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Dr. Vie London Olympic 2012 Canadian Womens Track Cycling Team

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Dr Vie London Olympics 2012 Track Cycling Canadian Women Laura Brown Steph Roorda

Six months to go to the 2012 London Olympics and Dr. Vie’s women are preparing at the LA velodrome in California. Laura Brown, Steph Roorda (above) and Gillian Carleton (below) are key riders on Dr. Vie Superfoods Canadian Womens Cycling Team based out of Vancouver, BC. These woman are now in full swing training for the first ever Olympic event in track cycling. This week they compete in time trials in Los Angeles for the London World Cup this month.

Dr Vie Canadian Womens Track TeamDr Vie Canadian Womens Cycling Team 2012

Dr Vie athlete Gillian Carleton London Olympics 2012 Canadian Womens Track Team

Gillian Carleton

Dr. Vie has been feeding many Canadian athletes & fitness enthusiasts since 2009 when she launched her line of Dr. Vie Sports foods.  The foods are formulated to help the athletes perform at their optimum through excellent digestion, sustained energy and low-allergens. Go (before exercise), Nutri (during exercise) and ReCharge (after exercise). Dr. Vie athletes range from age eight to age 70+ around Canada in the USA.

Maggie Coles-Lyster Dr. Vie cyclist 2012 Canadian womens team

Maggie Cole-Lyster

” Dr. Vie we can’t express enough how grateful we are to have you on board and present at our events. I I absolutely love your foods, being a huge advocate of optimal nutrition for sport and performance. Not to mention, all of your foods are so delicious, one wouldn’t even know they are completely guilt-free!” Jenny Lehman.

Jenny Lehmann Dr. Vie cyclist 2012 Canadian womens team

Jenny Lehman

Dr. Vie’s women’s cycling team based out of Vancouver consists of 8 amazing women, the youngest of whom, Maggie is 13 years old. Each of the young woman has their own personality and compassionate nature. They strive for peak performance in the training and races but moreover they also reach out to the community and to youngsters and woman around our planet by sharing their hope for improving the lives of women.

Sarah Coney Dr. Vie cyclist 2012 Canadian womens team

Sarah Coney

This year these young woman join Dr. Vie in sharing our message to the world: love and compassion begins within each of us.

Rachel Canning Dr. Vie cyclist 2012 Canadian womens team

Rachel Canning

Stay tuned for our live interviews with each of these young women, their parents, their friends and their coaches as they train and race around our planet. The first interview will be aired this week.

Jessica Hannah Dr. Vie cyclist 2012 Canadian womens team

Jessica Hannah


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Dr. Vie, Scientist & Founder

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