A 39 year old single mother of an 8 year old girl tries to extort money from her former employer. She creates a detailed web of lies and untruths to her family, friends and lawyer. As she repeats the untrue story she becomes more involved into it. Her network dives deep into the details. They believe every word that she says. They begin to empathize with her. They begin to hate the innocent employer who did everything by the book. According to Vedic teachings and the Four Nobel Truths of the Buddha, we should first of all be truthful to our own Self. When we think, say or do harm wrongfully to others, we only hurt our Self, our family and our networks. Eventually the negative Karma becomes not only your Karma, but the Karma of your family, friends, society, nation and ultimately the Planet.  We are the cause of everything that is going on in our world today.  Fortunately, every action that we take can be changed by taking simple steps thereby changing the future.  How should  Vicky handle her current Karma and changes her future Karma?


The case of the 39 year old con-artist, Vicky, becomes part of the future Karma. Post your comments  below.

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