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Dr Vie Superfoods Guinness Yoga World Record Breaker Montreal Quebec 2011

World Yoga Guinness Record Breaker Jasmin Gow from Montreal, Quebec is a fan of Dr. Vie Chocolat.

Dr. Vie Superfoods+ freshly made and enjoyed by all who stopped by our booth at the Food Show in Montreal, Quebec this Valentine weekend 12 and 13 February 2011 at the Place Bonaventure. 

We thank everyone : children, sports enthusiasts, yoga instructors, naturopaths, raw foodists, vegans, health store owners and staff, grocery store staff, distributors and seniors who stopped by our booth.  We enjoyed all the hugs we received this weekend! A lot of hugs all 2 days.

What was sampled during the two days? Our delicious fresh Dr. Vie Dessert Berrilicious and LuCocolicious and Dr. Vie Go Sports Balls. The children enjoyed a dip in our chocolate fondue. YUM.

Watch Dr. Vie TV for the wonderful interviews with an Ottawa juggler (balancing act with Dr. Vie Superfoods cap – must see this one) and ski patroller, Montreal Masters cyclists, cancer survivor Masters cyclist, yoga world guinness record breaker, raw foodist from Toronto, CHFA President, raving fans of Dr. Vie Superfoods for over four years and much more.

Yasmin Gow whom we interviewed on Dr. Vie TV broke the world record for yoga at her studio in West Island Montreal. Yasmin has taught yoga for nearly a decade. Her practice is based in Ashtanga yoga and inspired by dance, nature and the interconnectivity of life. Also a writer, speaker and environmentalist, Yasmin is the owner of Om West Holistic Centre in Montreal, has toured Canada with David Suzuki, instructed professional athletes, and released a DVD series.

Once again, thanks to all who stopped by our booth this weekend. Thanks to our Dr. Vie team for their hard work. Mega thanks for the numerous hugs.

With love on this Valentines Day


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Dr. Vie, Founder & mountain trail runner

 Dr. Vie Superfoods

Montreal, Canada