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Dr. Vie Community



Hello. You are here because you are getting ready to join my upcoming FaceBook Private Group.  

Please ensure that you have completed steps one to four (listed in your email) also.

As our Group is being made up of amazing people, just like you, we need to make sure that we understand your interest in joining us.


Find a list of questions below. Do answer them from your heart.

Of course there are no right or wrong answers, so please freely share your thoughts the best you can.

Remember, I am here to support you and share everything that I know with you.

I would love for you to experience the very best of yourself, I can only support you when I get to know you better as per your notes below.


Lots of love and hugs, until our meeting in FaceBook.

Dr. Vie (V)


Thank you so much for helping me understand your needs. I am looking forward to meeting you soon. Lots of love and hugs, always, Dr. Vie

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