June 6

Dr. Vie’s Joelle Numainville Team Tibco 4th at Liberty Classics USA

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Dr-Vie-Joelle-Numainville-Tibco-Liberty-Classic-4th-2011-Giorgia Bronzini 1st

Philadelphia, PA – Dr. Vie’s Joelle Numainville of Team TIBCO  4th place in the bunch sprint finish of the Liberty Classic in Philadelphia, with teammate Joanne Kiesanowski taking 6th. World Champion Giorgia Bronzini (Colavita) took the victory, her second major win on North American soil after narrowly edging out Numainville at the GP Gatineau two weeks ago. Watch Dr. Vie TV interview with Joelle and Giorgia Bronzini click here.“The girls rode a great race today,” said Team Directeur Sportif Lisa Hunt. “I’m really proud of them. It’s always a gamble when things come down to a bunch sprint. The difference between second, third and fourth was tiny. It wasn’t exactly the outcome we wanted, but I’m happy with the way everyone raced.”

The race was partially defined by a solo break by Juvederm-Specialized rider Lex Albrecht, who took leave of the bunch on lap one and stayed away until the fourth and final trip up the Manayunk Wall.

“Everyone seemed content to let her stay out there,” Hunt said. “We weren’t going to kill ourselves to try to bring it back. It was working to our favor. But I think if you asked all the girls, the consensus would be that the race wasn’t hard enough.”

Once Albrecht was brought back, a series of attacks on the final trip up the Wall broke up the field. “We were in it with Joelle at the front, but everything came back together after the climb,” Hunt said.

From there it was a matter of setting up for the sprint. “I’m please with how everything went, and how everyone rode,” Hunt added. “It’s good to have most everyone back and healthy. I’m looking forward to next weekend and Nature Valley.”

Next weekend, the Team will contest the Clarendon Cup races in preparation for the Nature Valley Grand Prix, which starts the following Wednesday, June 15.

More Junior Achievement

Dr. Vie’s Team TIBCO Juniors Page Robertson and Aliya Traficante continued to dominate their age groups in California racing. Both riders had already won state Road and Criterium championships in their respective age groups; Robertson in the 15/16 group, Traficante in 13/14. Over the weekend, they both completed the hat trick by taking their respective district/state Time Trial championships

We are so proud of our girls on Team Tibco. Joelle our local Montreal girl is an amazing youngster. Listen to Dr. Vie Radio interview with Joelle just before the race.

Come meet our girls Joelle Numainville, Tara Whitten and Erinne Willock our elite Canadian cyclists at the Canadian National Championships in Burlington Ontario 23-26 June 2011. Drop by our tent, share our foods with our girls, get autographs and pictures and learn directly from them about the medals and tips.

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