March 17

How to prevent damage from radiation like that from Japan’s nuclear leak?



DrVie-Fukushima 50Exposure to radiation increases from the nuclear plants in Japan, Fukushima 50 workers in the plant on a suicide mission, Californians and west coasters stocking up on K1 Iodide. Which direction will the wind blow? To Tokyo or to California? What happens to the Fukushima 50?

As the planet waits we ponder some important questions: What should you do in the threat of radiation exposure to prevent death or if you survive how do you prevent the threat of cancer?  So many questions…so little time……In these troubled times, especially for the Japanese people, the world is reminded of Nagasaki, Hiroshima and of course Chernobyl which seems like light years ago.

The above question begs the answer: What type of radiation? Irradiation passing through your body or contamination into the body.  How long are people exposed to the radiation? What parts of the body are exposed? What form of exposure i.e. ingestion or topical exposure? How intense is the radiation measured by a dosimeter in grays (Gy).

How much radiation is considered damaging? The fetus ( exposure of just 2 Gys) and growing children are the most susceptible to injury short and long term from death to cancer.  The ovaries, testes (5-15 Gy), kidneys and the brain (exposure to 50 Gys) are also relatively more susceptible. Actually, our world is beset with radioactivity in various forms and levels including those emitted from some smoke detectors.  Our risk for radiation is increased each time we take a flight!  The Fukushima 50 are being exposed to 8 sieverts/Gy of radiation every hour which is equal to the total amount of radiation that humans are exposed to in a year.

Historically, our base of reference is of course the atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Reports revealed  nausea and vomiting within 2-3 hours after exposure and diarrhea from intestinal damage. We now know that if the damage is to the brain then death occurs within a few hours. 10-20 Gy exposure leads to damage to digestive system and death in a few months. Damage to the blood system affect the spleen, lymph nodes and bone marrow (6-10 Gy) leading to death in a few months.

So what do we do when that fated day arrives? During a nuclear emergency stay tuned to news updates and instructions of when to take K1. Evacuation is the best.  Otherwise, stay indoors,  board up your windows, keep all air outlets closed including air conditionaing, chimney outlets and take refuge in lower areas ideally in basements with sufficient water and food.

For adults one 130 mg Potassium Iodide (K1) tablet taken just when the radioactive cloud approaches to within 3 hours after the cloud has approached is typically sufficient for up to 24 hours. If the contamination continues a second dose of K1 should be taken every 24 hours.  Allergic reactions to K1 have been noted in people with certain allergies including allergy to shellfish, people with thyroid disease (hyperthyroidism or goiter).  An overdose of K1 can also lead to allergic reactions – no need to take more than the dosage.

Post contamination natural solutions have been proved to be highly effective. Longitudinal studies post Chernobyl have shown that a large portion of the children aged 0-4 developed thyroid cancer. In Poland 97% of children were administered with K1 and kept off contaminated milk with great success. However, K1 does not prevent cancers or damage to other parts of the body.

Please note that K1 is not the same as iodine or iodine tablets which are actually poison. Do not ingest iodine or iodine water purification tablets as they are poisonous to humans.

What happens post contamination? Field studies of natural foods of spirulina, ginseng, chlorella and seaweed were extremely powerful in rebuilding the immune system and healing the body as indicated by doctors during the atomic bomb in Nagasaki.

Movie images of  ‘scrub downs’ after nuclear contaminations also come to mind.  The logic behind that is to rid the body and skin (a large organ of the body) of contamination. Hot baths in epsom salts and sea salts up to 20-25 minutes until the water cools acts as a detoxifying agent and cleanses the body of damaging toxins following exposure to external contamination or internal radiation effects.

So, as the rest our planet scavengers their pharmacies and stores for supply of K1, the terrified yet spiritually calm Japanese survivors of the tsunami share their food and water with fellow survivors. No hysteria, no hoarding, no fights, no complaints, no hatred, no looting.  Just humility and spiritual calm. In the burning nuclear plants the Fukushima 50 are being exposed to 8 Gy of radiation each hour, doomed to die, yet working selflessly to save Japan.

Let us spare a few minutes at the very least to pray or meditate if you will on the well being of these amazing souls, the Fukushima 50.

Bless the Fukushima 50 and all that they do.

Bless the people of Japan so they may be saved.

Bless the spirit of Japan so they may heal.

With love


Dr. Vie, Scientist & Founder

Mother Vie, Chairwoman

Montreal, Canada

We are donating proceeds from our GShok and Go to Japan.


In Canada text ASIA 30333 to donate $5 to the RedCross

In USA text REDCROSS 90999 to donate $10

Please help by meditating or praying for Japan.


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