Time to get energized not just in your body but in your mind?

6 weeks of online training via videos,

customized assessments,

interaction and support

to stimulate changes in your life,

inspire vibrant health, dynamic energy, pure bliss and peace of mind.

 Take it at your own pace.

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 This program of love makes a special gift for loved ones to bring joy into their lives in 2014.

If it a gift, the program will become active only after the recipient receives the gift and activates the training online.

What is the program about?

Why is it not as easy to enjoy peace of mind even though we are following
the rules and doing all that is needed of us?
The online training program guides you

step by step to dive deep into your world

to reveal how you can enjoy life by being your real Self.

No need to hide, lie or feel afraid of being YOU.

No need to feel depressed, addicted or live without purpose.

What is your purpose in life? How can you make a difference in the world by being YOU?

Through videos, audios, practical exercises and live online support

and a live webinar with questions and answers.

Four modules, with 4 lessons in each module. Self Assessments in each lesson.

Learn at your own pace.

Learn, practice and discover your peace of mind.

You learn and your practice each day.

You post your questions and Dr. Vie answers them.


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Lots of love, Dr. Vie