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USA Cycling News featured Quebec-based Dr. Vie Superfoods and super sprinter Joelle Numainville. Team TIBCO/To the Top took on a distinctly Canadian flavour for 2011 with the addition of accomplished riders Tara Whitten, Joelle Numainville and Erinne Willock. That flavour – with a nice boost of nutrition and energy – was enhanced even more when the Team joined forces with Montreal, Quebec-based Dr. Vie Superfoods. The company’s extensive product line is all natural and made from vegan recipes.

Dr. Vie was interviewed by Jeff Sobul from California, USA.

Dr. Vie logoWe took a little time with company founder and namesake, Dr. Vie, to talk about her products, and her support of Team TIBCO, in particular the Team’s three Canadians.

What do you feel really sets your products apart?Our philosophy is “Eat fresh, natural, powerful, low allergenic foods to optimize performance of the mind body and soul.”

What differentiates us from energy bars on the market is that our products are not energy bars, instead they are foods.

The secret is not complicated – we bring to our consumers basic foods, utterly delicious, made fresh to order, treated as fresh foods and packaged to go in 100% bio-compostable wrappers. The inks on the bags are non-toxic water based inks.

Our foods are individually made fresh to order in our own Dr. Vie Food Facility. We don’t outsource our manufacturing to a mass production site that makes brands for the world’s food products. Our Dr. Vie Food Facility is a 100% vegan, low-allergenic, nut-free, soy-free, gluten-free food facility. Our fresh foods are not made for long shelf life, either within our body or on the store shelf. Our daily lunch and meals that my staff and I bring in to our food facility also subscribe to the same properties. No company anywhere in the world can attest to this paradigm.

Foods are only one part of our commitment to our consumers. We engage in continued research and development into natural wellness at our own Dr. Vie research facility. We support our consumers at various public events around Canada, interacting with them, sharing their lives and helping them in their communities. I am personally involved in these events and interviews. Each day after my day job at our food facility, I interact with our consumers through articles, social media, workshops and training from Dr. Vie Wellness Center here in Montreal.

Rider with Dr. Vie barDid you create the products with women in mind, or is the nutritional content good for anyone?

My initial focus was on preventing food related illness and using food as powerful medicine – following the recovery of Mother Vie from breast cancer while on my regiment of health formulas. Yes it was initially focused on womens health. As my research evolved and as I engaged in development of food formulas it evolved into low-allergenic foods for all. I also have formulas for hormonal balance for women and women’s nutritional needs. However as my initial food formulas are foods, they are made for everyone. Future products will be tuned to different groups.

What new products have you been sharing with Team members this year.

Our frozen Dessert line: BerriLicious (goji & acai & seabuckthorn berries) and LuCocolicious (lucuma fruit and coconut) were shared with Team TIBCO at the Gatineau race in May.

The team also tried Dr. Vie ChocoShok children’s snack on a stick. The children’s line of snack and desserts will be launched next month. The Dr.Vie TV shows reveal the team devouring the desserts and ChocoShok! I feel so touched to be sharing my food with the Team.

As a Canadian company, how do you feel about supporting the Team, with its three Canadian standouts, in particular, Quebecois Joelle?Our Canadian athletes are truly remarkable. Tara Whitten, whom I met last year on the Velodrome track, was in love with our foods even then. She is a down-to-earth and multifaceted woman whose achievements speak louder than words. Erinne Willock, whom I spent time with in May, is such an amiable and delightful woman. Her aura is very strong and loving. Of course, Joelle Numainville, who is based right here in Quebec, I’ve hung around the gym where she trains and I’ve interviewed her coaches. She is an amazing young woman with the athletic prowress of an Amazon woman. Joelle is blessed to train with such role models as Tara and Erinne and of the rest of Team TIBCO.

I feel humble sharing the lives of these incredible Canadian women who are incredible  role models for youngsters and all people around our planet. During my time with them and my personal interviews with them, I learn so much more about them. I am humbled that our foods are nourishing the bodies of these three Canadian standouts and the rest of the USA team. It is my honour to be part of Team TIBCO. My hats off to Linda Jackson and Lisa Hunt two phenomenal women who run the team.


Canadian National Road Champion Joelle Numainville has enjoyed consistently good form in 2011. In the spring, she delivered a strong top 10 finish at the Tour of Flanders, and in the past month she’s posted a series of wins and podiums at big races, including the win this past weekend at the Clarendon Cup, and a 2nd to World Champion Giorgia Bronzini at the GP Gatineau (Hear Dr. Vie Radio interview with Joelle click here). Jeff Sobul sat down with her for a little insight into what drives her on and off the bike.

Who got you into competitive cycling?
My parents. I didn’t like the bike at first. I switched from mountain to road because I lived in the city, and it was hard to get out on the trails. They pushed me until I learned to like the road

What is your most memorable ride or race?
Definitely Junior Worlds in Italy in 2004. It was my first international race. It was the first time I understood the influence of the UCI and how far I could aspire to go in the sport.

What are your personal cycling goals for the rest of the season?
I’m singularly focused on the Olympic selection. It’s my biggest goal right now. Everything else I have done or do – Pan Ams, Nationals, racing in Europe – all support this goal.

What’s in your jersey pockets and/or saddle bag while training?
Not too much. I have Dr. Vie bars and my cell phone

Who is your greatest mentor – athletic or otherwise?
This one is easy. My mom.

To what do you attribute your success?
Every day I work hard on the bike. It’s an every-day thing. I put 100% of what I have into what I’m doing every day.

What website(s) do you check daily?

If you won the lottery, what would be your first purchase?
A motorboat – to water ski behind

What’s the last thing you cooked?
I don’t cook, but I made a salad with chicken last night.

You ride for both Team TIBCO and the Canadian National Team, and on top of that you’re enrolled in university. How do you balance everything?
When I race, I am racing. When I study, it’s a separate part of my day. Let’s say in the mornings, I train. I give 100% to my training. After, I know I did it well, and it’s done. After Nationals, I will turn my focus to my studies more. When I study, I give 100% of my studies.

This is how I am in life. When I do what I do, I give it 100% and then I move on to the other thing, and give that thing 100%. This makes balance not too difficult. I’m not worried about one thing while I’m doing the other.

Cycling has taken you all over the globe. Do you enjoy the travel or do you just consider it “part of the job?” What are some of the cooler places you have been?
I enjoy traveling. I really do. The only problem sometimes is that you don’t choose the time or place. Most of the time, I really enjoy it, though. The coolest place that I’ve been is Switzerland. The border of Switzerland and Italy is so different. It’s beautiful, and I really liked it there.