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Dr Vie Academy Seminar 2 Part 6 Cancer from smoking

1. 7 million Quebecers in Canada blame tobacco companies for their addiction to smoking and are claiming 27$ billion today in Montreal. They state that they cannot stop smoking.

Several points to be made here.
1. Smoking causes cancer and premature aging. The double edge sword of smoking is clear as day. When an action can ruin one’s beauty and cause disease is that enough motivation to stop the action? There are now more powerful methods to stop smoking. In the same vein there are powerful methods of treating and reversing the signs of premature aging that is seen in smokers.

Quebecers who smoke in public places become very upset and at times aggressive when they are asked to stop smoking  in the presence of a non-smoker. I myself have experienced when I requested for a smoker to stop smoking at the top of a mountain on two separate occasions  hence ruining my healthy run.

2. Tobacco is a toxin and is known to result in addiction and cancer. We know that our body needs oxygen and not smoke. We also know that 2nd hand smoke harms people around the smoker. We have a choice of whether to smoke or not. We do not need a manufacturer (who is focused on making money) to remind us of this. We make the choice.  Now we also have a choice to steal or not. We can at anytime steal from someone if we chose to do so. The choice is ours. If we steal then  we must be prepared to pay the consequences and not blame someone else for our deviant choice. This is the same for any choice that we make of our own free will.

3. Quebecers like anyone else should take responsibility for what they put in their bodies including smoke, alcohol and other drugs.

4. Does this mean that those addicted to alcohol or other drugs should claim for damages from the manufacturers of these products? Why should Quebecers now reap benefits because of their bad choice that has harmed millions of innocent bystanders by their 2nd hand smoke? What do you think?

Seems like they want to earn some money based on their bad choices. Yes the 1. 7 million Quebecers do not even have cancer. They claim that they cannot stop smoking. They blame the tobacco companies for their inability to stop smoking!  They are claiming $10 000 each , for harming people around them, for increasing the health care costs and for hurting our planet, on the basis that they cannot stop smoking. Now we know that life can be challenging. The fun part of life is to take on the challenge and overcome our fears or overcome the obstacles that we encounter.  Life is a test of our courage.

5. We also know that alcohol is harmful to our liver and damages the brain. Those addicted to alcohol enrol in Alcoholics Anon and try to change. Should they also sue the alcohol manufacturers if they cannot stop their addiction to alcohol?  That would be an interesting thing for sure. Alcohol is very harmful to the body, damages the brain, is known to result in deaths from driving under the influence (innocent bystanders) as well as causing cancer like pancreatic and liver cancers.   So perhaps we need to shut down all the SAQ’s and all the alcohol outlets because people cannot stop drinking.

In the same vein should those who are overweight sue McDonalds because they cannot stop eating at  McDonalds?

6. These 1.7 million Quebecers say that they are addicted and cannot stop smoking! Millions of people around our planet have stopped smoking. So why do n’t hese 1.7 million Quebecers do it also? Instead they are claiming for money because they “cannot stop” smoking!

So let us think about this. In order for the lawsuit to proceed, they must continue smoking right? So of course they cannot stop smoking. If they stop smoking then they will not qualify for the $10,000. So they MUST keep smoking! Do you agree?

7. Now we also know that manufacturers of toxic food, toxic drinks and anything toxic that we put into our body should be stopped. This would be the ethical thing to do. Yes all companies that produce and sell toxic products that cause harm to human should be banned.  These companies have resulted in billions of people around our planet being ill, being dependent on drugs and now whose lives are at stake because the very drugs that are used in treatments are in short supply! A vicious cycle for sure.

Now if these millions of companies are put out of business this would put almost a billion people out of work around the globe!  Perhaps you would be one of those out of a job if all the toxic factories, food outlets and restaurants are shut down. Perhaps you work at these places or are in the chain of millions of suppliers to these places, from transport to packaging.

So the sword gets sharper. The only solution as a consumer is to make the best choice for health. Yes it is difficult, yes it is a challenge and yes only the courageous person will opt to do it.

Perhaps these 1.7 million Quebecers should stop blaming others for their ill judgement. More importantly,  and these 1.7 million Quebecer, yes each of them should pay the innocent bystanders who have been subjected to their 2nd hard smoke.

They should pay us more than $10,000 that they are claiming for themselves.

If they have made a bad decision and are now claiming $10,000 each, then surely we who have made all the right choices to help our society, to help our planet and to protect our fellow human beings, are entitled to more in damages?

We should put into legislation a law that if we allow smokers to smoke in our space then we should charge them a fee.

Let us say $10 for 10 minutes. Like TIT for TAT, TEN for TEN  when they want to smoke in our presence.

Why not? They are harming us. They are invading our clean air with their smoke. Perhaps the monies can go into a trust fund for their children who are innocent bystanders and victims of 2nd hand smoke.

We try to change the emissions out of our vehicles so that we have cleaner air right? Why not charge the smokers  who insist on smoking in our space, when we are in the mountains enjoying the fresh air or when we are out dining in summer on a lovely patio or anywhere on our planet?

Anyone who makes a choice to harm themselves by consuming toxic foods,  toxic drinks or drugs has no justification to sue another for their addiction.

If they can then anyone, and I mean hundreds of millions of people will jump on the band wagon just to receive money.  They will have a reward for being ill. They will be conditioned into unhealthy lifestyles.

Instead of being motivated to get well and become an asset to society they will continue to be unwell.

We want a more healthy society, not one that will continue their addictions because it is an easy way to get money.

For all the 1.7 million Quebecers who say that you cannot stop your addiction, I have a challenge for you.

Why do n’t you take on the challenge to stop smoking?

If you need support then I am here for you. For starters,   if you truly want to help your self, instead of wasting each day becoming more ill from smoking, then become addicted to a program of getting well, cure your cancer and enjoy life. If you are truly passionate about healing yourself then I am here to help you. I encourage you to benefit from the free health seminars below.

I wish you the best in your challenge. I would love to hear from you about your progress for I am sure that you can do it.

Our planet needs you to help it survive.

Dr. Vie

Passionate about your health.

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