Dr Vie Food Packaging good for you good for our planet
Dr Vie Food Packaging good for you good for our planet

According to Global News TV, 10 January 2011, reporter Christina Stevens ” food packaging may be leeching toxic chemicals into your foods, rendering them a threat to your body.”” These chemicals  are very persistent, for the same reason that they protect against grease and water means that they are not degradable by most natural processes, so they have a very long life in the environment in general and they also have a long lifetime in our bodies. ”

As Chief Scientist at Dr. Vie, I, Dr. Vie,  have been steadfast in my research on food packaging.  We invest heavily into research and development of our food packaging which is made with paper from renewable sources at managed plantations, free of GMO, certified by the European and US composting standards and composts at home in 12 weeks in addition to composting in waste water.

However, our journey has been and continues to be a challenge for us. The main concern is cost of the materials. Additionally, we use two color water inks to maintain compostability (yes more colors more danger) so our packaging is ‘boring “ according to many store owners and staff. They want packaging that jumps off the shelf and screams for attention from the consumer. The want flashy, sorry we have no flash!

Furthermore, the cost of biocompostable packaging is higher than a regular polyprop film that 80% of the food is wrapped in. The consumer is against  bearing the cost.

The long term effect to our dear planet is deadly, moreover the long term effect on our health is huge.  However, if the health store owner, staff and consumer (whom we regard as being at the forefront of health) are unable to embrace compostable packaging with all its boring looks, then where is our planet headed? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Another vital topic is that of fresh foods.  Our body needs fresh foods. Our body is designed to break down, digest and assimilate fresh food.  Would you eat an apple that is one year old?  Would you store  yoghurt in your cupboard? Fresh foods require proper storage until consumed.  Shop retail managers, staff and consumers need to take the proper steps in the process. Display fresh foods in the fresh food sections or in the fridge at home. Eat fresh, look fresh!

Would you prefer minimum food packaging? Would you be up to packaging your own food at the store?

What are your thoughts on this topic dear to my heart. Send your comments now.

Sincerely, Dr. Vie, Scientist, Dr. Vie, Inc.



Montreal Canada, Planet Earth