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Mamie Pearl Winborne is a master’s prepared registered nurse. She received her Associate degree from Bronx Community College in New York, her BSN degree from Molloy College in Rockville Centre, Long Island, and her master’s degree from Hofstra University in Hempstead, Long Island. Her first job, as a professional nurse, was on a pediatric unit at Queens General Hospital in Queens, New York. Pearl, as she is referred to, thanks that job experience for helping her to recognize the special place in her heart, reserved exclusively for children. She embraces her life’s mission, to empower at risk children, to passionately live healthy lives, filled with knowledge, laughter, integrity and kinship. Pearl became alarmed by the fast growing number of children affected by conditions previously only known to adults. Inspired by the harsh reality of this epidemic in today’s world, the author’s inspiration compels/ed her to alert readers and identify the culprits responsible for the downward health phenomena that permeate our young generation. Hence, in the interest of our youth’s health linked plight, Pearl published her first book, on a health catastrophe that plague our youth from the intriguing pages of Sweet Sugar, I Got Your Back.


About the book
One of the author’s incentives in writing this book was to inspire teens to learn about health challenges that affect their lives. With the information this book provides, it is likely that the reader will be motivated to learn even more about other health related entities and their warning signals. This, of course, can serve to enhance our youth’s confidence to effectively recognize and react appropriately to a potential or actual health linked situation. In a health crisis, this astuteness can prove to be invaluable to a friend or a family member in need of their assistance. The author also helps teens to understand the potential consequence/s of sharing or not sharing life-threatening health secrets. The author has created a fun read, and a timely book, consisting of both fiction and truth. As for adult readers, they can glean information about the sensitivity many teenagers face when dealing with dangerous health challenges.

Sweet Sugar, I Got Your Back is an entertaining, action –filled, informed teen fiction.
The author highlights the vulnerability of teens facing health challenges, specifically diabetes. The author, a health educator, brings the characters to life. She shows how keeping a secret and a promise between teenagers almost cost the life of a friend.


Book: Sweet Sugar, I got your back
ISBN: 978-0-615-58624-3
Genre- Informational teen fiction
Targeted Audience- Teens
Primary Subject Matter – Diabetes

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