphere, healthy waters and natural soil.

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What Dr. Vie Academy Members Are Saying?

"When I talk with you during our 1:1 calls, my mind just explodes into a thousand little pieces with a million questions.I  love talking with you.It's like my mind just goes into exploration mode into all the things to explore and understand."

"Our talks makes me feel so good. You are so good for me, that's really the bottom line. You are so good for me."

"I feel positive after I talk with you.This morning was sluggish, kind of dead in the water but since we started our talk I feel alive and excited and have a smile on my face. Dr. Vie you brighten my life. You really do and I love you for it."

"I love our conversations because they bring so much life to me."

" I had tried meditation and breathing years before, but it didn't work, seems like I was doing something wrong, or it was not the right time for me. But today, in our first session in the Membership,  I did the breathing and I relaxed, and I could feel the "junk" draining out of me and it felt so good."

"The membership has such a positive effect on me, especially the way you guide me in the lessons, and the insights I get after that is amazing."

"Last week so many things were going wrong at home...but the membership helped me through it. When I take each lesson, I feel so calm and the meditation is wonderful..I feel relaxed and my hands go limp..."