DearĀ [wlm_firstname],

I had launched these series of videos to help our members during the holidays.

These tips can be used at any time and especially when you are under stress and during any festive season.

Enjoy, practice and feel great at anytime.


Congratulations to Rosemary Chiu who won our Holiday Chocolate Contest on 4 December! My athlete, Olympian Jasmin Glaesser (who feasts on my foods) telephoned Rosemary to tell her the news – check out the video below and see for yourself!

Winners of Two 30 minutes Health Coaching sessions with Dr. Vie
On 15 January 2013 two lucky members (who registered for the Holiday Tips) won a gift valued at $1000 for two 30 minute sessions of health coaching with me. Congratulations to Sarah Carlisle and Bhawna Katyal. Congratulations women. You have until 30 March 2013 to redeem your prize. Check your inbox for the winning email.

Thanks to all those members who registered for the Dr. Vie Holiday Tips course during the holidays..


With love

Dr. Vie


Video One: Introduction to the Series of Videos. Watch this video first.


Video Two: Morning Boost #1 Still in Bed?

Video Three: Morning Power Stretch & Exercise Tips



Video Four: Breaking Fast & Snack Attack Pack?


Video Five: How to reset your inner dial for for 2013?



Video Six: Yoga Training By Olympian Jasmin Glaesser & Athlete Justin Readings.




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  1. Doctor

    Welcome everyone! Remember to post your comments and questions here. Interact with the rest of the team freely. I shall tune in at least once a week to answer your questions. Remember I am giving away 2 gifts (valued $500) on the 15 January for two of our members. Also, on 2 January you will all have access to JUMPSTART 2013. You will see the tab on the menu section above. I am here for you ladies. Lots of love, Dr. Vie.

  2. Doctor

    Welcome to Roseline, Sabira, Dhanhya, Sheri, Carol, Shivani, Isha, Mamta, Julie, Amarjit, Seema, Shylaja, Nancy, Vidhi and Kirsten our new members. Remember to post your comments or any questions that you have here. Why not tell us what you eat for breakfast? I shall be giving it the thumbs up or down! Thumbs up means it is good for your body plan during the hols.

  3. Sarah Carlisle

    I have found these videos very informative.
    For breakfast this morning i had a bowl of Porridge – 1/4 cup of quick oats, 2/3 cup water, microwaved for 90 seconds, added 1/4 cup of milk and 2 satches of equal, also a glass of orange juice

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