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Live Your Best Life Podcast Series, November

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We are thrilled to announce our podcasts this Live Your Best Life in November and Inner Peace To World Peace in December.

 Meet The Live Your Best Life Speakers Below

Our Live Your Best Life podcast series of six, is an excellent opportunity for listeners to gain insight and inspiration from six transformational journeys. Each episode will delve into vital aspects of living your best life, from personal growth and development, to work and career advancement, physical health and mental and emotional wellbeing, and more.

  • Oleg

  • Netti

  • Njoki

  • Carolyn

  • Dr. Rothstein

  • Dr. Vie

Oleg Moskalensky

Oleg Moskalensky, a veteran IT professional in the heart of Redmond, Washington, since the early beginnings of information technology, explores the incredible journey of AI and beyond. Oleg discusses risks, threats, advantages and possibilities of artificial intelligence in the lives of the general public, organizations, institutes and more. He answers many of your burning questions of what the future holds for you, health wise, financially, career wise and family wise and more. Be sure to send in more questions after listening to the podcast, to be answered on the upcoming symposium.

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Njoki Karoki

Netti Morris 

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Dr. Jay Rothstein

Oleg Moskalensky

Carolyn Marie Solton

December Series with Global Guests

Dr. Vie Podcast Inner Peace To World Peace

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