My name is Dr. Vie, only daughter of the most incredible parents on our planet. My lineage is from India and a French Indian island Mauritius. I was born and raised in South Africa home of Nelson Mandela and residence of Mahatma Gandhi, my mentors for life

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Mother Vie (left in the picture above) and I started our Company Dr. Vie, Inc. in 2005 in Canada in memory of my darling Father Vie(right in the picture above).  We lost Father Vie very suddenly to heart disease in the late 1990’s in South Africa.  Shortly thereafter Mother Vie developed breast cancer while I was working as a medical device scientist in Europe.

I could  not save Father, so I vowed to help Mother overcome the ailment. I arrived in South Africa from Switzerland with bags filled with natural remedies, a mind brimming with powerful recipes and my heart overflowing with love.  A miracle happened and Mother regained her health.

On returning to Europe I decided to switch careers from a medical device scientist to a specialist in natural health. So my adventure began.

In 2005 after many years of research and development funded by our life savings, Mother & I decided to launch our Company. In January 2007 our first food product was sold in Canadian health and speciality stores.  Our foods were hand-made and we hand-packed our precious fresh foods into 100% bio-compostable paper bags (from managed plantations) at our low-allergenic factory in Montreal.  We wanted everything that we produced to be pristine, pure & non-allergenic, so that we could consume our foods ourselves each day.

Dr Vie Chocolat original Superbody Plan

So followed five years of individually making hundreds of thousands of our foods myself with my bare hands and when lucky skeletal staff. Long hours 7 days a week, often time working through midnight and being snowed in at our factory during the harsh winters.  For two years I was broke with just a few cents in my hands living off my foods and the power of nature. During the five years Mother & I featured our foods at over 120 major food & sports events across Canada. We donated our monies to terminally ill children, to hospitals, paraplegics and those in need. Watch our Dr. Vie TV and learn more about our events.

Our fresh foods are consumed by olympians, Dr. Vie Superfoods Canadian womens cycling team with 3 of our women wining the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics this year, elite athletes, regular people, executives, students, seniors, diabetics, cancer patients, weight loss consumers, parents, families, children (with one of Superkids representing Canada in soccer in France this year) and more. We also develop custom products for wellness centers, doctors and sports clinics and provide guidance to food companies on how to improve their product line for a healthy consumer.


Dr Vie Laura Brown Steph Roorda Pan Am team pursuit 2012 podiumDr. Vie's Canadian womens-Team-Sprint-Jasmin Glaesser Gillian Carleton bronze medalDr Vie Superfoods Karate dojo mother child eat natural foodsDrVie-Matt-Baker-MMA-NewsAaron & sister Dr. Vie superkids soccerites with Dr Vie Chocoshok and Lynn Crawford top chef Canada

By the end of 2011 we had researched and developed 15 product lines for adults. Early in 2012 we introduced two lines for children – low allergenic, nut-free, gluten free and low-glycemic.  Later in 2012 we introduced the first line of at-home baking kits for nutritious fresh yummy foods right in your kitchen.

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Also in 2012 I launched Dr. Vie Academy. It has always been my mission to train people to a life of natural wellness – to empower people to actively regain health without dependence on drugs or lethal quick fixes.

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Dr. Vie, Scientist & Founder

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