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  1. Doctor Vie

    Welcome to our podcasts. Feel free to add your comments and or questions here, we will be answering them herein and on our following podcasts. Feel free to suggest topics or guests for the podcasts, or join us as a guest. Send in voice notes to be played on the shows. For more confidentiality, send in your questions by signing up as a free member, and add your questions. We will retain your anonymity when we ask the questions on the shows.

  2. Oleg

    Jay: Is chiropractic good for any health issue?

    1. Dr. Jay Rothstein

      Every health condition is a result of the stresses in one’s life and how they adapt. These stresses cause the body to short circuit and Chiropractic is about resetting the body by removing interference on the nervous system. So, why it doesn’t treat the condition, it helps reset the body in order for it to treat itself.

  3. Oleg

    Jay: When would you go to a regular doctor and when would you go to a chiropractor and why?

    1. Jay Rothstein

      Chiropractic should be part of a quality foundation of health. I care for people from the womb to the tomb and not to treat an ailment but rather to help practice members have better quality of life. If you have a serious illness, by all means get to your medical doctor but you can still go to a Chiropractor also. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

  4. Oleg

    Jay: How often should chiropractor sessions occur and should they be done for life?

    1. Jay Rothstein

      How often someone sees a Chiropractor depends on the stress in your life and where you want to be. It should be part of your foundation of health like eating healthy, getting quality exercise, etc. It’s like asking how often should I eat healthy and should I do that the rest of my life. The answer is simple, yes if you want to Live Your Best Life.

  5. Oleg

    Carolyn: How do crystals heal?

    1. Carolyn Marie Solton

      Hi Oleg, Great question coming from you who clearly knows the power of crystals and their abilities within computer technology. The new agers might say “we are crystalline beings”… Ha..
      Crystals are a tool. Like any tool, crystals can assist moving stagnant energies. When emotions are repressed or avoided over time, they may expand or deplete different chakras. Without addressing the root cause, physical pain or disease may result. Crystals may be used to manipulate the diseased energy away from the body and/or to energize depleted areas of the body. The issue here, is that I am doing the healing in this case. That means that the root emotional component needed to be uprooted, remains. Instead, using intuitive skills I bring awareness to the root trauma by asking poignant questions. Once the client is willing to address this emotionally, the root begins to break up… Now we’re on our way to root emotional healing.

    2. Carolyn Marie Solton

      Hi Oleg,
      Thank you for your question.
      It’s not actually the Crystals that are healing. Crystals are conductors for NRG (Consciousness) ours or others (seen and unseen). A practitioner uses the crystals as assistance, expansion to the healing; similar to the way crystals are used in computer technology. However, there is a spiritual hygiene that must be followed. Crystals are programable to assist our healing (expand our intent). Also, without getting to the root emotional cause, a practitioner using crystals or not will only be temporarily relieving symptoms. One must layer down the healing to the root emotional experience in order to dislodge the injury and complete healing.

    3. Carolyn Marie Solton

      Hi Oleg,
      Thank you for your question. Crystals are assisters, similar to how they assist within computer technology; meaning they do not heal on their own. Crystals can be programed to assist in amplifying the practitioners protocol in working with the client’s spirit body. A learned practitioner can do the same healing without the crystal, however more effort is required. Oleg, I’m curious your thoughts on Elon’s brain chip experiment. Is this a good field or are we treading into dangerous waters?

  6. Oleg

    Dr. Vie: How do you define the concept of ‘collective consciousness,’ and what role does it play in achieving inner peace and societal harmony?

    1. Doctor Vie

      Oleg, collectiveness is the connectedness of all of existence. Collective consciousness is the understanding and feeling of oneness with all of creation. When we realize the connectedness, we begin to comprehend that each person/being has their hopes, desires and dreams to fulfill. With this realization we experience a sense of inner peace, and will not wish harm on another.

  7. Oleg

    Dr. Vie: What strategies do you suggest for individuals to balance their pursuit of personal goals with the needs and dreams of others, in order to foster a more harmonious and empathetic society, in other words – how do you balance the two?

    1. Doctor Vie

      Oleg, the key to empathetic harmonious societal living is to understand that every human has individual hopes and dreams steeped in freedom. It is the basis for all of existence. We need to firstly fully comprehend this state of Beingness and let it be.

  8. Netti

    Dr. Rothstein: Can Chiropractors help people with mental illness? Can it alleviate symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia?

    1. Dr. Jay Rothstein

      Great question Netti. All 3 are mental health disorders that involve disturbances in neural (brain) functioning. Chiropractic is about reducing nerve interference which will indirectly positively affect brain function because it will reduce unnecessary neural feedback. I’ve personally have seen positive results of those with depression even though that was not the reason they came to this office. Also important is creating a healthier lifestyle. While getting adjusted is great, if you continue to live the same lifestyle (stress) that led to the depression, you’ll keep getting the same symptoms.

  9. Doctor Vie

    Feel free to post your questions, comments or topics and guests for future shows here.

  10. Dr. Jay Rothstein

    Carolyn. What checks do you recommend for people to keep from dwelling on a problem and preventing them from taking their power back?

    1. Carolyn Marie Solton

      Hi Dr. Jay: In answer to your question:
      Depression is suppression.
      Once we understand this, we can begin to counsel our client into feeling different emotions that are being suppressed. In my case, I’m and empath which means I can feel generally what’s being suppressed. Asking probing questions assists us to gain further clarity and hone in on the targeted suppressed emotion. It may be a big one requiring layers of work and that’s okay. Coupling this with tools on how to handle (feel fully and express) this anger, in order to release it in a healthy way, is essential. Otherwise the client will undoubtedly project the unloving emotion onto others. Projecting would negatively impact the clients current condition, going backwards from our desired goal.
      Disclosing the protocol for transparency and understanding is key.

  11. Dr. Jay Rothstein

    Dr. Vie.  With some many “leaders” doing their best to divide and take away our freedoms, how would you propose for us to create social harmony worldwide for a “Live and Let Live” collective consciousness?

    1. Doctor Vie

      Dr. Rothstein brilliant thoughtful questions. My short answer…In the long-term I propose a Humanity Check For Leaders. One check therein being that the potential leader must live and intern among the people who are experiencing issues.
      As for citizens: can make voices count through votes, purchase power count, and cease to support entities that fail the humanity check.
      As for parents: openly discuss humanity and humaneness with their families, and friends.
      Longer-term: Children complete humanitarian and human rights school projects in different communities including with the disadvantaged, and elders.
      We can really only progress from personal individual inner peace to world peace. When leaders themselves realize inner peace, they have the ability to catch themselves if they falter. We must focus on equality, humanity, and dignity for every person on this planet.
      I tried to summarize my answer to your deep question here, but will be sure to answer it in depths during my podcast series with Ash.

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