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DrVie-Matt-Baker-Mixed Martial Arts BFL fight 26 March 2011

Matt Baker Dr. Vie Mixed Martial Arts jiu jitsu fighter from BC wins 40 second knockout BattleField Fight League early this morning in Nanaimo Vancouver Island.  Matt Baker “Riot Maker” Baker with a body of steel toppled his opponent Jose Cornejo effortlessly within 5 seconds into the fight. Matt feeds on Dr. Vie Go sports balls before his fights especially to cut weight to qualify for Middle Weight fights. “I can lose weight while eating chocolate!” says Matt, Riot Maker Baker.

DrVie-Matt-Baker-Mixed Martial Arts BFL win 26 March 2011

Matt’s story is an amazing one. Raised as a foster child, shuffled from one home to the next, he finally finds his foster parents and is taken into the world of martial arts and jiu jitsu. He is surrounded by great mentors from world champions to Canadian idols. This young man donates his monies to foster children and focuses his time on training disadvantaged youth in the age old sport of martial arts at his Champions Gym in Langley BC. 

DrVie-Matt-Baker-Mixed Martial Arts BFL win 26 March 2011

You are a champion Matt Baker. Not many people can overcome such challenges and become an endearing role model for youngsters. It takes true soul and grit. Click here to listen to Dr. Vie Radio interviews with Matt

“I am proud to support Matt’s efforts with steering children in the proper path in life. His deep committment to making a difference in our community is truly commendable. Once so often we come across a soul such as Matt, who makes us believe in the power of love,” says Dr. Vie.

It is not about the money, it is about pure love and making a difference.  Not many athletes, even those who have aquired fame & wealth can attest to truly making a difference in the lives of our fellow humans.  Have you made a difference today? Try it, you may enjoy it.

Meet Matt at Dr. Vie event  in Vancouver 14-17 April 2011. Become our fan on facebook and receive special invitations.

We at Dr. Vie Superfoods are donating the proceeds from the sales of our GO sports balls to the survivors of Japan’s tsunami and nuclear disaster. 


In Canada text ASIA 30333 to donate $5 to the RedCross

In USA text REDCROSS 90999 to donate $10

Please help by meditating or praying for Japan.

Thank you for your support.

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Dr. Vie, Montreal, Canada


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