Dr. Vie Scientific Discovery and Research Findings

Since 2000 Dr. Vie's scientific discovery and research findings from around the globe have been revealing how to rescue humanity and Planet Earth from man-made diseases and destruction.

Today, the media and research institutes appear to refer to similar conclusions. Albeit belatedly, while at the same time continuing to support activities that destroy fellow human well being, the environment and the future. You and the planet, your home, is under greater risk for destruction today, than in 2000 when Dr. Vie began sharing her findings.

What Are Dr. Vie's Research Findings That You Need To Pay Attention To Today More Than Ever?​

Naturally Healthy Foods​

​Simple, natural, organic fresh foods are ideal for human consumption and sustaining mental, physical and emotional well being. However, the current economy driven structure falls short of fulfilling the fundamental human need. "Today's Superfoods," food supplements and trendy foods driven by business plans and shareholder greed, are instead worsening the basic food needs of humans.

​Environmental Toxins

​Man-made machines and technology, within the ground, above ground, and in the oceans, supposedly to better life, are harmful to all living beings.

Brain Damage From Drugs and Alcohol

​Greed for money and power, and the legalization of "recreational" drugs to deal with life stressors, will continue to decrease brain capacity in humans within a decade. Man-made drugs from alcohol to over the counter and to recreational drugs, will be the cause of a rise in violent crimes, suicide,  incapacitated driving and work related accidents-due to poor cognitive functioning.

Work Stress

​Pressure of work stress and competition will take its toll on the human body and mind, resulting in an increase in weakened relationships, depression, anger issues and destruction of the environment.

Better Parenting

​The lack of proper parenting, due to lesser time in the home environment, will lead to to asocial and deviant family dynamics, decreased compassion and higher risk for mental and emotional disorders.

Children Mentoring

​The lack of proper role models in the home, threaten the normal healthy development of children.

Senior Care

​Without proper care, the aging population will risk depression and alienation.

Mental Health

With the increase in stress, toxic environments, lack of compassion, inequality, crime, and physical and mental pain, the reliance on drugs will increase. Further decreasing the capacity of the human brain, rippling into destruction of the planet.

What Are Dr. Vie's Wellness Products?

Naturally Healthy Foods

How  can you function within a world gone crazy with corporate greed at the sacrifice of human health? Dr. Vie's programs retrain yourself to select and consume the truly healthy foods. Her naturally healthy food recipes developed in 2002 are available for licensing throughout the globe.

Mind-Body Programs

How  can you balance work-relationships-quiet time in a busy world? Dr. Vie's programs teach you the techniques to restore control over your mind and body.

Stress Management Techniques

How  can you reduce stress, relax and unwind each day in given your full agenda? Dr. Vie's programs teach you the relaxation techniques to restore your vital signs and reduce negative thoughts.

Personal Development Workshops

How  can you grow as a better human being, far beyond a successful career person, or bread winner? Dr. Vie's personal guidance one on one promotes your personal growth and transformation, and drives your inner sense of accomplishment.

Parenting Workshops

How  can you balance work and family, and feel assured that your most vital role, that of child rearing is your greatest success story? Dr. Vie's seminar and workshops focus on the essentials you as a parent must know to better parenting and better family relationships.

Relationship Workshops

How  can you choose the partner for you? How can be the best partner possible without the stress of competing in your relationship? Dr. Vie's one on one guidance helps you to love yourself first, and unconditionally love your partner.

Children's Seminars

How  can your child develop their own self concept, self esteem and courage in today's fast paced world? Dr. Vie's workshops with tens of thousands of youth, help children to find their way and tap into the best of themselves, leading to proper maturation of their emotional, mental and physical being.

Inspirational and Motivational Speaking

How  can you feel motivated to continue your daily work, responsibilities as a colleague or partner or parent, or grandparent? Dr. Vie's inspirational talks have inspired tens of thousands of all ages to feel better about themselves.

The food industry plays around with our emotions, and because of that, we are sicker than ever.

Want to MAKE Foods WORK For You Everyday? 

I've been in the health foods industry as a food scientist, natural foods entrepreneur, and natural foods educator for over 15 years. I'd love to share my insights with you, so you can live a better life and feel better. Click below to get the intro to foods video course. Lots of love, V.


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