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21 Dec 2012. Realize your dream while you are awake.



Mayan 2012 prediction start of a new world

So 2012 has arrived – a fair amount of the world population scurry for survival kits in view of the portended end of the world. What would you do if you knew that you had a few months to live? Quit your job? Visit the places you have been dreaming of? Spend time with loved ones. Perhaps the world needs a jolt of reality to push us out of our comfort zone to address the true meaning of life.

Over the last decade we have witnessed a spike in natural disasters: hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, heat waves and more. Scientific discussion revolve around the possibility of gravitational destruction to earth, a weakening of the earth’s magnetic field or a collision with another planet. Religious leaders encourage their followers to repent their sins. Spiritual leaders talk of a reawakening of a more conscious, enlightened population that will move away from materialism and industrialization to a more spiritually evolved existence. A life that embraces love and compassion and respect for our living planet.

For certain, each of us has our opinions. For some this is all hogwash, conjured up by bored minds, conspirators or other like minded people. Millions of dollars are being made off the fear of thousands as they rush to build underground or above elevation homes, hotels and lavish survival shelters. Tools and survival kits are proliferating the stores.

For certain the world has changed since the start of industrialization and the escalation in technology, androids, weapons of mass destruction and methods to clone humans. Perhaps the world was more serene and less violent before the advent of machines. Perhaps we do need to revert to the basics, to a more natural form of living, to prevent destruction of our planet and to contribute to its homeostasis. We as humans are a vital part of the ecosystem.

The human body thrives on pure water, wholesome natural food, clean air, restful sleep and a loving temperament. The stresses of contemporary life can be overwhelming and override the simple fact that keeping it simple is not stupid. The power of the human mind is undermined by the demands of society. Many state that stress is good. Stress is actually not good if it is experienced repeatedly or over long periods of time. This type of stress changes the cellular structure of our DNA.

human body  how to survive 2012

So we note that the masses of the world population are highly stressed or not happy with themselves. We also know what happens when people are unhappy- they cannot display loving demeanour, hurt those around them and compassion becomes a 10 letter word too difficult to practice.

Stress must be relieved and happiness nurtured for us to enjoy life.

So how is stress relieved?
1. List the things that make you feel stressed. Rate the stress from a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being extreme stress that you would not want to tolerate repeatedly.
2. List the things that make you feel light-hearted and happy.

When are you stressed? When are you happy?

3. By keeping it simple: Increase the things that make you happy and decrease the things that make you stressed. Start by addressing the ones at the extreme of the scale.

4. Engage in exercise 20 minutes a day to increase the happiness endorphin. Take in fresh air to rejuvenate your body.
5. Consume fresh natural foods and drink pure water.
6. Enjoy restful deep sleep each night.
7. Spend time with loved ones in person or other means. Preferably the former.
8. Engage in a job with the knowledge that you are contributing to our planet a job that makes you feel happy even if the money is not as grand. If you do not like your job, get another job or start your own enterprise doing something that you love doing. Never remain in a job that makes you feel unhappy or unworthy. You are hurting yourself and your employer.
9. Wish your fellow beings well always. Do not engage in hurtful actions.
10. Practice compassion – it is simple and very rewarding and addictive by the way!

So my dear reader, I wish you and your loved ones the very best for 2012. For all the predictions made and all the speculations on what is to become of our planet in December 2012, it behooves us to look deep within ourselves and to be our true selves.

Be happy this year.


It is time to be happy.

With love,
Dr. Vie, Founder, Scientist and Nature lover


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