2011 Track World Championships Holland Group Dr Vie girls3 of Team Canada Team Pursuit  women in 2012 year were Dr. Vie athletes.  Laura Brown (Dr. Vie’s 2010 2011 & 2012 athlete) is  from BC for 2011-2012,  Jasmin Glaesser (Dr. Vie athlete 2010-2012) and Gillian Carleton (Dr. Vie athlete 2012).



Dr Vie athlete Gillian Carleton London Olympics 2012 Canadian Womens Track Team

This incredible women’s Team Pursuit represented Canada at the world cups in 2012 in Melbourne Australia, Cali Columbia, China and UK. Watch Dr. VIE TV of the girls at their 2012 London Olympic Bronze Medal win and recent Dr. VIE TV shows.

Dr. Vie Canadian athletes Jasmine Glaesser Tara Whitten Gillian Carelton silver medal London World Cup track team pursuit February 2012

Jasmin Glaesser, Tara Whitten and Gillian Carleton won Silver at the London World Cup February 2012.


Jasmin Glaesser (left), Tara Whitten & Gillian Carleton won the bronze medal at the London Olympics 2012. Jasmin Glaesser is a Dr. Vie SuperKid Role Model.


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