Dr. Vie, Inc. is a Canadian Company based in Montréal, Québec.  Founded in 2005 the Corporation has been engaged in research and development of fresh foods and healthy lifestyles for natural living.  The founding research focused  on foods for sustaining personal health and health for the planet. The high quality ingredients and final products were wrapped in 100% renawable  paper from managed plantations making it the first product in the world to be sustaining in both ingredients and packaging that could compost at home in 12 weeks. Certified by US and EU councils on biocomposting.

The original line of Dr. Vie Chocolat was launched in 2007 specifically for the Health Foods market. In 2009 the Dr. Vie Sports foods and Dr. Vie Boost line was introduced. This was rapidly endorsed by numerous athletes and fitness and wellness experts around the globe. Several of the well-known Sports bars were being replaced by Dr. Vie fresh foods because of its properties and delicious natural taste.

In 2010 Dr. Vie launched Dr. Vie TV and Dr. Vie Radio focusing on education and awareness of health issues and health tips for everyone. Free and accessible online 24/7.  Dr. Vie launched the Preview of CODE Of V.I.E. as series of educational training media on How to Achieve Eternal Happiness.

By the end of 2011 Dr. Vie had researched and developed the Children’s low allergenic food line. The year 2012 found Dr. Vie launching Dr. Vie Academy to train and educate people on healthy living.  In March 2012 Dr. Vie launched her 2 free health seminars on the health of the brain, body and spirit. In April 2012 Dr. Vie developed the first in a line of at home Baking kits for the entire family.

“We have developed many tasty foods that are low on the allergenic scale, sugar free, low glycemic, 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan and nut free. These foods will nourish the body as foods were meant to. Additionally, Our foods can be eaten by a variety of people across a variety of activities. The long-term goal is to prevent food related illnesses like acquired diabetes, problems with cholesterol and a variety of cancers.  Happiness is not only based on foods but on a healthy state of mind, hence our Dr. Vie TV, Radio, Dr. Vie Academy and CODE of V.I.E series focused on stimulating happiness,” says Dr. Vie, Founder of the Corporation.