Become a member at Dr. Vie Academy – Dr. Vie’s range of courses train  you to improve your body’s performance, to sharpen you mind, improve the functioning of your brain and encourage peace within your soul.


Dr. Vie also has a line of natural superfoods to supplement your daily meal plan to promote health and wellness.

Dr Vie Chocolat original Superbody Plan

All of her foods are made fresh to order and are

– wrapped in packaging made from 100% biocompostable paper from managed plantations. Reputed for being the most boring packaging that you will ever find in any store. YET it was the first packaging to be completely bio-compostable in 2006.  In 2006 and to date Dr. Vie Superfoods is the only packaging in any health store that is completely bio-compostable: Food-free (no corn, no soy), GMO-free, low-allergenic, certified by EU & US BioCompost Council. Composts at home in 12 weeks. Dr. Vie bags featured in Packaging Industry Press Releases world wide in 2009.

Our Online Store is now ready for orders within Canada.

Our new products include:

Dr. Vie Children’s Superfoods ChocoShok

Dr. Vie Maxi Vie Dessert

Dr. Vie LA Macrobiotic Muffin Mix

Dr. Vie SuperSmoothie Mix

Dr. Vie SuperSpread

were launched after several years of research and development.



  • Lowest-allergenic food to go on the world market since 2006.
  • Vegan, naturally kosher
  • ZERO: nuts, sesame seeds, soy, corn, gluten, sugar, honey, dairy, preservatives, colors, flavours.
  • HIGH in antioxidants, omega fatty acids, digestible protein, fiber, low-glycemic carbohydrates.


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Dr. Vie AM900 interview CHML Sept 2011

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All products are sold per box with 15-24 units per box